It’s gallows humor week!: part one in a series

I’m not sure I’ve got any better way of coping with how depressing the week leading up to Saturday night’s game against Tech is going to be other than indulging in gallows humor.

So in that spirit, let me start by getting your hopes up with this:  Georgia Tech is ranked 45th nationally in kickoff return yardage, a full nineteen slots lower than Kentucky.   Look for better coverage on squib kicks this week as a result.


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15 responses to “It’s gallows humor week!: part one in a series

  1. cookinandsmilin

    I’m guessing that they may be near the top of the ACC Coastal division, if not the best… Therefore, maybe we should just kick out of bounds, so we can pin them on their own forty every time!


  2. rbubp

    Are you sure that you aren’t calling for Richt’s job with that statement?


  3. D.N. Nation

    Is there any coaching staff in the country that bullsh*ts its fanbase as much as this one does? Even Weis gives logical answers, albeit misguided-due-to-hubris ones.

    Listening to Richt formulate This Week’s Excuse is like listening to Joe Morgan. I’m done with it.


  4. Dawg N Suds

    “Well, whether we squib kick will kinda depend on which way the wind is blowing, and probably on how many young guys we have lined up next to each other, and maybe on whether the ball is bouncing our way that night.”

    “I kinda hear Georgia Tech has probably the best return team we maybe have faced all year.”


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    All we can do is hope Coach Richt is tired of playing defense…after the game.

    And, as I have said before, hope is a dangerous thing.

    I am going back to my records and reading about the 1979 season….and hoping.

    What else can we do?


    • Dawg N Suds

      Unfortunately, there are not many parallels to the 1979 season other than we had a very slow start and had an inexplicable breakdown one day in the middle of the season.

      We had a QB controversy all the way to the 10th game and most of our problems were on offense.

      After the 1979 season, we replaced offensive coordinator Bill Pace with George Haffner and replaced defensive backs coach Jim Pyburn with Bill Lewis.

      Both were upgrades, and we were no longer distracted by having a coach’s son competing for the starting QB position.

      However, the two biggest differences between then and now is we already had strong motivators/disciplinarians on staff in Coach Dooley and Coach Russell, and, oh yeah, we had the greatest college football player ever in our 1980 freshman class.

      If we were to make the same type of transition, we will need to first hire leaders who can motivate and establish strong discipline.

      Second, we will need to go out and recruit a difference-maker or two in the freshman class.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I think we maybe already have the player you are talking about in A.J. Green, if he hasn’t been ruined by the experience of this year. He’s the best receiver in the nation and will be the best in UGA history by the time he leaves.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Has it occurred to anyone else that Mark Richt could just wash his hands of the whole thing and go do what his heart tells him to do?

    And never be exposed to idiots like me again?

    Katherine’s cancer is in remission, he is in the prime of his life, he is richer than even he could imagine.

    And he is, apparently, close to Tommy Tuberville, who did exactly the same thing last year.


    • Prov

      What? Take a year off and go around the country and study different programs in preperation for your next coaching job? Because that is what Tommy T. has been up to.


    • B Man

      I’ve thought the same thing Scorpio. I’ve analyzed every possible move that Richt could make — firing one or more coaches (please), keeping the whole staff intact (say it ain’t so), or simply leaving to go walk the Earth like Caine in Kung Fu. It won’t happen this time, as I think he’d want to coach about 8-10 more years, but then I could see him going off to do mission work. But really, he wouldn’t have to get much older or have much more in the bank to have what is termed “eff you” money, and hen that’s a possibility.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        There is another consideration, too. Here the guy has had all this success and the fan adoration, yet, the first time there is something less than what most would term a successful season, so many “fans” turn on him and the program. I could certainly see him saying GFY to everyone and spending more time with his family before the kids are grown or (heaven forbid) Kathryn’s cancer comes back. The big “C” makes you look at things a lot differently–trust me.


      • 69Dawg

        I have believed CMR is on a 4-5 year plan since I heard Kathryn had started nursing school. Most wife’s of men making 3 million a year are not looking for a career in nursing, I know I worked with a lot of nurses. This has to be as much about the mission hospital as it could be. She gets degree and she and CMR ride off into the sunset to do the work they really want to do. Hope we can hold it together until then.


  7. I feel that I have to point out that under Coach Richt , Georgia has had two dominating teams……and the 07 team really just beat a couple over rated teams. 10 win seasons are nice, but if your beating unranked teams and not winning the big games to get them……well, it kinda dampens the mood. Dominance requires dedication and discipline…Georgia football seems to be lacking both right now. I don’t know the answer, but what were doing right now simply isn’t getting it done.