Next time, don’t throw it to the fat kid.

If you want to understand what Gus Malzahn was trying to do on that abortion of a pass play to Lee Ziemba, here’s a terrific breakdown at Red Cup Rebellion.

Basically, the only person the trickeration worked on was Chris Todd.


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13 responses to “Next time, don’t throw it to the fat kid.

  1. rbubp

    Wow. Had me fooled, that’s for sure. I was yelling at the tv while Ziemba was jumping up and down…
    score one for WM.

    I, for one, am glad that Todd gave Ziemba an opportunity…it’s always fun seeing an OL run with the ball. And if I were Big Lee, you better believe I’d have caught that ball no matter what and tried to steamroll my way to a TD with it even if I knew it was illegal…


  2. Left to Right

    I guess we have to give some props to the D for recognizing the play this year, given that we got burned by something similar against Tech last year.


  3. My wife, who knows very little about football, actually commented about Ziembia’s (lack of) speed after his catch.

    While she had no idea he was an ineligible receiver and an offensive lineman, she commented, “Wow…that guy is SSSLLLOOOOWWW receiver I’ve ever seen”.


  4. dean

    From watching the replay again it seems Prince Miller picks up on Zimba immediately. He starts pointing at him (or at least it looks like he’s pointing at him) as soon as they split out.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ya know he made a nice catch.


  6. MT

    I would have expected Bob Davies to pick up on this as the play developed, with his coaching experience and all, and pointed it out. Instead it was mindless drivel about a desperation throw to the left tackle, even though he was split right.

    Then again, he WAS fired from Notre Dame so they could hire Willingham…..


  7. David

    Y’all know this is the play that saves Willie’s job don’t you? I’m conflicted about that.

    But nice smart play by the defense, and I’m not conflicted at all about that.

    Go Dawgs!


  8. I think you are right. Prince Miller appears to have sniffed this trickeration out immediately. He is pointing right to Zeimba, as if to say ignore him he’s not an eligible receiver.