SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Ten

Three at the top, one at the bottom and a scrum in the middle – that’s the current state of the Southeastern Conference.

  1. Alabama. It should remain a 1 and 1-A race with Florida all the way to the SECCG.  One more quality win than the Gators is what puts the Tide here for now.
  2. Florida. All they do is win.
  3. LSU. None of the top three teams have what you’d call a great offense.  But these guys don’t even have an above-average one.
  4. Tennessee. For all of the hype and douchebaggery (an onside kick against Memphis?) that is Lane Kiffin, he’s made Jonathan Crompton into a functional quarterback.  Now there’s something to beat your chest about on the recruiting trail, Junior.
  5. Ole Miss. I’m not thrilled moving the Rebels here, but they’ll certainly clear up their place in the conference in the next three games.
  6. Georgia. Before you completely dismiss the results against Tennessee Tech, you may want to recall how Georgia’s cupcake games played out in 2008.
  7. Auburn. There’s no appreciable gap between Auburn and Georgia right now.  That’s what Saturday night is for.
  8. Arkansas. The Hogs are fairly stout at home and worthless in opponents’ stadiums this year.  That projects to a 7-5 finish, which looks about right.
  9. South Carolina. Same song, different verse.  It’s looking like another sad finish under the OBC.  How many more of these can he stand?
  10. Mississippi State. I don’t think bowl eligibility is in the cards for the ‘Dogs, but you have to be impressed with the job Mullen’s done with the least talented squad in the conference this year.
  11. Kentucky. Some of the walking wounded return this week, although it probably won’t make much of a difference.
  12. Vanderbilt. To add insult to injury, guess which SEC team played the only schedule without a bye week?  They’re probably grateful to finish a week early, though.


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2 responses to “SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Ten

  1. Turd Ferguson

    Kiffin doesn’t get all the credit for turning Crompton around. I think Willie Martinez and the Georgia Bulldogs defense had something to do with it, too.


  2. Macallanlover

    I see tshe Junior/Crompton issue the other way. It took all of Spring & Fall practice and four games for that staff to realize Crompton could not throw in the pocket. Great practice passer, or any where else that someone is not in his face. Seems like a slow learner to me. I will say the counter roll out against flow for passing (running game counter plays as well) was a good pick up. UGA bites on counter action, and has for years, so it was out there for anyone to see. I don’t understand the lack of discipline for UGA DEs and LBs in this regard.