Saturday morning buffet

Something to snack on while you’re putting on your game face…


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11 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. Ray

    No friggin way Jimmy Clausen is going #10 much less top two if he comes out early.


  2. Turd Ferguson

    Looks like other conferences are taking some lessons from the SEC. Cincinnati is the Big East’s best shot at the big time this season, so ya gotta do what ya gotta do in order make sure they get there. Even if that means (literally) making a touchdown out of nothing. I watched that all happen live and never once thought it looked like a touchdown.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Turd, you are so right. Looks like the SEC ref thing is spreading faster than the swine flu.


    • Juan

      He clearly broke the goal line. I guess it is people like you two who are making the horrendous calls on the field.

      You guys prob think the refs made the correct call in the Indiana / Iowa game a few weeks ago too.



  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Uncle Roscoe and I are doing our yearly “I won’t answer his calls” routine for game week.

    Uncle Roscoe went to Awbun and actually believes he can read and write. (He passed “Holding Up Convenience Stores 101” without going to jail, either)

    But the truth is, for both of us its just another meaningless game.

    I am pretty sure I can get fired up for Tech, all I have to do is go read a Tech blog….but Auburn and Kentucky?

    I sure hope the football team feels better about this than I do.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “That’s not a problem…”

    I read McNulty’s column in the hard copy of my local paper early this morning as my wife, also a Georgia alum, was fixing herself some breakfast and speaking at me about football. She reads Chris Brown’s column, not because she cares anything about football but because her photographic memory and love of diagrams give her what she thinks is the ability to embarrass me and make me feel like an Auburn frat boy who, of course, not only doesn’t know as much about football as she and Chris do but is also not going to get laid.

    Anyhow, I wondered how McNulty knew to read Get The Picture to get the content of his column today even though he didn’t say anything about the Georgia-LSU call and that was only because we are out of contention for the SECCG.

    The best thing about McNulty is that he’s a flamethrower. If there is anything he can overreact to, he does. The thing I like best about him is that the things he really, really likes to overreact to are things having to be against Urban and the Gator. He’s like the opposite of Pat Dooley in the Gainesville Sun. Pat has to do it because he’s in the Gator’s hometown paper and loves to curry favor with whomever the head Gator. McNulty does it just because he likes to aggravate all the Go Gator down here. He is not popular with them but all the rest of us really, really like it when he prods the Gator especially like today when he has a good, sound and valid conspiratorial reason to do so.


  5. Mike

    Master Jimmy is the best thing that has ever happened to Uncle Rico…errr….Casey.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “Would it be safer to play football without helmets?”

    …technical director for the Nocsae, the group that sets helmet-safety standards. But without helmets, the game “wouldn’t be football,” he says.

    He’s right. It would be rugby.


  7. Mike

    Thanks for the hand Dog in FL.

    …soakin it up in the hot tub with my soul mate.


  8. Go Dawgs

    Yeah, the Big East replay officials can’t understand “indisputable”, but they sure do understand the “undefeated team brings BCS bucks” concept.