Circling the bowl chronicles, week eleven

Okay, Dawg fans, we’ve certainly done our share of fretting over Martinez, Bobo, Cox, directional kicking and recruiting of late… wanna see how the other half lives?

Here’s a taste of other programs’ tears from yesterday:

Michigan (5-6, 1-6 Big Ten) is the new Northwestern — or at least an 1980s version of Northwestern. Michigan is the team you look forward to playing — a team you want to schedule for homecoming.

Since Rodriguez stepped on campus, the Wolverines are 8-15 overall and 3-13 in the Big Ten. They have yet to win a game against a Division I opponent in November.

  • Tennessee. Sure, the puns were easy this week.  But UT defenders were giving Dexter McCluster lip about his size?   Dude rushes for the all-time mark against your program, all you should be saying is “sir”.
  • Notre Dame. How can you not wrap things up with the Irish?  With the loss yesterday, Weis continues to pad an impressive resume.

… Weis has a 35-24 record well into this fifth year. Another loss for Weis and his winning percentage will be the same as his two predecessors, Bob Davie and Ty Willingham (.583), who were both dismissed before the end of their contracts.

Weis has lost seven straight games to Top 10 teams and is 1-10 against teams that finished the season in the Top 25. He has never beaten a team that finished with fewer than four losses…



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29 responses to “Circling the bowl chronicles, week eleven

  1. Joe B.

    I actually got to watch nearly all of that Stanford/USC game, and Stanford’s QB, Luck, will be the #1 pick in the draft in a couple of years.

    He is the real deal. Stanford’s OL absolutely manhandled USC.

    I was heartened that Luck looked so polished as a redshirt freshman, and can only hope that Murray looks that good next year. They were rated similarly coming out of high school, but Luck has the prototypical NFL size.


  2. opsomath

    On the Tennessee link, the big ad in the middle of the page is for depression meds. Some advertising person somewhere deserves a promotion.


  3. Puffdawg

    Where are all the people who likened Richt’s career path to that of Lloyd Carr? Maybe if we got rid of our Lloyd Carr we could get our very own RichRod. The grass is not always greener. LOL. Also I wish our fans would quit bitching about this game possibly saving Martinez’s job. STFU and enjoy a win over a hated rival already. Let’s worry about coaching changes in the offseason. Go Dawgs! Great win!


    • Macallanlover

      Amen Puffdawg, the beginning of the season bitching on “all things Dawg” changed nothing, embarrassed the program, confused/discouraged recruits, and divided the UGA fanbase. If you are unhappy, and intelligent enough to actually express something more profound than “fire XXX”, or “XXX sucks”, send a letter or email to CMR c/o the Athletic Department. After the season it will be his, and Damon’s responsibility to make whatever changes they feel have to be made. Ranting excessively on radio shows and the internet have just made our fans look stupid. Let’s support the team and staff we have during the season; they need it, and it just might help our program do better in 2009 and with 2010 recruiting. The season isn’t the time for a dysfunctional family fight that does nothing but anger people.


    • Where are all the people who likened Richt’s career path to that of Lloyd Carr? Maybe if we got rid of our Lloyd Carr we could get our very own RichRod. The grass is not always greener.

      So true.

      So many idiots that cannot clearly think through decisions… but can blather away on the internet, firing everyone from the safety and anonymity of their trailer park.


      • dudetheplayer

        When did you become so scathing and vitriolic?

        You were doing a better job defending Richt and staff when you were just calmly making good points.


    • Turd Ferguson

      I’m the guy who likened Richt’s career to that of Lloyd Carr.

      And I stand by every point of that comparison. Did I say that Richt needs to go? Nope. Never even implied it. So if there’s a particular point of mine that you’d like to contest, have at it. Otherwise, stfu yourself.

      The self-congratulatory ass-slapping and tag-team condescension that goes on among you “real” fans after a win (over an embarrassingly weak Auburn team, mind you) is just adorable.


      • And I stand by every point of that comparison.

        Of course you do. Which is even more pathetic than when you first posted it.

        And fwiw, I’ve shown you the numerous ways in which the comparison was just stupid.


      • Macallanlover

        My feelings have nothing to do with winning or losing, bad behavior is not justifiable by Ws or Ls. Anonymity doesn’t make mob mentality the correct way to promote change in an organization, an institution, or a government. Extreme actions are a last resort tactic, the UGA program is no where near that point.

        Many of the “realists” lack a sense of perspective, we have been a Top 10 team five of the last six years I think, and could still extend our nationwide leading streak of being a ranked team. Should we want, and expect improvement when we aren’t maximizing our talent? Sure, but anyone near the ledge at this point is so far out of balance perhaps they should fall off.


        • My feelings have nothing to do with winning or losing, bad behavior is not justifiable by Ws or Ls. Anonymity doesn’t make mob mentality the correct way to promote change in an organization, an institution, or a government… Many of the “realists” lack a sense of perspective…

          Hear, hear. Very well put.

          A complete lack of perspective on how most CFB programs fare.


      • Puffdawg

        Turd Ferguson
        November 1, 2009 at 8:39 pm The more I think about the following comparison, the more convinced I become of its aptness.

        Lloyd Carr, former head coach at Michigan, was a very nice, respectable man. He could be relied upon for 9-10 wins per season. He could be relied upon to recruit well, and to produce NFL talent. He could be relied upon to lead his team to bowl games.

        But …

        He simply could not be relied upon to win the games that mattered most to fans. While he was able to dominate in-state rival Michigan State, he was basically 50/50 against Notre Dame, and of course, he won only 1 of his last 7 games against Ohio State. And what’s more, his teams would consistently crap their pants against one or two lower-tier conference opponents each year despite going into the games as the clear favorite.

        It began to seem as if, under the leadership of Lloyd Carr and his staff, the program had hit a ceiling. And it just wasn’t going to get any better until serious changes were made.

        Kinda sounds like the current state of the Georgia program. Richt’s been dominant against in-state rival Georgia Tech (until recently, that is), but he’ll drop to 5-4 against Auburn this year, and he’s now 2-7 against Florida. And you can count on another game or two each season in which his team will just absolutely forget to even show up and compete.

        Now, here are two important differences between Richt and Carr:

        1. As a head coach, Carr won a national championship; Richt has not.

        2. Carr has since been fired for failing to coach up to the program’s expectations; Richt has not.

        Now, I’m as big a supporter of Mark Richt as anyone else. But my support of him is neither unconditional nor blind. Has he accomplished some great things while at Georgia? Absolutely. But so did Lloyd Carr while at Michigan. More than Richt, in fact.

        And he’s gone.


        (1) There are a couple of points I’d like to contest: Richt is now 6-3 against Auburn. Not 5-4 as you assured us he’d be. Nice “the sky is falling” mentality. Very supportive. ZOMG!!!!!11!!!! we will be 0 and 12 next year because I said so!!!1!!!
        (2) Lloyd Carr is the 4th winningest coach for Michigan all time (min five years on the job). Richt is the winningest at UGA. Small difference, I know…
        (3) “And it just wasn’t going to get any better until serious changes were made.” Are you still standing by this?
        (4) “Richt’s been dominant against in-state rival Georgia Tech (until recently, that is)…” Holy shit, GT has beaten Mark Richt once, EVER. Are you kidding me with that comment? One loss, and he is no longer dominant? One loss out of 8 seasons? Really?
        (5) 5-4 against ND is not “basically 50%.” It is a winning record.
        (6) Winning Nat’l Championships is nice and all, but our goal each year should be to win our conference and to beat our rivals. The Nat’l Championship is so subjective it shouldn’t even come into this discussion. Richt had Nat’l title caliber teams in 2002 and 2007 and you could argue 2005.
        (7) You are correct in saying you never actually came out and explicitly said Richt should be gone, but what, pray tell, exaclty was the point of that post? Are you arguing for a contract extension?

        Look, I’m not saying we don’t need some changes. That has become obvious for everybody (at different times, but obvious none the less). I came to grips about the Martinez situation during the Tennessee game when we never made them change what was working for them. However, my whole point in all of this is that our fans come across as whiny and dramatic with all the “yea we won, but…” and fire this and fire that” talk. I’ve also seen people say they hope we give up a lot of points to prove they are right about Martinez. Yes, we need a change, we get it. But to take that to the point where you root against success for our team (and yes, that includes the defense) is no longer being a fan but a cancer. We need to come together as a fanbase and support the team and have a little faith that the winningest coach in the history of our program knows a little about what he is doing and will right the ship. Go Dawgs!!


  4. JasonC

    That doesn’t even include OU’s woes this year.


  5. Fire. Everyone.


    It’s the internet thing to do…


    • Turd Ferguson

      The sad thing about you is that THIS is the best part of yesterday’s win for you.


      • Huh?

        Nothing about yesterday’s win changed anything for me in this.

        People that whine endlessly about a coach that has proven to be one of the best in CFB over the past decade and certainly the best coach UGA has ever had have always been pretty pathetic, imho. Been saying that for awhile, fwiw.


  6. keith

    Heck there are people complaining about how listless UGA VII is.


  7. Along this line, the WSJ had a great graphic a few weeks back collecting samples of the “Fire everyone” crowd among numerous top CFB programs.

    Stoops, Beamer, Brett Venables, Bud Foster, Florida’s entire staff except for Meyer, Greg Davis, etc, etc…

    Fire. Everyone.

    Dawg bless the internets and the coach-firing geniuses that own it.


    • Yeah….

      So fans are just imaging the fact that Willie’s defense has given up 30+ points 13 times in the last 3 and a half seasons?


      • Bulldog Bry

        Pay no mind to TD. He stirs up trouble on every board he visits. And I think HE thinks that he’s the voice of reason for Dawg fans, though he’s a bit more venemous here than I’ve seen.

        He’s good for a drinking game – everyone has to take a shot each time he types “duly noted” or “fwiw”.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Easy to see why Carroll was so pissed at Mark Sanchez for leaving early.