That explains a lot.

This is one hell of an admission from Mike Bobo, regarding the TD pass to Israel Troupe that started to turn last night’s game around:

“I said ‘Hey, you’ve just got to be ready when the opportunity comes,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. “It came tonight on a play I called for A.J. and didn’t realize he was out of the game. When I saw how they lined up, I said Troupe can do it because he runs a good takeoff in practice.” [Emphasis added.]

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.


UPDATE: Here’s the play.

It’s beautifully executed by Cox.  And the blocking is great.


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  1. Joe B.

    I really hope that people do not get caught up in the euphoria of this game and think that our problems are solved.

    We are simply a more talented team than Auburn, and their having played 10 consecutive weeks really showed up in the second half.

    That admission by Bobo, along with the Okie St. game admission by Ball and Bobo about the freshmen wide receivers, the continued directional kicking, the first two drives of the game. Our problems are not solved by a long shot.

    I hope that this game does not do for our coaching staff what the SEC tourney run did for Dennis Felton. There are still some deep, deep problems in our staff and turnover is a must if we want to compete for championships.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Yikes. I can’t believe Bobo didn’t know his most important offensive weapon was not in the game. As they say, a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then.


    • They do?

      Well that’s pretty dumb of them if they think it applies here.

      Bobo is a very solid young OC who is getting even better with more experience.


      • NebraskaDawg

        Really? Once again TexasDawg is nothing more than a homer. Take off the rose colored glasses every now and then. We beat a poor Auburn team that couldn’t handle Kentucky.


        • ((Drool…))

          I love how you think that anyone who doesn’t want to fire the coaches after every game is a “homer” or DisneyDawg or whatever.

          The hilarious thing that idiots like you miss is the fact that every single school has the exact same people… calling for firings and whatever else after every single game. So, so dumb and clueless.


  3. That admission by Bobo, along with the Okie St. game admission by Ball and Bobo about the freshmen wide receivers, the continued directional kicking, the first two drives of the game. Our problems are not solved by a long shot.

    Oh, jeez. Give it a fonking rest already.

    God forbid Bobo admit that’s how much faith he has in Troupe, and especially forbid that anyone be happy about a win over a bitter rival.

    You’re a fonking joke, Joe.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Ditto. It’s not like Bobo said this half-way through the 4th quarter. They were literally walking AJ off simultaneous with this call being made.


    • Joe B.

      No, I am just a fan concerned with the long term success of our program. That was a great win, but lipstick on a pig.

      Do not become a Dennis Felton fan. His retention after a miracle run was a huge, huge mistake for the future of UGA basketball.

      Do not let the beating of an inferior opponent last night overshadow the embarrasments in Knoxville and Jacksonville.


      • No, you’re a complete fonking douche, fwiw. You aren’t more “concerned” about the program or anything like that. You’re just a tool who wants to whine about everything long after everyone else has recognized the problems. It’s incredibly lame and pathetic.

        Mark Richt isn’t Dennis Felton. Ugh. What a colossal dumbass you are that someone would even have to point that out to you. Unreal.


        • Joe B.

          No need for all the name calling. You can try to make a cogent point with some civility.

          We obviously differ on what last night means in the grand scheme.


          • Actually we don’t differ on “what last night means in the grand scheme” at all, nor have I ever said last night’s game meant much.

            But yeah, there definitely is need for name-calling. You are a complete idiot, and people like you are not “concerned” “fans”. You are just a pathetic dumbass that doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so all you can do is whine. And you expect that your endless whining will not be called out by actual UGA fans.


        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Now girls, no scratching.


        • But Martinez and Bobo *are* Dennis Feltons.

          I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no excuse for not knowing what personnel you have on the field – especially when its your best player on offense.


          • Bobo had the #2 offense in the SEC last year, genius.

            And you would fire him because an offense with Joe Cox at QB is middle of the pack?

            Man, that is just brilliant.

            Now, do you actually think that is the type of thing that is regularly done in real life? Or are you just talking like an idiot on the internet?


            • Will (the other one)

              That offense had a #1 overall pick at QB, a top 20 RB, a 2nd round WR, and a future 1st round WR.

              With that kind of talent, I’m curious why they disappeared for huge stretches against the best defenses they faced (Florida, Alabama) or even that 3rd quarter against Tech.


  4. Chuck

    In the it’s-better-to-be-lucky-than-good department, the catch by Orson Charles was the real game turner. If the AU back holds on it is a catastrophe; talk about changing shit into chocolate in the space of a couple of seconds….


  5. Turd Ferguson

    Caleb King’s block was particularly monstrous.


  6. Juan

    The best part of that play?

    Troupe caught the balls with his hands! Index finger to index finger, thumb to thumb.

    Must’ve learned that from his high school coach though…


  7. do not resuscitate

    It seems from the video that this is the play immediately after AJ went out, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that Bobo actually didn’t know he wasn’t in the game. He wasn’t laying on the field hurt, it was a sideline play, and Green went straight for the trainers.


  8. Buck4ga

    I don’t want to hear that we beat an Auburn team that wasn’t that good because they fell to Kentucky. Let’s remember this is the SEC. Do you think Auburn discounted the ass whipping we laid on them in ’06 after we got beat by a Kentucky team? Do you think looking back on that game they would have thought they didn’t play well simply because we lost to Kentucky and Vanderbilt? This game was huge and Auburn was a much better team last night than the Georgia team that Auburn had to play in ’06. Things happen, teams change. Let’s remember that next year. If we can keep making the right adjustments maybe we don’t lose that early game and our 1-loss doesn’t prevent us from playing for everything soon. Real soon.


    • Julie

      If you take away the kickoff return (which probably wouldn’t have been returned if BWwas allowed to kick through the endzone), it was a BEAUTIFUL 48 minutes worth of ass whipping.


  9. (which probably wouldn’t have been returned if BWwas allowed to kick through the endzone)

    You do realize that sometimes he doesn’t get all of it and the ball falls around the goalline… like on that play, right?