“Yeah, it’s Tennessee. That’s the way it is sometimes.”

This explains a lot about the Vol fan base.  What else is there to add?


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  1. Will Q



  2. rbubp

    Gawd. Astounding.


  3. Randy Floyd

    Slim Shady doesn’t want to lose his wigger street cred.


  4. Tn LogDawg

    Robbers & Rappers & Rapist oh my!


  5. the Coondawg

    What else is there to add….how about Hahahahahahahaha?


  6. Have your laughs. We obviously deserve it over this.
    Nobody I know sees that idiot as representative of the Vol fan base. It doesn’t explain anything about “the fan base.”
    Everybody I know and have talked with on this issue wants a minimum punishment of suspension of all three players for the remainder of the season, including a bowl if we’re fortunate, and the legal system’s outcome should be the basis for action beyond that.
    OK. Back to the laughs…


    • norcal, you’re a good guy, but you’ve missed my point.

      This isn’t a mockable event because of the crime – first, because there’s nothing humorous about sticking a gun in somebody’s face and second, because as the fan of an SEC program, I’m a big believer in the old saw about glasshouses and stones.

      The humor comes from the fact that your coach behaves like a horse’s ass. And your fan base tolerates it. Hell, more than that: a good-sized chunk of your fan base wears it as a badge of honor (see that FanPost at RTT I linked to yesterday). What this Zickefoose moron thinks is emblematic of that.

      Sadly, what you guys won’t see is that all the off field stuff is going to become a bigger and bigger distraction to the good that LK is doing on the field. I’m just waiting for somebody to make the inevitable connection between these arrests, Junior’s suddenly lame ass braggadocio about no incidents in “eleven months and eleven days”, Orgeron’s “angels” comment and Daniel Hood. And don’t kid yourself, it’s coming.


      • Good Honorable Senator:

        I didn’t miss your point because you didn’t make the point in the post that you made in your subsequent comment!
        If that point was meant to be inferred, sorry. It wasn’t presented directly.

        But, the points you did make in your comment need addressing.

        My quibble is that the “Vol Fan Base” is being stereotyped through the lens of Mr. Zickefoose. You wrote, “…a good-sized chunk of your fan base wears it as a badge of honor (see that FanPost at RTT I linked to yesterday). What this Zickefoose moron thinks is emblematic of that.”

        I think you may have a sample size problem (Kid Bourbon plus nine commenters to his post got a chuckle out of it is a good-sized chunk of your fan base?) that your thesis of representativeness relies upon (i.e., don’t paint with a broad brush when you don’t have a lot of paint). Extrapolation is a dangerous hobby.

        Some people (Kid Burbon) are just trying to have some creative fun.

        Everybody I know, and the vast majority of commenters I have read, think Mr. Zickefoose’s comments are moronic, embarrasing, and, well, the voice of a child. Are there others out there with similar views? I’m sure there are. Representative in a defining way? Sorry, I couldn’t disagree more. Anyway, no reliable database.

        As embarrassed as I am by Zickefoose’s dopy statement, the irony is hilarious. UT players making a lame and stupid attempt at a robbery – at a station owned by (a) a member of the 1951 national championship team, who is (b) the largest benefactor of UT, and is (c) the person that the very practice field the Three Stooges practice on daily is named.

        I find that funny and sad.

        You also wrote, “Sadly, what you guys won’t see is that all the off field stuff is going to become a bigger and bigger distraction to the good that LK is doing on the field.”

        Maybe. We’ll see.

        And yes, the 11 mos/11 days was unfortunate timing (as opposed to “lame ass braggadocio). But it was true when he said it, no? Just bad timing, yes?

        Daniel Hood. He was 13 when he was present at, and perhaps aided, a rape. He was found to be delinquent by a Juvenile Court. He went through a rehabilitation program, then enrolled in a Catholic high school where he reportedly has a 3.8 GPA and scored a 27 on his ACT. All accounts say his conduct has been exemplary.

        So, the question is, does he deserve a second chance or not? A lot of Tennessee fans I have read and listed to don’t think so. Some wishing he was rotting in some jail cell now. All other programs who recruited the young man, once they found out about his past, bailed.

        Kiffin is indeed taking a risk. But another argument is that it might be a bigger risk to sign a kid that hadn’t had Daniel Hood’s experience of going on a road to turn his life around and succeeding so far.

        Kiffin is aggressive and a big-time risk taker. But as many have said, no risk = no reward. The question is will the risks be our ruin. We’ll see.

        Many seem to be using the Kiffin Chimera as a vehicle to drag others down into their own hole of paranoia and passive-aggressiveness with no humor. He’s in their heads. They will take the large things (The Three Stooges) and hold him responsible. They will also take the slightest remark and turn it into some morality play.

        They simply want him to fail, for their own reasons. I’m fine with that. But the least they could do is do it with some humor.


        • The “eleven months, eleven days” quote was given to the media after the arrests. That’s why I think it’s lame, true or not.

          Look, I don’t expect us to see eye-to-eye on Junior (which kind of proves my point). But I think you’re too quick to brush aside my point based on “sample size”. This is a blog post, not a term paper. I just threw out a couple of quick examples of how willing your fan base is to excuse Junior’s immaturity and, indeed, in many cases, embrace it. Read the message boards, check the blogs, talk to fans – I’ve done all that. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places, but I sure haven’t heard many of the Vol faithful stand up and say they’ve got a problem with Kiffin’s behavior.

          And don’t get me wrong – as a college football blogger, that’s great. I’m always looking for something to post about and Junior looks like he’s going to be a great source for a while to come. Bless his heart…


  7. NebraskaDawg

    “Yeah, it’s Tennessee. That’s the way it is sometimes,” Zickefoose said.

    Quote of the year.
    The guy’s name is “Zickefoose”, he drives a 1998 Hyundai Elantra and is an obvious genius. Who says Tennessee doesn’t have sophisticated fans?!


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      All true, but . . . there but for the grace of God go we. Could just as easily happen in Athens pardner.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Or Auburn, Clemson, Gainesville, etc. I think there a courtesy shuttle service in Tuscaloosa for arrested players. Would you still call it a Paddy Wagon if they’re not Irish?


    • RedDawg

      A very important detail is that Zickefoose apparently has some badass speakers in his 1998 Hyundai Elantra.


  8. Dog in Fla

    The Vol fans, especially those around Knoxville, deserve a PTSD pass on this one. There’s been a lot going on for them.

    First, Phil leaves.
    Then Lane arrives.
    Then Popcorn Sutton leaves

    and now this.

    At least we were kind to them when we visited Lane and Monte.