“It makes you want to put some option in, doesn’t it?”

That Mark Richt – what a card.  Here I am thinking that maybe he’s done a little Internet digging at some place like cfbstats.com, because of this quote:

Georgia’s tailbacks have totaled more than 130 yards rushing in each of the past four games, and Kentucky ranks 11th in the SEC and 98th nationally in rushing defense, but Richt said the game plan for success on the ground against the Wildcats isn’t quite so simple.

“There are some statistics of them maybe having some people running the ball against them relatively well, but most people that have hurt them running the ball have hurt them with the option game,” Richt said. “The more traditional zone, power, sprint draw, the things that we do the most, they’ve been much more tougher and physical against those types of runs.”

Like I said, I was impressed.  Until I went to cfbstats.com myself and took a look at Kentucky’s game-by-game run defense stats.  Yeah, the Floridas and Mississippi States did well.  But the teams that UK shut down weren’t controlled so much because of the type of running game they employed, but because they’re generally shitty offenses.  Miami of Ohio, Louisville, Louisiana-Monroe, Eastern Kentucky and Vanderbilt aren’t likely to strike fear in a defensive coordinator’s heart.

Meanwhile, there’s this stat line:

10/03/09 Alabama L 20-38 42 204 4.86 2

It doesn’t look like that traditional offense had much trouble running the ball, did it?

If the offensive line and running game for Georgia are on the upswing, the Dawgs should be able to run the ball this Saturday, scheme or no.

Now how Martinez is going to deal with this guy, on the other hand…



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8 responses to ““It makes you want to put some option in, doesn’t it?”

  1. Dboy

    The option isn’t a bad choice. Use grey in the
    greyhound / option set. If executed
    well, it would work… This is pretty much what GT rides to the bank. The greyhound would be much more successful if they would complete a few passes down field instead of a telegraphed run. Same with the option. However, we need to concentrate on teaching our kids the basic offensive fundamentals before we go crazy with the option. Richt knows this and there is only an outside chance we see a couple options thrown in this week


  2. Macallanlover

    Putting in a few option plays in practice may be a great idea if it exposes the defense to it before next weekend. Never too early to begin thinking about assignment football, especially since Kentucky will also teat our perimeter. Cobb is the type of athlete that traditionally gives us fits. I was more worried about this game three weeks ago, but our improved OL play has made me feel better about our chances the rest of the year. We should have found this combination earlier as it has helped our running, passing, time of possession, and defense. Things are far from perfect, but having an effective running game solves a lot of problems.


  3. D.N. Nation

    OT- In today’s the-AJC-is-swirling-around-the-bowl news, concern troll/columnist Jeff Schultz apparently thinks that Georgia played Florida in Gainesville this year. Check it out.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s Richt channeling his inner Vince Dooley.


  5. Dan A.

    It seems that coaches don’t engage in the same kind of “well they are a crappy team” planning that we as fans do. You know, straight X’s and O’s shit. They ignore the fact that the guys running the plays on film lack what we call “talent.”


  6. mykiesee

    The fact that we’re even worried about Kentucky is worrisome enough for me.