Echo chamber

Sigh.  Another national piece about problems at you-know-where.

Dumb penalties. Dropped passes. Receivers giving up on routes. Turnovers. No ranking. Four losses.

Oops.  Different you-know-where.

… Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is largely in uncharted territory in his 11th season with the Sooners, one marred by all those problems and a rash of devastating injuries.

Like many coaches, Stoops considers discipline and hard work to be the cornerstones of his program. And he hasn’t seen enough of either one from his team to overcome the adversity.

Blame the coaches for failing to teach the players that discipline or blame the players for failing to put in the hard work.

Or, Stoops says, point fingers at both.

“Criticize us because ultimately we’ve got to get them to do it right,” Stoops said. “In the end, it’s always the two of you. End of story. It’ll be that way until they quit playing football.”

More than a failure to evaluate talent – the Sooners have still been pulling in some of the top-rated recruiting classes in the nation – Stoops admits he and his staff may have misjudged some players’ willingness to put in their best effort…

Georgia and Oklahoma have the makings of a good bowl game matchup, no?


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5 responses to “Echo chamber

  1. Brandon

    I’d like to hear Richt say some of that, it gives me more confidence that the ship will be righted than the arena talk.


  2. jpt

    Richt’s PR skills are so far behind Stoops it isn’t even funny.


  3. rbubp

    No joke. Stoops clearly gets it.

    I can’t help but think that last year’s desire to be the underdog, to be rid of the horrible yoke of being number 1, was connected to the latest slate of external forces blame-game by our coaches. It’s really not their fault, you know. Like with our fumble recovery rate the last two years–sometimes the ball just don’t bounce yer way.

    I like Stoops’ way a whole lot better. Champions relish the role of being the hunted.


  4. Boise State

    Enough said. I’ll take Richt, thanks.


  5. JaxDawg

    I’m not even going to compare Stoops and Richt. One has a NC and has played for what, 4 more?? Sure he loses the big game but he’s there. Plus he’s got a few Heisman winners to boot!

    Richt and his laid back demeanor hasn’t done piss compared to Bob Stoops, so don’t try and extrapolate one season as the two programs and coaches being equal b/c they are not.