The Socratic Method

Michael Elkon asks the Dawgnation a simple question today.

Option A: the Georgia defense plays inspired football against Tech and shuts down the triple option. The Dawgs win 24-17. Willie Martinez stays.

Option B: the Georgia defense plays the same way against Tech that they did last year, only Matt Stafford isn’t around to keep the game close. The Dawgs lose 45-24. Willie Martinez goes.

Which option do you choose?

Humor me.  Before you answer that, consider two other questions.

How much better would Georgia’s record (and how much lower would your anxiety level) be if…

  1. the Dawgs’ turnover margin today were zero?
  2. the program had a full time special teams coach whose name wasn’t Jon Fabris?

No, there won’t be a test on this later.   But I’d like to see your comments.


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80 responses to “The Socratic Method

  1. Hairy Dawg

    Option A: the future looks bright. No matter who is coordinating our D. Our secondary will shakeup in the offseason, as much as in pains me to say it, for the better. Miller, Evans, Jones will be graduating/moving on (I don’t see Reshad staying) and making room for Smith, Rambo, and boykin. Even with the loss of Curran, Dowtin and Dent look to be more than solid. Houston, Washington, Robinson, Tyson, etc. look stout on the D line. Add that to a bevvy of defensive players coming in here and I’ll take my chances with Willie one more year for a beatdown of Tech.


  2. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    Option 3: Dawgs flip the score from last year and win 45-42. I never have to read that score on AJC again. Willie isn’t fired, but mysteriously pursues other opportunities at some backwoods AA school. Rodney Garner is promoted to D-Co. Jon Fabris takes over the whole D-line. Richt hires a full time special teams coach. Pipedream? Probably.

    If I had to choose options, I would go with A. Another loss to Tech would be much worse for Georgia than Willie staying on for another year.

    Georgia would have beaten LSU, but would have lost to OSU, Tennessee, and Florida if we had a 0 t/o margin and a Sp Teams coach with a brain.


  3. dan

    A. No-brainer.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Option A.

    I’ve always found The Mad Scientist John Fabris to be a confusing presence. With our paltry production and poor development at DE (don’t tell me he “developed” Pollack and Johnson) and his “9 vs 11 kick coverage” strategy, couldn’t we expect Rodney to pick the DE’s up and expect a huge upgrade w/ a dedicated ST coach?

    CWM is not as good as his predecessor at reading and reacting during the game, but few are. Talent will hide his avg-ness. I pray that he has learned the lesson of playing talent of tenure this season.

    As an aside, I know some folks who cross paths w/ Fabris via kids and they say he’s a total prick. CMR might part w/ him more easily than he could a swell guy like Van Halenger.


    • Left to Right

      Just remember though, CMR has backed Fabris’ strategies and tactics 100%. All Richt had to say is “Have’em kick it deep” or “Put Miller in to return it” or “Watch for the fake here.”


      • Dog in Fla

        Left to Right, but really, are CEO’s supposed to micro-manage? Especially on hard things for coaches to recognize such as when fake punts will be used against us before the TV announcers and the rest of us know when one is coming, the whats and wheres of kickoffs by us and who should return kicks for us. Next thing, you’ll be wanting Mark to split the atom or something like that so keep in mind that as Mark said one time a long time ago when things were so bright that he needed multiple pairs of Oakleys:

        “Part of the reason for the success is being at one program for so long,” Richt said. “I was at Florida State for a long time. Where most coaches take a lot of what they learn from a lot of different programs they’ve been at, we did everything the Florida State way, and it’s paid off.”

        Go Noles!


  5. Graham

    Option A. Willie isn’t fired but he and Bob Davie end up getting hitched.

    I hate the nerds, I’d take Ray Goff back as pre-game meal coordinator if it meant we we’re going to beat them.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I would prefer Willie Martinez to seek other career options, but would loathe throwing a game down the toilet to do it. I guess that means I chickened out on the choice.

    Starting with Auburn in 2005, our defense has been shredded too many times. I can’t control for turnovers and special teams, but my judgment is that defense by itself is the first area that must improve for Georgia to get back up the ladder.


  7. Dan A.

    Option A. I’ll take a win over the faggots on North Avenue.


  8. HVL Dawg

    Option A.

    Think about how much more fun this season would have been if we had intercepted 6 more passes, caused/ recovered 6 more fumbles, kicked every kickoff for a touchback, returned every mid field punt, stopped a fake punt, and blocked another punt.

    Bourbon Dawgwalker says we’d only have won 1 more game- I’ll assume he’s done the math. But man, the season sure would have been more satisfying.


    • Bourbon Dawgwalker

      No math, just an opinion. I don’t think turnovers lost us the UT or UF game, we just got beat down. Maybe we win OSU, but I’m sure we win LSU with better special teams. And yes, our season would have been much more satisfying.


  9. NCT

    Option A. Between the two, it is the only correct answer.


  10. Prov

    I want it all


  11. baltimore dawg

    dare i suggest that what we’re *likely* to get is a blowout loss to gt and willie for next year?

    but, yeah–with a choice, i’d always choose to beat gt


  12. Justin D

    I’ll take beating Tech everytime, but I would like to see a new D-Coordinator brought in no matter how the end of the season shakes out. Having said that, I also wouldn’t want Willie Martinez to just leave, because he is a good secondary coach and probably the second best coach on our staff. I don’t claim to have the solution but, no team gets better by getting rid of good and talented people.


    • Juan

      “because he is a good secondary coach and probably the second best coach on our staff”


      He is a terrible secondary coach. WOW.


  13. Lee

    1. The only making the TO margin zero would have helped us in any of our losses is if we created those turnovers. If UGA only turns over the ball less, I think they still lose those games.

    2. On the other hand i think if uga has a full-time special teams coach, they put themselves in a much better position to win the LSU game.

    And that’s really the only game that would have been altered by either one of the changes. The rest of the losses can be attributed to Martinez’s patented “Downy” soft Zone Defense, and Bobo still figuring out what his offense is supposed to look like.

    As far as which option i would choose the answer is easily answer A, but is it wrong of me to hope our defense looks bad enough anyways for him to be let go? But regardless, winning is everything, and i want to beat Tech.


  14. john

    If you choose B, please get the hell out.


  15. X-Dawg

    I NEVER, EVER want to lose to GTU. I’d sell what’s left my soul to the Devil (or CWM) if it means we never lose to GTU again.


  16. DawgPhan

    Beat Tech.

    LSU is different with special teams and TO, maybe OSU, but the other 2 were hot messes…

    Beating the nerds sets up a nice chance for the nerds to lose just as many games as we did in their best season in 20 years, which is equal to our worst in nearly that long.


  17. FisheriesDawg

    A, without question.

    Even with a new DC, there’s no guarantee that things are going to magically get better. I’d rather take our chances that the talent is once again improving and the losses of Evans/Jones/Miller are going to get things pointed in the right direction.

    Beating Tech this year is big for maintaining our unquestioned dominance over the state of Georgia and would be a huge blow to the confidence of GT in the Johnson regime.


  18. aureliano

    beat tech and shut down that offense. you won’t see me cheering against or hoping for a result against our players no matter how much i hate the coaching staff. putting a damper on tech’s season and stopping what they do best would be wonderful if you ask me.

    yes, blood pressure would be lower…but who’s to say that will be fixed next year? we’ll still have a green qb w/ no experience and we’ll likely have the same kickoff return strategy. and, more than likely, we’ll be losing the penalty battle every week too…its been the same thing the past two years. 3 good quarters against auburn doesn’t mean it will be that way all year next year.


  19. South FL Dawg

    Option A, take the win.

    Turnovers and kickoffs have definitely hurt the defense and there are other issues too. I just don’t think the scheme is the problem.


    • South FL Dawg

      Let me be clear that I’m not endorsing CWM…he’s probably an average DC who’s neither going to win the game for you nor lose it.

      But even if you had a guy with the world’s best schemes, that’s not going to overcome turnovers, bad field position, arm tackles, bad angles, and plain being dog-tired and out-hustled.


      • InsideDog

        I disagree totally. It all starts with preparation. Erk Russell didn’t have these problems… He coached wrapping up the tackle, maintaining good field position, and causing opponent turnovers. Our defensive problems are not coincidence… they’re due to poor coaching.


        • Russ


          BTW, I vote option A. I wouldn’t pull for the yellow maggots with 3 engines out on their team plane.


        • NCT

          I’m as big an Erk fan as anybody, but I think we’ve romanticized that era of Georgia football a bit much. He was a great coach, no doubt, but it’s not as though we didn’t have our times where the D failed to get the job done. No, we didn’t have a stream of giving up 30+ points, but no one was scoring like that back then. I mean, my God. Giving up 33 to Kentucky at home in an era when 33 was like a basketball score?


          • Puffdawg


            Great point. More generic psychobabble from Fire Coach X crowd. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of coaching “maintaining good field position.”


  20. Brandon

    I am firmly convinced that getting rid of Willie is essential to the long term success of our program and that if he stays we are just postponing the inevitable and signing up for more unnecessary losses and squandered offensive talent. With that said however I could never root for us to lose period and especially not to Tech. I will just say this I HOPE we win and will pull for us every second of the way, but if we must lose then I hope it is in such a manner that the proposition of Willie staying is completely untenable. Best case scenario would be us winning like 55-49 or so and canning Willie. As far as your other questions are concerned if we hadn’t turned the ball over so much we may or may not have won an additional game or two, in regards to Fabris, he has been coaching special teams for a while, I always had a good opinion of him until the last two years, I don’t know what’s going on there.


  21. The Brain

    I honestly thought the answers would be more varied…I’m going to go out on a limb and choose option B. I’m of the mind that we’d be 7-3 instead of 6-4 were the turnover margin even and Fabris not insane, but it would not change my level of angst in the slightest, at least as it applies to WM and the defense (I’d obviously feel better about kickoffs 🙂 ). Regardless of how the defense plays against GTU, I can’t see why one game (or two or three at the end of the season) would make a difference to anyone rationally looking at the situation. It took multiple defensive meltdowns over the course of several seasons to arrive at the conclusion we all held deeply after the UF game…Willie should go. Why should such a conclusion derived from mountains of evidence be tossed aside based off an insufficient sample at the end of 2009? It wasn’t one or two games that sunk CWM and it shouldn’t be one or two that save him.

    Bottom line…I would HATE losing to Tech this year or any year. I can deal with it however if it makes the difference in ridding the program of Willie. I’m convinced based on the last 5 seasons that without changes defensively we will not win another SEC title, we will not turn the tide against Florida, we will not return to the upper echelon of teams nationally, we will not stay ahead of UT in the East, we will not stay ahead of Tech in the state, and eventually, we will not have Mark Richt remain as our head coach. Because I’m convinced of these outcomes should Willie remain, I’d vote against a band-aid win against GT that would save his job. Put it another way, we all knew Felton sucked in ’07, and while the SEC title run was magic in the moment, it’s tough to argue the long-term view that overall if it meant more Felton, it was a net-loss for the program. I’d feel the same way about a miraculous performance against Tech which saved Willie…pretty cool while it’s happening, but not in the best long-term interest of the University of Georgia.

    Note: Keep in mind this is all predicated upon the fact that Tech is the sole factor in keeping or not keeping WM. I think he’s back either way, so I’ll be inside Bobby Dodd next weekend screaming my head off and doing my part for a victory.


  22. Brandon

    I am firmly convinced that getting rid of Willie is essential for our program to reach its potential, as long as we keep him around we are just postponing the inevitable and squandering our talent, with that said however I could never pull for us to lose, especially not to Tech, so I will just say this, I hope we win but if we lose I hope it is in such a fashion that keeping CWM will be a completely untenable position for Richt to take. Best case scenario is a 55-52 win, with no turnovers or short fields for the defense where we both win and Willie gets canned. As for your other questions if there were no turnovers this year we would probably have a win or two more but Willie would still need to go. In regards to Fabris, I always thought he was a good coach until the last year or two, I don’t know what’s going on with him.


    • Brandon

      Sorry about the double post guys, my first post erased on my end and I retyped it from memory real quick (did a pretty good job too).


  23. JoeE

    A, obviously, because I will never, ever come even remotely close for rooting for Tech to beat Georgia. That’s not to say I don’t think a Tech loss might be the best thing for the program – maybe the tree of the Bulldog Nation needs to occasionally be refreshed with the puke resulting from losses to Tech to stay healthy. We would’ve never hired Richt in the first place had we not supplied the butt in the Tech game for years under Donnan beforehand.

    But above all, Tuck Fech.


    • Normaltown Mike

      “The tree of the Bulldog Nation needs to occasionally be refreshed with the puke resulting from losses to Tech to stay healthy”

      Very well put. The pups had taken for granted that playing Tech was a guaranteed W. Last year was education for the 20’s and younger that hadn’t suffered the most wretched shame imaginable – being taunted by a Tech fan.


  24. thesternkid

    Sometimes losing is good. It shakes up the status quo and causes you to question what isnt working. The 4 losses should be enough to undo Willie. The poor ST work should be enough for us to reassess Fabris and how we outfit the unit moving forward.
    However, losing to Tech is not an option. Losing to Florida ruins my week. Losing to Tech ruins my year.

    So, while my answer would be Option A, I’m hoping in the end Option A/B will be Damon Evans choice- that’s the only one that matters.


    • Dog in Fla

      “Losing to Florida ruins my week. Losing to Tech ruins my year.”

      We are living in parallel but opposite universes because of changes in latitude and cartography rule #1 as set forth by one of my favorite world is flat play-by-play guys, Bob Davies, who feels relatively confident in saying that the theory of geography sometimes may be, but doesn’t always necessarily have to be, a component of a geographical rivalry.


      • thesternkid

        Dog in Fla-

        I feel for you, honestly I do- nothing worse than having to stare in the eyes of the dim-witted orange and blue followers on a day-to-day basis. But I have been dealing with a far different, and in my humble opinion, worse beast- the PAC 10 fan. Living in San Francisco brings out the likes of the geographical USC, CAL and UCLA fanatics who take every swipe at the Dawgs AND the SEC.

        So, my statement has no geographical significance, just historical- Florida has taken us to task far too often to let it ruin my year. GT, however, on our worst day should never be allowed to play on the same field.


        • Dog in Fla

          thesternkid, okay, I’ll try changes in longitude and lose again on geography. Good luck in San Francisco being a fan of real college football. When I was there, I ran across the same thing you did. In addition to them not caring about anything or anybody from the South and thinking that not only were we were not even of average smarts, we weren’t even as smart as some of the sling blades who were native Californians. Having spent a fair amount of time operating a sling blade prior to that, I knew I was brighter than at least some of those. But I knew they really couldn’t take college football too seriously because the locals’ version of The Big Game is Cal-Berkeley v. Stanford. Of course, both of those teams were much, much worse then they are now. However, watching football in the Pacific, as opposed to the Eastern, time zone is nice.


          • NCT

            I call it a kaiser blade.


            • Dog in Fla

              So does Karl! … and here’s part of his fascinating story:

              “I was sittin’ out there in the shed one evening, not doin’ too much of nothin’, just kinda starin’ at the wall, mm, waitin’ on my mother to come out and give me my Bible lesson. Mm. Mm-hmm. Well, I heard a co-motion up there in the house, mm, so I run up on the screened-in porch to see what is a goin’ on. I looked in the winder there I seen my mother layin’ a on the floor without any clothes on. Mm. I seen Jesse Dixon a layin’ on top of here. He was a havin’ his way with her. Well, I just seen red.
              I picked up a kaiser blade just sittin’ there by the screen door. Some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade. It gotta long wood handle, kinda like a ax-handle. With a long blade on it, shaped kinda like a bananer. Mm-hmm. Sharp on one edge, dull on the other. What the highwayboys use to cut down weeds and what-not. Well, I went in there in the house, and I hit Jesse Dixon upside the head with. Knocked him off my mother. Mm. I reckon that didn’t quite satisfy me. So I hit him again with it in the neck with the sharp edge, just plum near cut his head off. Mm-hmm. Killed him.
              My mother, she jumped up there and started hollerin’ “What’d you kill Jesse fer? What’d you kill Jesse fer?” Well, mm, come to find out I don’t reckon my mother minded what Jesse was a doin’ to her. I reckon that made me madder than what Jesse’d made me. So, I takin’ the kaiser blade; some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade; and I hit my mother up side the head with it. Killed her.”


  25. Dog in Fla

    A few of us don’t pass because we were, as usual, not following instructions.

    Apparently, through some kind of trick-wording device, always a key component of the So Crates method,

    we were supposed to first provide a two-part answer, consisting of projected record if differing from actual record, excluding moral victories, if any, and level of anxiety if differing from usual actual level of high anxiety

    had the hyperboles set forth in questions 1 and 2 occurred for those specific questions at the very end of the test before answering the which would we choose Option A or Option B question at the beginning.


    • Lee

      Do i get credit for answering the question correctly. Seriously i think i deserve a huge bonus like getting to start at Free Safety now over B. Evans. I mean i am a 5th year Senior, isn’t that the only reason he starts over Rambo anyways?


      • Dog in Fla

        Lee, i think you should not only get credit, but extra credit, but maybe not a bonus but that’s only because I am not the Decider around here, for being what appears to be the only one who could actually follow Blutarsky’s trick instructions. If I had to take a wild guess, it would be that you may be one of the few here today who is not ADHD.

        And have you ever thought that maybe another reason, in addition of course to the all-important Loyalty to the Program and Seniority traits, that Bryan starts over Rambo is his hair. He’s got good hair. At least Willie thinks so. Maybe it’s an envy kind of thing.


  26. InsideDog

    I’d choose option ‘B’ for the following reason… Even if the Dogs beat the North Ave Dorks this year, it’d continue to be a coin-toss (if not their dominance over the Dogs) in the future  if Martinez stays. He’s horrible, period.

    That said, I wouldn’t want to trade down for a DC that turns out to be less effective than Willie. We need a brilliant defensive mind at the helm – instead of someone with three 1947 schemes, like what we have now.

    Bottom line: if we could get a QUALITY Defensive Coordinator and it only cost us this year’s tech game, absolutely I would take B. No brainer. Then, we’d get back to letting Florida and Tech have 1 win per decade… like the good old days!


  27. Ausdawg85

    Option A…and with a huge victory, CWM is exhausted from celebrating and his uncomfortable to watch man-hugging with former roomie CMR, so he finds a quite little spot in a back storeroom at B-M…amongst the black jerseys and helmets…to get some needed rest before beginning his failure to prep or even change defensive schemes for the latest Big 10/little 11 slugs to venture southward to Tampa. During our hero’s dawgnap, movers come to take the “soiled” uniforms and remove them…not finding Willie sound asleep in the boxes…and cart them all to a far remote outpost in East Texas where is is welcomed as a savior for the local Pop Warner team and decides to stay, happy to get the kind of respect and praise the soft zone so truly deserves. Amen.

    And ALWAYS Beat Tech!


  28. Will Q

    A. I don’t really think there is a need to qualify my answer.


  29. Julie

    Option A, without question. In the immortal words of Coach Russell, “This is the game plan. We have no alternate plan.”


  30. D.N. Nation

    Option A. Also: I actually like Willie a lot as a person. I want him to not suck.


  31. Smitty

    Option A is just not going to happen in my opinion. Either Tech scores a lot and they win or Tech scores a lot and they lose.


  32. I’d take A in a heartbeat. While I don’t like what CWM has done these last couple of years, I have no problem recognizing that people can do better and can grow. I hope it’s possible, so I’m hoping that this is the case.


    • Brandon

      Unfortunately people have to recognize there is a problem before they can correct it, I don’t think Willie has any insight into our defensive woes, he just thinks the ball isn’t bouncing his way.


  33. thesternkid

    Dog in FLA is correct in pointing out that we all failed our test. There were 3 questions in all.

    1) Regarding turnover ratio at 0- we would have one more game- LSU. Florida and Okie State would have been closer, but those games were lost due to other, more prevalent inefficiencies. And sadly, TENN was never close.

    2) If you look closer, STeams has been huge reason why we’ve lost games and been blown out in them. Go back and look at our average starting position vs. our counterparts. OK ST, SC, FLA, ARK, TENN and AUBURN all had marked benefits in field position. If we didnt have Butler hitting a couple 65 yarders and averaging nearly 50 yards a punt our record would be all the more grim. Then look at the result of opponent’s drives when Walsh sends a touchback.

    In the end, our STeams play has has more impact on our W/L column than our -TO ratio. Zero turnovers would have kept our Ls closer, but wouldnt have gotten us a W. Field position was the bigger killer.

    So, Fabris > 0 TO ratio.

    3) I already answered above.


  34. Julie

    Option C: Have Fabris gone no matter what.


  35. shadrach

    I’ll cast for B. Johnson is a short timer at Tech. After he leaves they’ll revert to what we’ve seen at Tech during the Gailey years. Johnson’s offensive scheme merely hides the talent deficit they will always have against UGA. Shoring up the entire defensive ( and that includes special teams) coaching staff is required to win our division in the SEC, which, IMHO, is priority #1.

    I hate seeing my alma mater lose to Tech, but it should be a net gain down the road if the defensive staff is addressed. One win over Tech isn’t going to matter much if Richt and Co. keep getting killed in conference because of defensive lapses.

    I’d feel better if the TO margin were at 0, but let’s face it, this team crapped it pants against UF and UT in all phases of the game. Shoulda, coulda beat LSU, but the offense still stunk.


  36. I cannot publicly hope for my team to lose. So I am going to do a James T. Kirk and cheat by making up my own option.

    Option C: UGA wins 40-35 by scoring two return TDs, one pick 6, one offensive TD on a busted coverage by Tech, and 4 field goals. GaTech runs all over us, scoring 7 touchdowns, but we manage to win the shootout.

    Result: Bobo and Martinez are both fired and replaced with coordinators of skill, talent, coaching ability, and creativity.


  37. Puffdawg

    I can only assume those who voted B do not actually go to the games. Why the hell would you go to a game hoping your team would lose. Why the hell you could EVER want your team to lose is beyond me. But then again I am from the school of fandom where you want your team to win, no matter what. I am disgusted reading some of those answers. Y’all are a disgrace to UGA fans.


    • InsiderDog

      I most certainly go to the games. And, it’s painfully to lose to any team. But, it breaks my heart and churns my guts to lose to TN, FLA, GT, or AUB. 

      That said, sometimes you have to sacrifice a finger to save a hand. If it means we trade one game in order to permanently move the team into the top tier of college football and get 20, 40, 60 games or more in return… I’ll bite the bullet and take that pain. 

      It’ll be sickening to listen to the squeaking from those techie sissies for a year, but that all stops when they go back to lucking a win only once a decade or so. 


      • Puffdawg

        Quite honestly, I think the Senator threw this out as a bait to show that the internet AD crowd is so fanatical about firing Coach A or Coach B that they’ve completely lost sight of why they became fans in the first place: to root their team to victory. Lest we forget this is a hypothetical situation, and no one outside of Mark Richt and possibly Damon Evans has any idea whether or not this is even a realistic scenario. Personally, I don’t think it is. But the “Fire Coach X” crowd is so adament about firing a coach, they completely failed this test, took the bait, and proved that they would rather our team, our coaches, our boys, go up in flames to a hated rival to assure them that CWM will no longer be around. Never mind that there is no guarantee that the next hire, if there is one, will be better than what we currently have. It is a disgrace and I don’t think you can truly call yourself a fan if you’re willing to pull for our team to lose.
        Can you imagine what our kids would think if they came across this blog and saw some of our fans hoping they would lose? How about future recruits? Just because you have a keyboard and computer doesn’t make you more qualified than Mark Richt to make decisions for our program. Let the situation play itself out and in the mean time root for the team you claim to be a fan of and quit embarassing the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!


  38. the Coondawg


    Tech Sucks


  39. For a person of even average intelligence(such as myself) to not see that a change in defensive philosophy is needed defies logic. This “bend don’t win” defense was within a gnat’s ass of losing the Awbun game, despite actually looking “better” statistically.
    I have no doubt that Willie loves the University of Georgia; however, that isn’t a viable reason for him to keep his job considering his job performance.
    With that said,… there isn’t a reason, a scenario or a circumstance in which I would be willing to accept a loss to those sonsofbitches from the trade school.
    As you can clearly see, I refuse to participate in either modus ponens or modus tollens……



  40. Macallanlover

    Option A, there is no other acceptable option for a Georgia fan. Choosing Option A is for a fan that accepts nothing with ever be perfect from anyone’s perspective; we love them with all their zits and blemishes. Option B is for people who put their opinions ahead of what is logically best for UGA. Egomaniacs who must be judged to be “right”, even if they are wrong. Everything could crumble so long as they get their way.

    We have very visible examples of this in our politicians this century (and now it isn’t even in the party out of power).


  41. Derek

    I’m not even reading the comments, because if you WANT to lose to Tech then you aren’t a Georgia fan and you make me sick and you should f-in die! As you’d might expect, I’ll take the very easy answer: A.

    A real question would be:

    a. Beat Tech but the Earth explodes at midnight after the game and we all die.

    b. Lose to Tech and the Earth is saved.

    Ummmm. I’m going with A.

    It is impossible to make A bad enough to choose B because B is the worst thing that can ever happen.


    • 81Dog

      Dawg bless you, sir. Clearly, you are a man who understands the importance of beating the program no less of a Bulldog than Dan Magill once called “The Eternal Enemy.”

      It’s not that beating them is such a big deal. It’s that losing to them really, really sucks.

      As Lewis Grizzard once quoted someone else as saying, “I wouldn’t pull for Tech with two engines out on the team plane.” If that makes me a bad person….well, I can live with that.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I vote A, but with a comment. Call me crazy but I hate the Gators much more than I hate Tech. Tech folks are just insufferable assholes. Florida is downright evil with a coach who would sell his own mother’s soul for one more touchdown in a game he was winning by 30 points. Have you ever pondered what things would have been like the last 20 years for UGA if the Dawgs had won 17 out of the last 20 games against the Gators instead of the other way around? UGA would have won the National Championship in 2002 for sure. 2005 if we beat Florida we get through the season with only a loss to Auburn on a fluke play at the end of the game and maybe play for the NC that year. Back when Ray Goof was the HC UGA had a 10-2 season (Zeier’s sophomore season) with a loss to Florida and probably would have been a contender for the NC that year. A couple of the Donnan teams were good enough to win the SEC but could not get past Florida to play in the SEC-CG. No, the Florida series has had a much bigger impact than the nerds’ infrequent wins have ever had. Think about it.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          P.S. I am so convinced that playing the WLOCP in Jacksonville each year puts the Dawgs at such a disadvantage that I am tempted to blow up that damn stadium down there just so they’ll have to play home and home. Would any of you be willing to contribute to my legal defense fund if I did it?