Georgia roundup: watching the defectives and other matters

  • Having put in the time and checked out the broadcast of the Auburn game on the ol’ DVR, all I can say is that, if anything, the negativity directed towards ESPN is too kind.  It’s not just that the announcers were so wretched, it’s that it seemed as if the WWL had assigned an intern to be the producer and left a couple of cameras in the truck to boot.  In particular, the coverage on Troupe’s second catch was absolutely criminal; unless you were at the game to see it live, you’ve got no idea how brilliant a play he made on a ball that Cox led him too much on.  C’mon, ESPN.  You’re spending all that money on the broadcast rights – at least act like you care.
  • Here’s a reason to give Mike Bobo a bit of a pass this year.  “The Dawgs’ offense — despite having to replace a first-round NFL quarterback and a first-round NFL tailback — are scoring more easily in SEC games than any other team in the league.  Cry about the defense.  Scream about the losses to Florida and Tennessee, but pipe down when it comes to criticizing the SEC’s most efficient offense.”
  • If you haven’t read David Hale’s eloquent analysis of Joe Cox’ performance this season, take a minute and do so.  It’s hard to argue with his conclusion.

And if you don’t believe me, I’ll ask you this: After seeing him go toe-to-toe and win against Ryan Mallett, Stephen Garcia and Chris Todd, how many starting QBs in the SEC would you rather have today than Joe Cox? He’s not No. 1, but he’s a long way from No. 12.


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14 responses to “Georgia roundup: watching the defectives and other matters

  1. Joe B.

    Our problem under Bobo has never been the quick strike capability.

    It has been the 6 drives a game that go 3 and out, often when our defense has been on the field for a long drive preceding our possession.


  2. mwo

    If I was the OC and knew Auburn was 10th in the SEC against the run, and 4th in the SEC against the pass, I would probably open the game by running the ball. Instead, Bobo calls several short passes, not even throwing it downfield. I believe he outthinks himself sometimes. Also, would the defense have been a lot different if Asher Allen hadn’t left early?


  3. HVL Dawgs

    How about that Shirt insisting the ball should be spotted at the two yard line?



  4. Brandon

    When Richt was calling the plays we had a heck of a tough time getting touchdowns in the red zone, we’ve been much better at that under Bobo. I think the guy is doing a pretty decent job, you are never going to score on every drive agains the better defenses in our league, anybody who is expecting that is expecting too much.


  5. Chuck

    Not a Bobo hater, really, but Joe B. hits the nail on the head with fan frustration. That, and the all too occasional INT.

    ESPN sucks at most everything but making money. My biggest pet peeve is that if you watch the replay at 1AM that night, they edit it for time considerations. I get that. What I don’t get is how they fail to cut out even one word of Bob Davies’ drivel. More game, less announcing, please.

    Joe Cox is as good as his O-line. Give him a little protection, and he slices and dices. Don’t protect, and presses and throws poorly or worse, throws to the opposition. Right now, we seem to have figured out a run blocking scheme that is working, so we need to pass to keep them honest.


  6. rbubp

    Re: ball control…
    UF is very good at that. They have run by far the most plays, in part because their defense is so good.
    But it’s ultimately overrated. You win by having more points than the other team. You want UF’s offense? I don’t…

    What I am curious about is why we have been so miserable in the first quarter this year on BOTH sides of the ball.


  7. D.N. Nation

    What we are on offense is this: Blistering efficiency surrounded by handfuls of three-and-outs. If we’re moving the ball, then we’re getting a TD. I honestly can’t remember the last time we settled for a FG in the red zone; it seems like Walsh either kicks 50+ yarders or he doesn’t kick at all.

    Bobo is the least of our problems. It’s not like he was dealt a great hand this year…given the personnel circumstances, he hasn’t been great but he hasn’t been a weight on the team. He’s also drawn up some gems (WLOCP ’07) that can’t be ignored, either. He’ll be OK.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Do I read correctly from the efficiency chart that we lead the league in offensive TD’s?

    How do we rank in points per game?


    • jdogt

      We are first in points per game in only SEC games.

      Georgia 29.6
      Florida 27.6

      We are 7th in points per game in the total season…Basically we have had only one stat game where everyone else has played at least 2 if not 3 terrible teams.


  9. Irishdawg

    I’ve defended Bobo all year to my friends, despite some frustratingly strange play calls he’s made this year. I wonder if you take away the turnovers, how much better our offense would have looked all year. He and Richt have done an outstanding job developing QBs together, and that’s also worth mentioning.

    Hale makes great points. Joe’s picks may have cost us a game or two, but he’s also won us a few as well.


  10. It should also be noted that those maddening plays that Bobo routinely calls probably do work pretty well against our defensive scheme in practice. 😉


  11. dawgfan17

    At times I get frustrated that we don’t run it more under Bobo but the overall results under him have been pretty good. I think next year with a completely inexperienced qb and a line that seems to be developing (hopefully no more season ending injuries to force a shake up again next year) we are going to get a lot more power running and that will make the play action more effective. With every starter and almost every contributor (-Moore and Vance) coming back next year I think the offense will be extremely good.