Tuesday morning buffet

A little nibble here, a little nibble there…

  • Mark Schlabach thinks Paul Johnson could be tempted away from Tech for the right situation and offer.  Color me a little surprised.
  • This is the kind of stuff you get on a slow news day, I guess.
  • The ‘Bama football team reviews The Blind Side.
  • Tony Barnhart suggests a tweak to the BCS process.  Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed.
  • Broadcast numbers for some of the key games last week were down from last year.  Not sure if that’s more support for the this-season-is-boring meme, or if the particular matchups just weren’t that attractive.
  • Don’t speak ill of the GPOOE™’s roommate.
  • You tell me which is the bigger head scratcher – that Kentucky fans would have Rich Brooks on the hot seat, or that anyone would seriously want Bill Curry’s opinion about the potential of the UK program.


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3 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    “Color me a little surprised” and double-negatived, too.

    “What gets him out?” Schlabach said. “An SEC job, Notre Dame, a big-time Big 12 job. It can’t be Mississippi State or Vanderbilt or South Carolina.

    Then the last sentence in Schlabach infomercial on CPJ reads:

    “It’s got to be a place where he can recruit nationally, compete for a national championship. I think when you look at the situation at Georgia Tech, I don’t know that he doesn’t have all of that.”

    If you cancel out the negatives in the last clause, Schlabach thinks that Tech is a place CPJ can (a) recruit nationally and (b) compete for a national championship. So other than more money [nice] and the opportunity for harder challenges [not so], why leave? ACC football competition polished Bobby Bowden’s reputation so much that Bobby got what he thought at the time was a lifetime contract. Then again, maybe CPJ just wants to go where engineering major offensive linemen are not as stupid as he thinks they are at Tech.


  2. NCT

    It’s so cute the way Tebow gets all defensive about his — um — roommate.