SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Twelve

Aw, mom, do I really have to clean my room now?

In case you can’t guess, this isn’t a very fun exercise this week for a Georgia fan.

  1. Alabama. Whipped up on a cupcake.  Yawn.
  2. Florida. See Alabama.
  3. Ole Miss. Getting hot at season’s end again.  Think the Nuttster would like a mulligan on Dexter McCluster’s season?
  4. LSU. Les, Les, Les.  We used to think you were crazy like a fox.  Now we’re beginning to suspect that you’re dumb as a rock.
  5. Tennessee. It was a good week for Lane Kiffin:  his team becomes bowl eligible and his best freshman avoids criminal prosecution.  Sadly, that’s all it takes to make number five in the Power Poll.
  6. Auburn. Enjoy that bye week bounce while you can, fellas.
  7. Arkansas. Another home win.  Let’s see how they do in the finale on the road in Baton Rouge.
  8. South Carolina. Another bye week bounce, with the season wrap up against an energized Clemson looming.
  9. Kentucky. If the ‘Cats can get off the schneid against Tennessee, I’ll move ’em up a bunch.  Anyway you look at it, kudos to Rich Brooks for milking this team for everything it’s got.
  10. Georgia. So, how bad is it?  Bad enough that Mark Richt said he’d be grateful for an invite to Shreveport.  Ouch.
  11. Mississippi State. Can these guys stop Dexter McCluster?  Nah, I didn’t think so.
  12. Vanderbilt. At least the ‘Dores won’t lose this week.


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10 responses to “SEC Power Poll Ballot – Week Twelve

  1. Macallanlover

    Sorry, hard to take this poll serious so I presume it to be meant in humor, or just sarcasm/cynicsm. Georgia the number 10 team? Frustration can do strange things to the mind, but doesn’t seem to make one funny.


    • Flavor of the moment, I’m afraid.

      In my mind, the gap between 5-10 is very, very small right now. I imagine that the order will change rather drastically in the next PP.

      After watching the second half against UK, you can certainly argue that Georgia is far more talented than Kentucky. But that doesn’t translate into being the better team. This week, anyway.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “At least the ‘Dores won’t lose this week.”

    Is Vanderbilt not playing this week? I thought all SEC teams were supposed to have a game the weekend before the SECCG. Did they just exempt Vandy from that requirement because everyone knows the SECCG is something that Vandy will never participate in?


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If LSU loses to Arky, particularly if Les Miles does something stupid during the game, ol’ Les may be in trouble. Arkansas has a pretty good team right now that has gotten better as the season has progressed. From what has been printed people in La. are pretty pissed at Les right now. If he can survive 1 more season he can probably slink out of town in the middle of the night and catch a train to Ann Arbor next year, though.


  4. reipar

    No doubt UGA is bad this year, but talk about your knee jerk reactions. How can you beat the number 6, 7, and 8 teams and still be ranked below them at 10. Step back from the ledge and realize while we sux there is no justification for that ranking against the teams we have actually beat head to head.

    Just another example of under blown/over blown fans.


    • Two weeks ago I caught crap for ranking Georgia too high. Geez, there’s no pleasing you guys, is there? 😉

      It’s a power poll. Resumes matter to some extent, but the here and now matters more. And in the here and now there are two things working heavily against Georgia’s favor. First of all, as Hale confirms, their heads are not in a good place right now. Secondly, their best player is out. So, do I recognize that Georgia’s beaten some of the teams I rank higher this week? Sure – I’m just not convinced they could do it this Saturday.

      But, again, as I’ve already said, the gap between #s 5 and 10 is exceedingly small. Smaller than the gap between #4 and #5, as well as the gap between #10 and #11. You could put those six schools’ names in a hat, shake ’em out into whatever order you get and I doubt I’d argue too much about it.

      In other words, don’t get too worked up about it.