It’s the context, stupid.

If I had told you before the start of the season that after Week Ten, Georgia would be ranked higher nationally in total defense than Southern Cal, you’d have been pretty excited, right?

So, how do you feel about that today?


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8 responses to “It’s the context, stupid.

  1. 69Dawg

    Nice to know that somethings never change the top D’s are the top teams.


  2. Ben Rockwell

    I’ve been thinking about some of the other schools out there this fall, and I’ve been looking at our record compared to the likes Oklahoma, Michigan, etc.

    I don’t frequent the Michigan blogs for various reasons, and I’ve got no real interest in what happens in Norman, but I’m betting those fans are pretty steamed, too. I know Bradford’s injury sucks, but those guys just can’t get it together.

    Here’s a question, though. Which school would look like the bigger fool as far as getting rid of their HC after this year: Georgia or Oklahoma?

    Granted, that’s a preposterous question to posit, but I wanted to put it out there anyway.


  3. Ryan

    and Ohio St-

    wait, no, wrong ohio team…


  4. As is so often the case, stats can be deceiving. Trust what you see. With that said, the Trojans D seems to have gone soft lately and Mays has been a disappointment.


  5. Dog in Fla

    “If I had told you before the start of the season…”

    I’d have had one of the great lounge lizard act singing performances ever with Tom and the super hot ugly girl tell you that you’re…


  6. Connor

    I feel like I’ve felt for the last couple of years; we have an average defense that is getting eviscerated because of turnovers. I’m no longer a Willie apologist, he probably needs to go just for fanbase morale, but turnovers are flat killing this team, and have for a couple of years. We need a great defense, not an average one, but Oklahoma showed that you will still lose games with a great defense if your offense can’t hold onto the football.


  7. J-J-Jimmy, Very Much

    USC is giving up almost 9 fewer PPG on nearly identical YPG.

    That’s probably a product of turnovers, as much as anything else. But still —– total defense means jack. Scoring defense is all that matters.