Two TV factoids

Maybe we’re tuning in for the bad officiating:

CBS’ SEC college football games are so far averaging 4% of U.S. TV households, compared to 3.9% for ABC games. Since CBS resumed airing college football in 1996, this is the first time the network’s ratings have topped ABC’s this late in the season…

Seriously, that’s impressive, considering that this has been a down year in the SEC and that both division races are wrapped up.

Meanwhile, what’s gotten into the water in Bristol, Connecticut?

… ESPN is the worldwide leader in hype. But its College GameDay show, which each Saturday is staged from big-game sites, is straying from the playbook. The show will be at Texas Christian — which hosts Utah on the CBS College Sports Network Saturday (7:30 p.m. ET) — in what will be its fourth stop this season at a campus not hosting an ESPN/ABC game.



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7 responses to “Two TV factoids

  1. D.N. Nation

    That’s three in a row at mid-major sites, yes? And TCU for two of the three.


  2. Rbubp

    Controversy sells, people.


  3. Macallanlover

    CBS would be doing even better if it had more “primetime” games. Problem is, too many good games getting stacked up in that 7:00-8:00 PM time slot. ESPN has made some bad spacing decisions leaving weak SEC games at 12-12:30 and then layering 3 better matchups on top of one another at night. SEC fans want to see ALL the SEC games.

    I can handle two at a time but three, plus several decent ABC night games, have me on overload. Really prefer watching at home, but sports bars have become a more attractive alternative this year(especially if they offer “sound boxes” at each booth where you can hear the commentary of specific games.)


  4. SRQDawgs15

    Senator, have you seen this “fake juice” the Gators are gonna be pulling out for the FSU game? I know its part of this Nike thing that a few teams are doing, but maybe Ryan Stamper should have checked with his coach before running his mouth. I’m sure this, just like all other negative things about UF, is somehow ok for them and not for anyone else, but I look forward to hearing the elaborate reasons why that is so.


  5. MT

    Another TV factoid… on the Versus network today, at 4:30pm, UGA will be featured on its “Masters of the Tailgate” show.

    Two UGA bloggers that are linked on the blogroll are featured on the show…


  6. heyberto

    Sounds like an Orrin Hatch scheme to me..


  7. RedCrake

    At least this game features the #4 team in the country against a top 25 opponent (however faulty those rankings may be — though I am enjoying the Horned Frogs success more than your average mid-major) instead of the BC/FSU matchup designed to sell ESPNBoston or the Division III nonsense from a couple of years back.