“73 is still 73.”

Here is one of my favorite plays from last night – Chris Todd’s completion to Lee Ziemba.

Malzahn’s expression is priceless.  And is the referee smiling slightly while discussing the call with the crew?


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    Could he have been eligible, had he notified the ref prior to the play?

    I’ve seen it in the NFL.


  2. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    I think he was just making his case to be a bigger part of the offense. Who says linemen have stone hands?


  3. rbubp

    He clearly lined up as a split end. The only reason I could figure it was a penalty was that he didn’t declare himself to the official or some such.

    What was more amazing to me was Jones’ and Davie’s complete ignorance of the formation. But they were barely watching the game all night…truly one of the worst and most maddening announcing jobs I have ever heard.

    Bob Davie is about the dumbest cuss I have ever seen on national TV short of Barney Fife.


    • HVL Dawg

      Re: worst TV announcing jobs

      I’ll second that motion.


    • Richt-Flair

      I was clearly upset when we scored a touchdown to interrupt their coaching salaries debate. I mean, the stuff on Jackie Sherrill in 1982 merited its own programming time. Stupid UGA-Auburn game.


  4. HamDawg11

    I noticed him out wide when watching the game, but saw that he was covered up by the outside receiver, so I knew he would be ineligible regardless of whether or not he “reported” to the official. I

    It did look funny seeing him out there, though.


    • rbubp

      He wasn’t covered by the outside receiver. The outside guy was behind the line of scrimmage by at least a yard.

      I don’t know the rule here; how far off the line do you have to be to legally be in the backfield?


      • The Realist

        No he wasn’t. Pause it at the 0:06 mark. The outside receiver and the lineman are right beside each other, thus making the lineman ineligible.


  5. Anytime Trooper Taylor is left speechless, something amazingly dumb has just occurred.



  6. mdawg

    Why were two penalities not called on the play – illegal touching AND intentional grounding? If the illegal catch had not been made, the ball clearly would have been intentionally grounded resulting in a 15 yard penalty from the spot of the foul with a loss of down. This would have moved Auburn out of field goal range. Georgia accepted the result of the play instead of a five yard penalty and replay of the down. This left Auburn in easy field goal range.


    • JasonC

      Because the ball was caught and the ball didn’t hit the ground. As bad as the SEC refs are, you can’t really penalize things that might have happened.


  7. NCAA Rules

    No, No, No.

    That’s the entire point of the quote “73 is still 73.”

    No player number 50-79 can EVER be an eligible receiver.
    They can’t check in with the officials or line up in a special place to be eligible.

    In the NFL, it can happen.
    Not in NCAA or High School.

    73 is still 73.


  8. I didn’t realize until the replay here but
    The point of the play for Auburn was to get Georgia to cover an intelligible receiver thus freeing up someone else. It wasn’t obvious to me watching it live as it now.

    Of course that shows some extra stupids on Chris Todd. He calls a play where the point is to have an illegible receiver and then proceeds to throw it at him.


    • rbubp

      Or Malzahn. Look at how 73 was looking for the ball and calling for it right from the start–he fully expected to get the ball.

      Bob Davie is stunningly out of the loop on this. “It’s kind of ironic that he was out in the open field.” As in, “I can’t even watch the replay with my eyes open, I’m so dadgum stupid!”


  9. Russ

    Well, he was obviously covered. I thought a tackle could be eligible, but he can’t be covered like this guy was.

    Even so, he was tackled for a 2 yard loss anyway.


  10. Dawg N Suds


    Your offensive line is leaking like a sieve, and you line up your best pass blocker in the slot?


  11. David H.

    “NCAA rules” has the answer right in that in college football, no player numbered 50-79 can be an eligible receiver. There’s no option for “reporting as an eligible receiver” like there is in the NFL.

    However, the lineman can receive a *backward* pass behind the line of scrimmage. Michigan threw a backward pass to Jake Long a couple of years ago that went for a decent gain (I believe against Florida in a bowl game). Maybe the intention of Auburn’s play call was that the pass be backward … otherwise, I have no idea what they were trying.



  12. BobbyH

    I agree with Crane. The way he stepped back and immediately started waving his arms like we was open, the first thing that came to mind was that he was simply a decoy. Basically an elaborate play action fake. In Todd’s attempt to keep from getting smashed by Houston, he just got rid of it, to an ineligible receiver. Add NCAAs rule explanation and it makes more sense.


  13. Dawg N Suds


    Your OL is leaking like a sieve on the pass rush.

    So you split out your best pass blocker covered up in the slot?

    Somewhere, Tony Franklin is smiling.