“What’s your deal? What’s your deal?”

So exactly how bad are things going for Southern Cal?  Matt Hinton lays out a compelling case for these being the worst of times for Pete Carroll, but, honestly, I think this story tells you all you need to know:

When Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll met at midfield after Stanford completed its 55-21 defenestration of USC here Saturday, their conversation was brief, pointed and seemingly unsatisfying. “What’s your deal? What’s your deal?” Carroll said, according to two sources near enough to hear. “What’s your deal?” Harbaugh retorted, and that was that. Now there’s the brevity of wit for you. It is also evidence of what will be a lingering dislike-a-thon between the two men, punctuated by Harbaugh’s impish yet gratuitous two-point conversion attempt after Stanford‘s seventh – yes, seventh – touchdown. It looked like what it was, Harbaugh putting a knee in Carroll’s exposed coaching nethers.

When the nerd is kicking sand in the face of the bully and the bully remains helpless, that’s a pretty good indication of how far and how fast things have fallen for USC this season.



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15 responses to ““What’s your deal? What’s your deal?”

  1. Jim

    So, USC never ran the score up on the other PAC 10 teams. Pay back is a pain.


  2. Pretty lame move by Harbaugh. He’ll come to regret that one more often than not, imho.


  3. Puffdawg

    They could’ve saved some time with: “Dude? Dude?” “Dude.”


  4. Ty Webb

    I think he was just trying to find out how much Harbaugh makes…


  5. Jeff M

    I think Harbaugh should serve as inspiration to SEC teams next year. If any team has the opportunity to kick sand in the face of UF next year when they’re supposed to be “down”, I say do it. Of course Richt won’t because he’s too nice, and plus that, when should I ever expect us to be up on Florida?


    • Paul

      We’ve also seen how well pissing off the gators bodes for us in following seasons.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Don’t bet the ranch on the Gators being “down” next year. Everyone pretty much is back next year for them except Tebow and Brantley is a better over the top passer (the Gator’s supposed weakness this year) than Tebow. We (and everybody else) will have to beat them by getting better ourselves.


  6. Turd Ferguson

    Frankly, I think there needs to be a little more of this in college football. I grew up in Michigan, and one of my favorite stories about the rivalry with Ohio State is the story of Woody Hayes going for a two-point conversion despite being up 48-14 late in the 1968 game. Asked why he went for two, Hayes replied, “Because we couldn’t go for three.” (I’d like the story a lot more if it had been Michigan going for two, but still.)

    Sure there’s a place for sportsmanship. But rivalries are what make the game great. That’s why I loved the celebration penalty in 2007 … and couldn’t help but respect Urban Meyer’s late timeouts in 2008. It’s a healthy hatred, if there ever were such a thing.

    So keep it up, Jim Harbaugh. Next year’s game just got a lot more interesting.


  7. mwo

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer SOB in my opinion. That karma thing is a real bitch. Just ask LSU about bad calls for and against.


  8. Rocketdawg

    Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops, and Urban Cryer have no argument if someone runs the score up on them. The three of them are notorious for leaving their starters in a game after it has gotten well out of hand (see Tebow concussion). Screw Pete, he got what he deserved.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You left out Steve Spurrier who now is living in a special kind of purgatory of his own making–weekly gunfights armed only with a knife. Serves him right. Note that nobody is calling him a genius any more.


  9. PNWDawg

    From what I heard on the radio this was payback for last year. Allegedly, USC put in their starting linebackers late in the 4th quarter and blitzed while Stanford was driving for a meaningless touchdown. If that’s the deal then I love it.


  10. Phocion

    There is seemingly little that Standford could do otherwise that would get USC’s attention. Like UGa/UF, that might not be attention that you want but I don’t think Standford is going to get all that many chances to poke USC in the eye so they might as well take them when they can.

    Besides, this sort of thing is good for rivalries and good for recruiting.


  11. Joe

    I LOVE IT!!

    USC leaves starters in the game when up by 30….run play action’s and still play with intent to putting as many points as they can on you!


    I have no problem with that…..dont want me to score…stop me! But dont complain about it when somebody does the same to you!!

    Suck it up Pete….you got owned!