1:55 of pure, unadulterated suckiness

If you’re of a mood, check out the Kentucky highlights from last night.

Note a few things:

  • At least on the scoring plays, it wasn’t poor Rennie Curran’s night, was it?  He got screened by the ref on the first TD, he gets cleared off his feet with a terrific block on the second TD and took a bad angle on the second-and-21 screen pass.
  • Yeah, that screen pass.  Count the number of defenders who manage to get themselves out of position on one of the most obvious play calls of the night.
  • Could those first four TDs have come any easier?  As far as I can tell, a Georgia defender managed to touch the player who scored a grand total of one time.
  • Joe’s last interception made even Bob Davie groan.  Sheesh.


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36 responses to “1:55 of pure, unadulterated suckiness

  1. Turd Ferguson

    Maybe this inspires Rennie to come back for his senior season …


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hell, Senator, I knew it was bad, I saw this stuff, what I want to know is what happens now?

    I don’t mean next week, I have a pretty good idea what will happen at Grant Field.

    I mean do you think Richt realizes how deep he is in it?

    And do you get any sense that he knows he simply has to do something, now?


    • I don’t think the issue is that he knows he has to do something. He knew that after last season, too. It’s whether he takes the kind of steps needed to correct the problems that we’re all seeing. What he did last year didn’t work (in his defense, I was impressed with a lot of what he said and did this past offseason). So the big question now is, has he recalibrated his expectations? And as to that, I have no clue.


      • DallasDawg

        From the comments I’ve seen from Coach Richt in the Banner Herald, David Hale’s site and various others I don’t think he seems to realize the state of things, or he’s not admitting it publicly which really might (I hope) be the case. That being said, I think the outcome of Saturday’s game in Atlanta should force the issue. I think it will be worse than the FL and TN games.


        • Turd Ferguson

          I think a lot of it is, as you suggest, just a matter of Richt not wanting to admit anything publicly, throw a coach under the bus, etc. But sometimes he takes it so far that it seems as if he literally does not understand all that is wrong.

          The kick coverage issue, for instance. He’s either got fantastic restraint, or he really is clueless about how awful we are in that respect.


          • J-J-Jimmy, Very Much

            I’m not sure that’s the case. He placed the blame of last season’s failures on Stafford and Knowshon for not being leaders and effectively closed all competition for the most-important job on the field by 3pm on Jan 1, 2009.

            If Richt knew what to do, he would have held his coaches and his team more accountable than he obviously has. He would have called his kick coverage coach and his kick coverage team on the carpet, rather than scapegoating a freshman kicker.

            He would publicly declare that playing time on Saturdays belongs to playmakers and performers, rather than rewarding seniority at all costs.

            We’re not seeing anything on Saturday that hasn’t happened all spring, summer and fall….He’s not demanding enough of his staff or his players.

            If Richt knew what to do, he would already have done it.


  3. Brandon

    Damon Evans,

    BREAK THE BANK, to get Brian Van Gorder back. Whatever it takes, whoever is on the coaching staff that he has problems with give them there ticket out of town no matter what Richt says. I still believe in Richt but he is blinded by his man crush on his old roomie not to see the problems he is causing (I am not saying Willie is the only one at fault for losing last night or even the most at fault but our defense is our biggest weakness on a consistent basis and until we deal with that elephant in the room and see where things stand we are wasting time quiveling about the other issues). If we cannot get BVG back we must seek out a proven defensive coordinator who will get us back to playing GA defense, when we stop coughing up 30-45 points a game many of our other problems will seem smaller and easier to tackle. Also, please tell coach Richt that I would have more sympathy for the defense being put in bad positions if they didn’t promptly give up a touchdown every time the ball is turned over, at least a couple of “hold to FG’s” would help their PR tremendously. I am writing this because I have no faith in Richt making the right move with his old roommate in play. I am sure Willie is a great guy but he has got to go. Help us Damon Evans you’re our only hope. Respectfully,



    • NebraskaDawg

      Van Gorder’s not coming back unless it is as head coach.


    • rbubp

      Jeez, come off it. BVG is not coming back.


    • Falcon Observer

      Brandon, are you serious? Have you been watching the Falcon defense this season? Van Gorder isn’t all the think he is, not in the top tier of coordinators. Guess the grass is always greener, huh? Don’t remember when BVG acted like he had brain cramps deserting Georgia in the middle of recruiting for a POSITION job? Then ruining Ga Southern’s program in one short year? Then taking the job at South Carolina only to quit before he ever arrived? BVG has snakes in his head. He was good at UGA, but had superior talent. He is no genius, and we can do better.


    • Brandon

      I am dead serious, BVG was one hell of a college defensive coordinator, if I was Evans I would do my damnest to try and get the guy back, half the problem now is that we no longer have ANY players who were taught fundamentals by him. We have as much raw talent now as we did when BVG was here, the difference is the guy developed it and got 110 percent out of the players, something we currently don’t. Go back and look at some of the old games even the second string defense was tough back then because they were well coached, check out the hobnail boot game, tell me we win that game now, the defense held time and time again in the second half. All that aside though the point of my post is that I am not sure Richt will ever get rid of Willie on his own, I think DE is going to have to do it, if we can’t get BVG back as you guys say, I am fine with someone else as long as we get someone who is a proven commodity.


      • First of all, it’s not Evans’ call. It’s Mark Richt’s. Damon may tell MR that he can’t repeat this year’s results without consequences, but he’s not going to micromanage personnel decisions like that.

        Second, even assuming for the moment that MR wanted BVG back, do you know what it would cost to get him? He makes $1 million per year with the Falcons. You’d have to pay him something like Monte Kiffin money to get him to Athens. No way Damon signs off on that.

        Third, if a decision is made to go in a different direction at DC – and let me again add this disclaimer before I get accused of something I’m not guilty of, that I doubt MR has seriously thought about doing so – there will be plenty of options for MR to consider. He won’t have any problem attracting first class coaching talent to the program.


      • Hackerdog

        Exactly how much of the fundamentals do you think the DC teaches to players that aren’t under his direct tutelage? That’s the position coach’s job. And we generally have the same position coaches that we had during BVG’s tenure.

        I would like to see WM go, but we’re not going to bring back BVG. Suggestions that we do just makes the fanbase sound as ignorant as Richt sometimes suggests we are.


        • Brandon

          People make a difference, BVG was a difference maker on our coaching staff, we have not been the same since he left. Most of our success from 01-04 can be traced back to the fact that we are much better defense back then, the offense is about the same probably better than it was back then, go back and watch some of those games, tell me I’m wrong, if your honest with yourselves I don’t think you’ll be able to. Again, if we can’t get BVG (which the good Senator has given me several good reasons why it is unlikely), I am fine with getting someone else provided they are a proven commodity, but I doubt Richt will get rid of Willie without serious pressure from Damon Evans, that is the point of my post Damon you are our only hope, please force Richt’s hand for his own sake.


          • Mike Slive

            I agree that BVG was a better coordinator than WM. But I suppose I disagree as to the reasons why. You’ve given poor fundamentals as a primary reason why our defense is worse now than in past years. But the DC doesn’t spend much (any?) time working on fundamentals with players outside his position group. You could argue that Van Gorder was a better linebackers coach than Jancek, who replaced him, so that could explain poorer fundamentals from the linebacker position. But the rest of the position coaches have remained the same between BVG’s tenure and WM’s.


            • Unnamed FBI agent

              Slive, what are you doing on this blog? That is a violation of your pre-trial diversion conditions and immunity agreement. You are not to communicate with the UGA fanbase until the investigation of the SEC referee scandal is completed. Cease and desist immediately!


  4. Since 2005 Georgia is 7-12 against ranked opponents. Think about it.


    • Tenn_Dawg

      Texas Dawg…….what about this? Should a program such as Georgia be 7-12 against ranked opponents? This is not just one bad year as you suggest. This is about watching the same problem and issues play out again and again every week over and over. Is it too much to ask to see at least one area get corrected from week one to week eleven? Penalties, special teams, turnovers, defensive lapses, etc. None of those things have gotten better this year over last year. NONE!


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    A friend who is a keen observer says we have too many nice guys at the top of the coaching staff, and we need a bad cop in there, preferably at defensive coordinator.

    My observation is that our infection started on defense, spread to special teams, and now even offense looks poorly coached and taught. On the last interception Cox looked like he saw the receiver covered and forced it in there anyway. Pure brain fart.


  6. See ya, Richt!

    Don’t let the door hit your fan-bashing ass on the way out.


  7. Anybody seen Texas_Dawg and his snarky comments about keeping coaches after the Auburn game yet? I’m waiting for his ironic comments this week.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    One of these days it is going to dawn on somebody in Athens that the “public perception” is the perception.

    The “love fest” of the first six years was the “public perception”.

    I have no doubt Mark Richt is a good guy, and a superb representative of the University.

    All that is glorious, but meaningless if he does not win, a lot, and consistently.

    Mark Richt is certainly not the first coach to be a victim of his own success, he won’t be the last.

    But, if he is not willing, or not able to make the very difficult decisions necessary to keep the program at the level we have come to expect, maybe he should step down.

    God, I hate to say that, but the program is loaded with talent. If we are going to end this love fest, then now is the time to end it, before we wind up back in the middle of the pack.

    I hope the folks “inside the beltway” are thoroughly chewing these issues even as we small voices speak.

    I am no longer worried about next week, or even next year, I am worried about the next decade.

    Having said all that, I hope I wake in the cool, bright morning with a new vision for the future, and the Kentucky game will have passed from my psyche.

    What do think the odds of that are?


  9. Dawg N Suds

    You are seeing what happens when you sign eight year, long term contracts.

    You take away the year-to-year accountability, and it is easy for the staff to develop a sense of complacency and entitlement, letting discipline, conditioning, and focus slide.

    This has been happening since August 1, 2006, when we entered into an eight year agreement with Coach Richt.

    The same thing happened with the Georgia Tech basketball program, when Paul Hewitt got a seven year deal.


  10. drunk dawg

    It would be easier to stomach criticism of Richt if so many of the people doing it weren’t stupid to the point of it being painful.

    They come out with their silly theories. (Richt is too Christian, anyone? Haven’t seen it yet today.) They scream at the top of their lungs and advocate even stupider moves based on their feelings. Now mind you these are the same people who thought Cox would be awesome because of his intangibles.

    They love talking about shit you can’t actually measure and claiming to know what the problem is due to their extensive knowledge from playing JV football for a year and a spring in high school.


    • It would be easier to stomach criticism of Richt if so many of the people doing it weren’t stupid to the point of it being painful.


      So fonking true.


    • I don’t think the argument was ever “He’s too Christian!”, it was “people use his Christianity as an excuse.” That’s not the same thing unless you’re twelve and don’t understand English.

      I’m tired of hearing people rationalize our inability to play football by telling me that they’re glad we’ve got a “good Christian coach.” If we had a “good” Christian coach, nobody would be complaining because these obvious problems with coaching wouldn’t be cropping up (case and point, if we had a “good” coach, would it appear as if we had taken the bye week completely off when we played Florida? Tell me that if in reality our coaches had not game-planned at all for two weeks that game could have gone worse considering Florida opened with an 80 and 92 yard drive, back to back). His religion is irrelevant to his success or failure as a coach, and it’s extremely frustrating to hear people try to excuse a lack of coaching acumen that’s become more and more obvious over the last 5 years.


      • I don’t think the argument was ever “He’s too Christian!”

        Um, apparently you haven’t read any UGA message boards over the past decade.

        The “too Christian” line has been a constant since 2001. Just one of the many spectacular failures the anti-Richt crowd has produced over the past decade.


      • drunk dawg

        Um, no. I guess maybe we are talking about two different things. I am talking about the people who say the program has gotten complacent BECAUSE Richt is Christian. And that Richt won’t make tough decisions on players and coaches because he is scared to hurt peoples feelings because Christians don’t do that, etc.

        This talk is commonplace alot of places and has even been referenced on this blog.


  11. Dawg85

    Clicking through the plays (by hitting pause and play to look at them in stop motion) is revealing. Already seen too much of this but on the first TD Rennie gets screened by the umpire but the Georgia defender (can’t read his number) in the middle of the field is in position to still make a play. Of course his reaction is slow and he doesn’t. Typical.

    I saw what we all see.
    Poor decision making.
    Poor angles.
    Players quitting on plays when the play is past them or when somebody else might make the tackle.
    Players out of position.

    So that begs the question– what is going on here?

    Either we are:
    1)Recruiting morons who are fast (if it takes you an extra second to diagnose what is going on you have gone from 4.3 speed to 5.3 speed).
    2)Coaching poorly. Kickoff teams are a blatant example — lining up 11 guys and sending them downfield in their lanes at full speed has worked for years. It’s not hard. I don’t buy the walk-on argument either. Texas A&M had good kickoff teams a few years back with all walk-ons.
    3)Poorly motivated (which goes back to poor coaching). Football is a game of intensity and emotion. If you don’t want to hit or be hit go play tennis. It’s not enough to have a plan. Running to the ball until the whistle blows is midget league football but we don’t do it.
    4) Coaching scared. Coaching scared will get you killed. It seems to me that our defensive philosophy and special teams philosophy are both based in fear of giving up big plays. Instead of attacking, we react.
    On offense, it seems like Bobo gets cute at the wrong times.

    This team does have talent but CMR has got to shake the program up. Ultimately his own survival will depend on it. This malaise has now been around for a long time. If you go back to the 05 Florida game and take out the run at the end of 2007 (Vandy to Hawaii) Georgia is 33-17 in that stretch. I had a bad feeling during the second half of 07 that the run was covering some serious flaws in the program. Unfortunately I was right.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You know Dawg85 you have an idea, there. I remember when Texas A&M had those walk-ons on kick-off coverage and it worked damn well. There have got to be plenty of guys at UGA who were good football players in HS but for whatever reason are not playing college ball ( not big enough, not good enough hands, etc.) but would love to be part of the UGA program. Let’em try out for the kickoff coverage and punt coverage teams. It worked for A&M back then, might work now. Can’t be any worse that what’s going on. This is not such a radical idea. A couple of college teams have gotten kickers that way recently. We might find some diamonds hidden in the student body. And it won’t cost a single scholarship.