SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Eleven

In last week’s intro, I wrote “(t)hree at the top, one at the bottom and a scrum in the middle – that’s the current state of the Southeastern Conference.”  Well, guess what?  Nothing’s changed there; I’ve just reordered the scrum a little this week.

  1. Alabama. You got the feeling watching the Mississippi State game that ‘Bama did a really good job a couple of weeks ago regrouping during its bye week.  Still, I’ve got this nagging feeling that the SECCG is going to come down to the quarterbacks and even if Tebow isn’t having a Season for the Gods, he’s going to outdo McElroy.
  2. Florida. They almost seemed bored against South Carolina.  Still a 1 and 1-A situation with Alabama.
  3. LSU. More and more, this is simply a default pick.  Man, that’s a crappy offense.
  4. Ole Miss. You see this cat McCluster is a bad mother… shut your mouth.
  5. Tennessee. I guess Monte Kiffin will need to bone up on the spread this offseason.
  6. Georgia. Still getting less from more than any team in the conference.
  7. Auburn. And these guys are getting more from less than any team in the conference.  I understand why Chizik said he would have gone for two if his team had scored at the end against Georgia; they were running on fumes.
  8. Arkansas. The Hogs would kill it in Conference USA.  Unfortunately, they play in the SEC.
  9. South Carolina. When you get down to it, the ‘Cocks aren’t really good at anything right now.
  10. Kentucky. Yeah, their non-conference schedule blows.  But considering the injuries his team has incurred, Brooks has done a respectable job this year.
  11. Mississippi State. Mullen’s squeezed about as much as he can out of this bunch.
  12. Vanderbilt. They’re averaging less than eight points per game in conference play.  Ugh.

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