Tribute to a lefty

On the threshold of Colt McCoy breaking his NCAA record for most wins as a starting quarterback, a gracious David Greene is the subject of a very nice piece by Tony Barnhart.

I really enjoyed these quotes:

“David had all the tools and I knew pretty early he was pretty darned good,” said Richt, now in his ninth season at Georgia. “He may have been the best student of the game from the very beginning of anybody I’ve coached. What he learned in our meetings he took directly to the field and he would progress exactly the way he was taught.”

“It’s funny. With every quarterback I’ve ever had, even with guys like Charlie [Ward] and Chris [Weinke] there was a time when they didn’t play well and everybody wanted to get rid of them,” Richt said. “David really never went through that. He has his defining moments early in his career and just kept on winning.”

“If there was ever a perfect fit, it was me with Coach Richt,” Greene said. “He taught me how to play the position and how to manage a game. That’s what a quarterback has to do when he is surrounded by good players. You just get the ball into the hands of guys who can make plays. Don’t try to do too much.”



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10 responses to “Tribute to a lefty

  1. dean

    First I would like to thank Tubberville’s coaching staff at Auburn for basically ignoring David Greene on his recruiting visit. Second I would like to thank Donnan for red-shirting David Greene in 2000 (as painful as that season was). Lastly I would like to thank David Greene for the memories he provided all of us during his playing days and for continuing to be a great representative of the University. He is and always will be one the best DGD’s in my book.


  2. JaxDawg

    I clearly recall in Greene’s first start, and Richt’s first game as HC against Ark State in 2001, Greene threw a timing route to our WR and basically put the most amazing touch and accuracy on the ball I had ever seen from a RF. It was a 30 yard streak where the WR ran the route and simply looked to his left and made the catch around his waste – thrown only where he could make it. No INT risk.

    Amazing throw from the QB who I wish could coach our QB’s.

    If you could have combined Stafford’s promise with Greene’s patience and consistentcy – you’d have the best QB in the history of CFB.


  3. David Greene

    i won more games than any quarTerback in division one history, and nEver once Bothered tO be a flailing jerkWad about it.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This article says as much good about Mark Richt as it does David Greene.


  5. Left to Right

    Quote from Greene on playing QB:

    “You just get the ball into the hands of guys who can make plays. Don’t try to do too much.”

    I wish this year’s QB and our previous QB had taken this philosophy to heart.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a 7 yard sack if no one’s open, especially with a punter like Butler on the team.