Head and Shoulders really works! At least the ads do.

Mike Bobo knows a playa when he sees one.  Even if he can’t recall (or pronounce) his name.

“Stereotypical safeties are a little bigger, but I don’t think size dictates what kind of player you are,” he said. “You look in the NFL, and there are 5-9 and 5-10 safeties. I was watching the guy (Troy Polamalu) from the Steelers the other night. I can’t pronounce his name — the one with the hair.

“If you’re a player you’re a player, and that guy is not afraid to make plays.”

Or get in touch with his softer side.

That's one badass curling iron there. (photo courtesy Head and Shoulders)


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3 responses to “Head and Shoulders really works! At least the ads do.

  1. Joe B.

    That sort of sums up why our coaches are getting lapped by other coordinators around the league. The good ole boy, tobacco chewing, tough-as-nails son-of-a-bitch has mostly been replaced by intellectual number-crunchers in the various booths of SEC sidelines.

    How can you not pronounce Polamalu’s name? I am sure that Bobo was trying to be funny, but it speaks to what many of us see as a deficiency in intelligence on our sidelines. I think most who attended school in the mid-to-late 90’s could corroborate that Coach B. likely did not wow on the Wonderlic.


    • rbubp

      No kidding. Maybe that’s why he keeps that hat so low on his head, so no one sees the glazed-over look from wasted cranium space.


  2. dudetheplayer

    Some of you read way too much into offhand quotes.