Wednesday morning buffet

Lots of Georgia-flavored tidbits for you to sample today:

  • These have got to be Auburn kids, right?  I’d hate to think the typical Georgia undergrad is that slow on the uptake, even when impaired.
  • It doesn’t look like Bobby Petrino is winning many friends in the SEC officiating department.
  • Here’s your first big media sighting of a Georgia-beats-Georgia Tech prediction.
  • It can be dangerous listening to Buck Belue in rush hour traffic.  Yesterday, he mentioned the “rumor” that this clown could be in the mix if Richt decides to replace Martinez.
  • On the other hand, Loran thinks it’s all sweetness and light for Georgia, based on three quarters against Auburn.
  • David Ching is more cautious in praising one specific area of improvement.  You knew Searels would get it right sooner or later, didn’t you?
  • The speculation has already begun on where Junior’s dismissed players will land.   I think Richardson to Florida is a pipe dream (although it would be Corch Meyers’ greatest gift to bloggers evah), but if Houston Nutt would take a flyer on Jamar Hornsby…
  • Speaking of Corch, “After the Tennessee game, I quit going on the Internet,” he said. “I haven’t pushed the ‘on’ button on my computer.” Yeah, sometimes it’s good to take a break from those porn sites.
  • I guess that means that Meyer isn’t aware that the Notre Dame job may be coming open soon.
  • And as bizarre logic goes, this is teh awesome“I like booing the home team, simply because it’s all fans have to hold the team accountable… You are why Sanford stadium has always been an easy environment for visiting teams to play in. Georgia fans have never shown much passion in Sanford stadium and I guess they never will…” Got that?  If we’d boo our team more frequently, it would make for a bigger home field advantage.   Oy.


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10 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Munson's Call

    I replied to that dimwit who thinks booing the home team makes for a tougher environment for the visiting team. I wonder how that guy gets himself dressed in the morning with out help?


  2. Ausdawg85

    Nice article on David Greene and his record at UGA:

    And here is what happens when you eat everything in sight, including your supporters (evidently):

    “I haven’t lost the team, not one bit,” Mangino said. “I may have lost some people around here, but it’s not players.”


  3. mike

    about the underage drinking…

    i saw an auburn fan try to sneak a budlight in his back pocket. He managed to get about 5 steps into the stadium, until a cop spotted him.

    who sneaks ONE beer into the game? it blows my mind. i guess he just really hates liquor.


  4. “I’d hate to think the typical Georgia undergrad is that slow on the uptake, even when impaired.”

    Buddy, I bartended in Athens for about 12 years. Trust me. They are.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Those yahoos have never seen the inside of a UGA classroom. Might have been to Georgia State, though. Georgia State Prison at Reidsville.


  5. Buck Belue has to be one of the biggest fucktards in sports broadcasting right now.

    And considering ESPN’s staff, that’s saying a lot.


    • Dog in Fla

      Yes but he’s ours and according to Head Coach Mark, We Are Family and, hey, who doesn’t already have one or two in their very own personal families so what difference does one more in the extended family make?