I can’t wait to hear the next Li’l Wayne rap.

This should blow Junior’s street cred through the roof.

Those are some of the crown jewels from his last recruiting class, too.


UPDATE: I guess this FanPost at Rocky Top Talk is due a new entry or two.  Nice header, though.


UPDATE #2: Nice catch by Matt Hinton“As of roughly 2 a.m. today, though — just hours after boasting about the Vols’ perfectly clean arrest record since his arrival…”

The punch line?

Orgeron deals a lot with team discipline.  “We’ve had zero arrests in now 11 months here.”

If Junior’s not responsible, is it still part of the plan?


UPDATE: #3: Now that I think about it, this joke was inevitable.  (h/t Groo)


UPDATE #4: Leave it to Bruce Feldman to tie the perfect bow on the box.

… It’s bad all around for UT. The fact that this all happened as a gas station, and involved Nuke Richardson is surreal considering it ties together two of Kiffin’s biggest off-season rants (South Carolina/Alshon Jeffrey and Florida.} It’s like Curb Your Enthusism meets Cops.


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43 responses to “I can’t wait to hear the next Li’l Wayne rap.

  1. Section Z alum

    this season, i confess to a greater enthusiasm for schadenfreude.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Looks like possible transfers to FSU.


  3. Chuck

    I have a cousin who is a Gator fan and had two e-mails alerting me to this already. The Gators are giddy about it because they wanted Nu’Keese, didn’t get him, and now feel like they dodged a pellet (pun intended). It would have been better if the hoodies were creamsicle orange. Although, maybe the hoodies were part of the Halloween black uniforms…

    Seriously, I saw the headline and thought maybe the story is going to be that the ‘victims’ were friends who had taken something from the players, and they were just trying to get it back. But, the article just makes it sound like random thuggery. I don’t see how they can avoid jail/remain with the program, and that is even allowing for the fact that this is the UT program we are talking about.

    At least they had the good sense not to be riding scooters in the process.


    • DAve

      “At least they had the good sense not to be riding scooters in the process.”

      They were in a Prius. Really any difference?


  4. Dog in Fla

    If the Prius don’t fit, you got to acquit.

    Prius – the vehicle preferred by three out of three Vol players for its silent getaway capabilities.

    Does the false imprisonment of Nu’Keese constitute a breach of the Pahokee Peace Treaty?

    And the identity of Knoxville’s version of Johnny Hog Johnson is…?


  5. NCT

    What do you expect from an ass-backward place like Pahokee, where they barely have fax machines?


  6. Normaltown Mike

    My early prediction is that Lame will
    (1) state that they are suspended pending further investigation
    (2) offer some dull platitudes about “innocent til proven guilty” and that we must “let the justice system do their job”
    (3) Eventually soft pedal the crime by pointing out that it was a pellet gun and they never intended to harm anyone.

    Make no mistake this is a serious crime. My wife had her purse snatched a few years back and I can say that from her perspective, when a stranger crosses that line and is in your space with bad intentions, your animal instincts assumes worst case scenario. Pellet gun or not, the victim in this incident might well have thought death was imminent. That is why these guys should be prosecuted and thrown in the clink. Mopeds or not.


  7. Julie

    ESPN reporting that one player failed a drug test earlier in the season and there was WEED (hard to believe) in the car, but it was found, of course, on their designated driver, Bonnie.


  8. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Corch Myers wants to know if it’s against NCAA regulations to text a player while he’s incarcerated?


  9. X-Dawg

    Wild Boys?


  10. MT

    I recognize Nu’Keese, but not the other players.

    Might be good to have a quick Scout, Inc recap on the recruits out of HS


  11. dean

    Come on ya’ll. We all know this is just part of Lane’s plan to keep UT in the news.


  12. Mick Hubert

    When WKU played Tennessee the opening week, Tennessee was flagged for 12 men in the huddle early in the game. The camera’s then showed Junior yelling at the refs, “hey! how bout a warning!”

    I bet he will be yelling the same here pretty soon regarding this situation.

    We really lost to these clowns 45-19. Sad.


  13. Athens-Clarke County Police



  14. Tell me there’s going to be a new episode the Lane Kiffin show.


  15. Puffdawg

    Best chain of comments on this blog ever. Literally laughing out loud here in the office.

    The AJC comments are actually REALLY good for once. Some choice ones:


    November 12th, 2009
    10:02 am
    Kind of being a hypocrite with the PRIUS then using a CO gun for the robbery? I guess Prius owners think that because they are driving a Prius they can cut corners on other moethods of CO output. That’s the problem with global warming.


    boom goes tha dynamite

    November 12th, 2009
    10:17 am
    You can’t spell “stick em up” without UT!


  16. Turd Ferguson

    How big are the smiles on Urban Meyer’s and Les Miles’ faces this morning?


  17. Brandon

    The AP is now reporting that the robbery would have been successful had the victims not ripped their shirts off since that move prompted a spontaneuos UT mosh pit which caused the players to forget their alterior motives and join in


  18. Knowledge

    Don’t be too quick to judge these three scholar athletes because of your hatred of Lane. This was all probably all just a simple misunderstanding. The drug paraphernalia was not theirs, the air gun was probably for recreational target shooting, and who doesn’t roll around with a couple black hoodies on chilly Knoxville night?


  19. Dog in Fla

    The opening soundtrack to the soon-to-be released Global War on Lane (GWOL) Productions urban short film, “Take a Little Street-Cred Trip”

    Three Vols and Bonnie decide to take a Prius to the convenience store. Bonnie’s driving and unbeknownst to her, holding too. Not only do they want to pick up some munchies, they also want to meet some new friends…


  20. Dog in Fla

    “Orgeron deals a lot with team discipline. “We’ve had zero arrests now 11 months here.”

    O hits the trifecta!
    Smells like victory or napalm or something to O as he celebrates with coaching staff…


  21. heyberto

    Here’s what gets me about it, and where this thing will hinge. These guys didn’t get anything off the victims, right? I admit this could be completely made up.. the wallets were empty. If it is true, then nothing would make me happier than to see Laner squirm over the hipocrisy he’s created. All I’m saying is that I’m open to the fact that this could be some opportunists.

    I wonder if those were Tennessee Hoodies.


  22. Dog in Fla

    And now onto the lightning round of “Who Flips First !?”

    Before we start that round by, between and among the three Vols and that lucky girl, Mike has issued the usual statement written by some lawyer. We are still awaiting Lane’s statement from Dollywood but most predict it will have something to do with try to prove intent such as they were in a Prius, no semi-automatic weapons were involved and it was a victimless crime since no money or flair changed hands.



  23. Normaltown Mike

    Tim Brando believes if the suspect’s looked like this

    it wouldn’t even have garnered the attention of the police.


  24. BeerMoney

    So when does “Grand Theft Auto–Knox-Vegas” come out? I hope it’s in time for Christmas.


  25. Dog in Fla

    Top Ten List of Reasons to Choose Prius: