Did we really see…

a toss sweep to the short side on third down inside the one?

Ealey misplayed the ball because he’s too green to know that’s how Bobo rolls.


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  1. D.N. Nation


    Who cares, really. The staff (all members included) have sealed their fate. We’ve given them the answers, and have been ignored. So that’s that. I’m taking a run around Piedmont Park next week in lieu of whatever’s on. Will be that way from now on. Ignored fan, signing off.

    PS- Told you so.


    • D.N. Nation

      No, really. I did. You dumbf***s were told that the nonchalant ‘tude w/r/t special teams would be your undoing. LAST year. And your attempts to solve said problem were…what, exactly?

      Cha. Exactly. Peace, my friends. May you live in interesting times.


  2. JTK

    I think I said “why the !@#$% toss sweep” after that play about a dozen times before my group of friends stopped asking me what I said. Really, 3rd and goal from the 1 and we try the #$%^&* toss sweep.


  3. Joseph

    At least they will see that something must be done. See ya’ll in Atlanta next week. Kill Nerds!


  4. Steven

    Please let mw know when you’ve been in the arena. If you haven’t, then please refrain from editorializing about the play-calling.


  5. Ty Webb

    I was in the arena once. I pulled off Reggie Ball’s helmet, shit down his neck, then munched on his testes. I then talked to CMR and said hey, we need to throw to our playmakers often or else we’re going to be stuffable. He said M* (I gotta protect my anonymousness), we’re OK with these guys – we will DOMINATE any league besides the SEC, and we and LSU, and maybe others, are getting the fu** out of the SEC soon because we’re sick on losing. So we got that going for us. UGA – soon-to-be 10-time CUSA champs, though it’s been fun to play around with the SEC.


  6. dawgfan17

    When we got to the 1 the only thing I kept saying was don’t be fancy. We have two downs and a lot of big guys. FB lead all the way, right up the gut, we are either man enough or we aren’t, so of course we call a toss.
    I think the biggest problem after looking at the season is that we don’t play fearless. Our players play with heart, but our TEAM plays scared. We play not to make mistakes, which leads to lots of them. The last drive of the first half of the UF game I believe showed why we are headed down and they own college football right now. With about two minutes left in a still tight(at that point) game we decided to just try to run the clock out instead of attempting to at least get BW a chance at a long fg. While we are doing this UF calls a timeout so that they can at least force us to punt and maybe get a big return. They coached to MAKE big plays, we coach just to not give them up.
    I am as big a fan of Richt as there is but this has to start right now with him if we are going to get back to the way things should be.


  7. JasonC

    “It’s a tough one to swallow,” said Auburn linebacker Josh Bynes. “Especially when you come out hot and expect to win. It’s just devastating.” We know, Josh, we know.


  8. NebraskaDawg

    Where’s TexasDawg to tell us we are just young and things will be fine next week?


  9. NebraskaDawg

    An the Les Miles “Profiles in Stupidity” Award nominees are:

    1. Mike Bobo for his toss sweep on the 1.
    2. Coach Fabris for pretty much everything regarding “special” teams.
    3. Bryan Evans who’s major contribution this year has been penalities.
    4. Willie Martinez who is smiling in the background due to the first 3 idiots.


  10. Bobafet7

    Deflating is a word thrown around a lot, but there is simpley no other way to describe it


    • IndyDawg

      I’ve got lots of words for ya: shameful, nauseating, disastrous, infuriating, depressing, unbelievable, bewildering, embarrassing, agonizing, devastating, maddening, stupid, weak, dumbfounded, overwhelmed, clueless, out-coached, under-performing, over-rated, middling, irrelevant, scared, scarred, lost and hopeless.

      We are in danger of becoming the Notre Dame of the SEC.


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  12. Turd Ferguson

    Yep, that was a toss sweep, alright.

    And after the game, when asked about it, Bobo defended the call by referring to it as “our bread-and-butter play.”


  13. Will Trane

    If you use a site for comments, kindly refrain from trash and gutter speech. If you expect these guys to play to a certain level, you should first use appropriate language. You can talk about discipline and play all you, but if you can not exercise better conduct then you need to keep yourself on the bench.

    3rd and one…well the second down play was the key play…that should have been the TD…was not because of a missed line block. Now third and one…why does the QB reverse pivot on the play…I’d like for Bobo to explain the play, because I think the QB missed the call…if not it was a bad call down tight…TB lined up close…why not TO called or QB check to see…

    Why did Bobo call those passes to King. Not one completion. Also, where was the D line coach in 2nd half. Why did we line up so tight on the D line in 2nd half. UK went to the edge. And the LB never showed up in this game.

    For me the coaches who have hurt this program the most are Garner, Bobo, Fabris, and the current RB coach…Evans has protected them. KO play is not poor, it is shameful. You can not allow a team to get FP. That is something Bobo never understands…14 pts, the top D1 punter, and he burns it with his play calling.

    The FB caused the block punt…missed his block on the edge, but did pick up the ball for a 1st down…Butler’s face mask grab…it is all a sample of discipline, conditioning, and focus by the players. When MR starts burning some scholarships for lack of performance…the play on the field will change. The players do not respect the scholarship…tell me how much does 4 years cost at a major D1 program…housing, meals, education, prep coaching for NFL, etc…what you saw last night was just plain being lazy and not wanting to play.

    I’d find 44 starters who wanted to play, and I mean play. If you watach UK, you could see in the first half they still thought they could win if they got a break. They did when they lit-up a frosh. Football is a collision sport…you’d think that if you have played at least 3-4 yrs of HS football, you’d understand that.


    • rbubp

      “Why did Bobo call those passes to King. Not one completion. ”

      Huh? What game were you watching?

      T. King 3 109 36.3

      Those were some pretty nice plays when they connected. Sorry you missed them.

      At least be fair and informed in your criticism.


  14. dawg85

    The above toss sweep from the one a bad call. In the first half the roll out from the two where Joe throws the ball away on second down was too — end up getting stuffed on third down and kick a field goal. 24-6 at the half changes the game.

    Too many bad things —
    Joe Cox (yes-he’s a good kid) can’t play at this level consistently. It is hard to win with a substandard quarterback. Dumb plays and when he’s off like he was in the second half he is really off. If he just hits some receivers in the second half we win the game. He’s a small school quarterback at best. Maybe there’s another reason he didn’t transfer. I’d have rather taken our lumps with Aaron Murray. We might have paid early but we couldn’t be any worse than this.

    Kickoff coverage is abysmal. Richt should have fired Fabris during the Summer when he contradicted him in the press.

    Way too many halves of football where the Dawgs get gutted. The problem is serious and systemic.


  15. Evan

    I think Cox made the mistake. Everybody else was playing as if it was a handoff. Maybe he called it wrong in the huddle. Anything said after the game by Bobo or Richt was just to protect their QB. Joe Cox makes some nice plays, but the many terrible plays completely outweigh them. He totally cost us the game.


  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    The loss to Kentucky may have been the most complete failure of leadership I have ever seen.

    How can something started with such success have come to this?

    I have few answers to the above questions, but the long view does not look promising.

    All I can do is hope that each person involved in this abject failure spends some in quiet in contemplation of their role in bringing us to this.

    In ancient Sparta, anyone who left the field alive would be vilified.

    No doubt there will be vilification enough for everyone.

    But vilification won’t answer the basic question:

    “Damon, what the hell are you going to do about this?”


  17. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM’s) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece,

    “Requiem for a Turnover(s) – The Vanquished Seek Sanctuary from the Sound that is the Fury – Part Uno”

    High Noon, UGA Coaches Post-Kentucky Autopsy Debriefing, somewhere in a heavily wooded area, Bogart, 22 November 2009

    Head Coach Mark (Marty Sheen) having had it prophesized to him in an early Sunday morning dream that this is the forecast for underachievers in Athens today takes his posse and hides out at an undisclosed location somewhere in metro Bogart…

    Willie having gained a pass for all the blame of which there is plenty shall be gone, apportioned and allocated prior to the time his name comes up on the sh!t list was given the day off because after all his guys can’t be expected to keep ’em out of the end zone when they start from inside our 10 or inside our 53 yard line all the time.

    Head Coach Mark takes his coaching staff to a densely forested area between Athens and Bogart to get away from the series of tubes and sports talk radio. In an effort to boost the family spirit and cheer everyone up, Mark opens the Kentucky debriefing with a song…

    The debriefing is interrupted when Mark receives a call on his cell. It’s an incoming conference call from the three amigos, The Hat, Rich Rodriguez and Charlie Weis asking Mark if he has any interest in joining up with them. Given the forgiving nature of the LSU fan base, Mark is very pleased to hear that The Hat is still alive. Mark tells the amigos no because it’s not as easy for him as it will be for Charlie because Charlie is getting $18,000,000.00 when he resigns and Mark’s parachute is much much smaller and anyway who Georgia ever get if they replaced him anyway… Glen Mason?

    Charlie says he would have some interest in the Georgia job if they resign Mark and asks Mark to fax him a list of all-you-can-eat restaurants in Clarke County. Mark says he doesn’t have ready access to a fax but will get the list to Charlie on Monday, tells the amigos that he’s got to think about it and gets back to opening the meeting of his own compadre coaches… (to be continued).


  18. Nothing wrong with the call. Ealey just didn’t do his job.

    No guarantee we would have won the game anyway.

    It’s a crappy team. It happens. Fix the problems and get back in the race next year. No reason at all to think a head coach with 6 top 10 finishes in 9 tries can’t do that.


    • rbubp

      Thank you for your soothing calm, Texas_Dawg. It must be nice to be able to watch such profound incompetence across so many dimensions without any crisis of conscience.


  19. keith

    There are numerous reasons as to the question of can our head coach fix the problems.
    same ole same ole on the kick off coverage
    too loyal(Cox and JT III as QBs)

    I am just giving you 2 for now, if you need more let me know. I have other more important things to do right now.


  20. same ole same ole on the kick off coverage

    So the kick coverage team play has been poor. Again, no reason to think this can’t be fixed.

    too loyal(Cox and JT III as QBs)


    Who would play instead of Cox this year? Gray is even worse, and this lousy team isn’t worth wasting a year of Murray. And Stafford played the majority of 10 of 13 games his true freshman year (something that almost never happens in the SEC). And he struggled mightily early on while doing so.

    So that’s 0 reasons so far. Sure, let me know what others you have.


    • rbubp

      Texas_Dawg, at what point should KO and TO problems be expected to be fixed? You say they can be fixed. Well, it’s BEEN TWO WHOLE SEASONS NOW. When should we expect a resolution? Please contact Coach Richt for us and find out when he plans to get around to this.

      Texas_Dawg, Joe Cox is not very good. We did manage to steal him from Duke, though, so points for that, I guess. I personally have wanted to support Cox, but I must say that last night was the last straw. I don’t fault the coaching staff for playing him, and I don’t get down on individual players like some do, but I do fault the coaching staff for not getting someone better, because Cox has shown some major decision-making problems and has lost as many games as he has won. Play Logan Gray or Murray? No. Recruit better than JTIII or Joe Cox or Logan Gray? Yes. Please.


    • Texas Dawg, you take homerism to such an extreme that you actually sound like an anti-fan. Someone who supports everything bad about the program in order to perpetuate what is keeping it from being successful.

      “no reason to think this can’t be fixed.”

      Sure there is. They’ve had all season, and last season, to fix it and haven’t.

      “Who would play instead of Cox this year?”

      Someone who will actually be here next year, so we aren’t in the same situation next year with a newbie QB.


  21. keith

    Thanks rbubp, I couldn’t have answered better myself. I guess Texas will be fine if we fix it in 2 or 3 more years. Hey, at least it got fixed huh?