Mumme Poll, Week 12

Rank Team Votes (top five)
1 Alabama 257     (256)
2 TCU 257     (249)
3 Texas 256     (252)
4 Florida 256     (251)
5 Cincinnati 256     (205)
6 Georgia Tech 253
7 Boise State 252
8 Oregon 250
9 Pittsburgh 231
10 Ohio State 231
11 Oklahoma State 142
12 Iowa 137
13 Penn State 75
14 Clemson 63
15 Virginia Tech 55
16 LSU 28
17 Oregon State 25
18 Mississippi 21
19 BYU 9
20 Utah 8
21 Miami 6
22 Houston 5
23 Stanford 4
24 North Carolina 3
24 Temple 3


  • Wow, we lost one-sixth of our voters from the previous week.  About 70% of those are Georgia followers.  Gee, I wonder what caused that?
  • No team appeared on all 258 ballots cast.
  • The farther we get along this season, the more consolidation there is for the top ten teams.
  • That being said, we still have 34 schools that received votes this week.
  • Only one team outside of the top ten received a top five nod:  Penn State.
  • Check out the love for 9-2 Temple.  I know it’s a MAC team, but considering the program only had ten wins in its three prior seasons combined, that’s one helluva job Al Golden’s doing this year.


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10 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 12

  1. rbubp

    Wow, I didn’t realize Temple had continued to win–I knew they started 5-2. That that Temple has a winning season at all is downright miraculous; if they are not the losingest Division 1 school in history must be close.

    Their last winning season was in 1990, and the one prior to that was 1979. Imagine: 3 winning seasons, now, in 40 years.


  2. NCT

    Oops. Time got away from me. It was only partly attributable to the post-game funk.


  3. SCDawg

    So one person does not think AL or TCU are top 12 teams, and two people think that about Texas, FL, and Cincy? I can see an argument, maybe, for one or more of those schools being outside the top five, but not out of the top 12. Weird.


  4. Ausdawg85

    What is the prize for winning this thing anyway?
    Hope it’s two tix to Shreveport.


  5. Thinking Bulldog

    I’m very sorry to have neglected to cast my ballot this week. The e-mail reminder (which is a great feature) got caught in the spam filter this week for some reason. For some, like me, getting everything together to get out of town and wrap up stuff at work caused it to totally slip my mind. Not that I’m not extremely disgruntled, mind you. In fact, I’m so disgruntled that I might be nongruntled, or at least agruntled.

    I’m not making the game Saturday because of travel. Fortunately I found a Georgia fan to take my tickets. I won’t have any Tech fans taking extra seats in our western stadium, even in current circumstances.


  6. Travis Fain

    So Florida got two more top 5 votes than TCU, but one less vote overall, and is therefore ranked two spaces below TCU.

    Please to be explaining that to my stupid brain.


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