Ain’t that good news…

One good thing about waxing a Tennessee Tech is that it gives a team a chance to repair some statistical shortcomings, and Georgia took advantage of the situation.  The Dawgs are no longer last in the SEC in any team defensive rankings.  Woo hoo!

I wonder when the last time was that Georgia and Auburn played each other ranked tenth and twelfth in the conference in scoring defense.



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5 responses to “Ain’t that good news…

  1. Chuck

    Suppressing my woo-hoo personally, but in a way this makes a little sense. As bad as this defense might be, it hasn’t had a cupcake on its schedule to pad its stats, and all the other teams have had at least one, and some had two (yes, I am talking about YOU, Gators). So, at least we didn’t choke on this opportunity.


  2. Dawg N Suds

    We are now #1 the nation in most penalties and fewest turnovers created.

    Glad we got that cupcake.


  3. a former redcoat

    how much different would things look this year if had had 2 cupcakes in the first few games? more chance to get young guys time early, more chance for gray to play, more chance to run some cool new plays in an “actual” game, and some serious defense stat padding.

    plus… less likely to be turning the ball over (cox broke his streak after all), lots more yards to pick up and points to score. couldve given a very shaky team some much-needed confidence.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Careful Former Redcoat. You are making way too much sense with this post. Prepare to be blasted by that crowd who thinks that every out of conference game, particularly the opener, should be away and against Southern Cal, Texas or a team of that caliber. That way the fans can have a great travel experience and the Dawgs will be “branded” as a national powerhouse.


  4. 69Dawg

    11 penalties in a cup cake game and not just on the walkons but the 1st and 2nd
    stringers. If CMR does not know how to stop this, and apparently he doesn’t, he needs to spend some quality time in the off season with a head coach who does know WTF he is doing. Bobby Bowden would not be that pick, we are literally FSU North already but we don’t play in the ACC. We have been OJTing CMR for 9 years and he like his team seems to be regressing.