Why so gloomy, Gus?

Man, I’m having a harder time deciding which of these posts is a bigger buzzkill:  Matt Hinton’s requiem to the 2009 season (in Week 11!) or Paul’s early Miss Manners’ warning to the idiots in our midst.

Gee whiz, guys, don’t we poor schmucks get a chance to see how things play out?


UPDATE: Shorter Year2 – a 2-team playoff (actually 3-team, if you count the SECCG) is reponsible for making this regular season boring, which is why we need a bigger playoff.


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6 responses to “Why so gloomy, Gus?

  1. Macallanlover

    I don’t anticipate anything like the 1999 game this Saturday (should be high scoring and competitive with TOs being the key for a UGA win), but I think his advice is very wise, and unfortunately, needed. He sees the amount of foolishness coming from the “sky is falling crowd” and correctly assumes they will over react to anything short of an Auburn shutout. Sad that a “Miss Manners” type article for UGA fans is even a thought. We aren’t the only fanbase that has run recruits away with boos and empty seats. With all the negative articles and comments swirling around the UGA team these days, we don’t need to add this to the burden our coaches already face in attracting athletes to Athens versus, Tusky, Gainesville, Knoxville, etc.


  2. heyberto

    No kidding.. as much as I hate it has to be said, Paul’s post is probably needed, but will not be heard by anybody that will part of the problem if that scenario unfolds.


  3. LOBO

    After CRG got blown out on hc.Vandy had a rb run for about a mile. I asked a former starter about the boos his reply”if i had paid for seats i’d boo too”.Funny thing he knew it was the coaching that was being blamed.Stop the blow outs will get recruits.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “buzzkill…requiem…Manners…Miss Manner’s warning…idiots…idiots in our midst”

    and here are the Woody’s which may need some very slight editing but only because it was posted several hours before the arrests…



  5. Something I posted on PWD’s blog:

    And yet, the booing that night probably played a HUGE roll in the firing of Donnan and upgrade to Richt.

    Losing a few recruits (if that really even made a difference) is nothing compared to getting a huge coach upgrade.


    • I think that game cost Ramsey his job, not Donnan.

      If the 2000 season had gone the way JD called it in the preseason, he might still be on the sidelines today. The South Carolina debacle put him down and the loss to Georgia Tech knocked him out for good.

      By the way, it’s not the warning about the potentially boorish behavior of some of our fans that caused me to react to Paul’s post. It’s the way he made the likelihood of it happening sound that did.