Tech Week: first random “key to the game” thought

Georgia is going to have to play a perfect game Saturday night.

Not because Georgia Tech is so superior in every phase of the game (which is not the same thing as saying Tech isn’t a good team) that the Dawgs don’t stand a chance otherwise, but because the Georgia team psyche is so fragile that I expect it to crumble to bits at the first sign of adversity.   Take the Kentucky second half and substitute the nation’s twelfth best offense (UK’s at #87) and you’ve got the potential for some very ugly football if you’re a Georgia fan.

I keep talking about a crisis of confidence – that the coaches lack faith in the players’ ability to execute and the players lack faith in what they’re being asked to do by the coaches.  Here’s a quote from Mike Bobo about Joe Cox that’s a perfect illustration of that:

“Going into this season, he was a very accurate passer, knows his progressions,” Bobo said. “But a lot has to do with not trusting it, worrying about making the mistake, and then we’re making mistakes…” [Emphasis added.]

There are a lot more people in the program than Joe who are guilty of that exact mindset.  And that, more than anything else, is what’s going to make Saturday night’s task so tough.


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38 responses to “Tech Week: first random “key to the game” thought

  1. the tri guy

    The key to the game to me is simple: STAY ON YOUR FEET!! Tech’s Nerdbone offense requires so many cut blocks on the perimeter and chop blocks on the inside to spring big plays that if we just stay on our feet, we can at least contain the big play.

    If we have to get off the ground to make a tackle, expect a million broken arm tackles and big runs.

    Also, we have to have learned from last year that you don’t stop the dive, then the keep, then the pitch. You stop the dive, then the pitch, and FORCE the QB to keep it every single time. Eventually he fumble or get tired of being hit and make a sloppy pitch.


  2. Joe B.

    I think we should just go with a 5 man front, starting Owens, Atkins, Weston and just dominate them in the middle, taking the dive away.

    We *should* have enough speed to contain on the edges, but I have been fooled often with this team.

    As far as the lack of confidence, I just go back to that deep bomb to Israel Troupe. Obviously, Troupe is a more than adequate WR, but our coaches are afraid to go to him. Why? Would we have ever thrown him the ball if the coaches did not know that AJ was out of the game? NO. Why not? The kid can play, so let him play.

    Our coaches are total failures over the last two years, no way around it. CMR must make sweeping changes if he wants to keep his job.


  3. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    It seems to me that over the last 2 years we have this mindset of playing not to lose rather than playing to win. I thought this was cured first when CMR gave up play calling. The idea then that he’d call a more conservative game since not only was the play calling on him if we lost but that obviously the win/loss was on him too. He could be more loose in his decisions – play to win rather than not to lose it. Then finally in 07 with the Celebration and Blackout, asserting our will on other teams, playing to win rather than playing not to lose.

    But we’ve seen in the last 2 years, whether it was scaling back practice in 08 or this season, the refusal to give younger players meaningful playing time in a game because the coaches are afraid they’ll make a mistake (see Marlon Brown, Logan Gray as QB and apparently Rambo since Evans continues to play), it seems we’ve reverted back to the playing not to lose.

    Until we get that assertive attitude back, we’ll get by on talent alone. But that means continuing to lose to well coached/equal talent teams (UF, LSU, Alabama), playing close to equal talent teams (AU, SC, Ark) and barely beating or losing to lower level teams (UK).


  4. Oviedo Dawg

    The interior D line will do their job and stuff the dive; so the key will be can the corners get off a block and stop the run plays on the outside. Boykin can probably do a pretty good job; however, Miller is the softest I’ve ever seen. He hasn’t gotten off a block all year. Tech will eat him alive. Our offense will score; but they’ll feed off of Prince Miller all night long.
    I can’t wait to see Evans, Miller and Jones leave. They’re all very talented; but they just haven’t been coached properly IMO.

    Dawgs win a close one!!!!


    • Hackerdog

      Miller has played fairly well in the last two games. He was our best defender against UK’s screens. It may be too much to ask for three strong games in a row, but I’m encouraged by his last two.


  5. the tri guy

    That’s true, although Cuff looks pretty physical to me, so maybe we can play him across from Boykin. I do like the idea of a 5 man line, but the problem is what 6 do you play behind them? Do you go with 3 DB’s and 3 LB, or do you go with 4 DB’s and 2 LB’s?


  6. Mike Bobo

    I can’t speak for Willie, but my offense is ready:

    1st down…throw bomb for 1 in 20 success. I think AJ is on the field every play, right?

    2nd down…dive play from I-formation. Be sure Joe keeps his feet in position to execute run play.

    3rd & long…Lot’s of choices: Throw poorly over middle, throw into 3-man coverage deep, or my favorite, have Joe throw to most wide-open player just beyond line of scrimmage where “shorty” can’t see anyway….even if that player is an LB.

    If 4th down happens, have Drew kick it 50 yards, and coverage team set-up 10 yards beyond line of scrimmage to stop them after 40 yard return…maybe. (Hey, that’s Fabris’ problem anyway, not mine.)


    • Willie Martinez

      Thanks Mike. We’re ready too. Soft zone cover 2 should keep everything in front of us all the way down the field and into our endzone.


      • Kevin "Cool Breeze" Ramsey

        Even I think that’s a pretty terrible defensive philosophy.
        Why not just throw easily-picked up blitzes at them down-after-down?


        • Joe Kines






    • Jon Fabris

      I’m coaching special teams?


      • Your Friend Mark

        Okay, guys since most of you are slacking off here rather than somewhere else, let’s have a quickie meeting of this week’s coaching staff meeting.

        Firstly, yes, Jon you are still a coach here. Put your hand down and place both hands face down on the table until I tell you otherwise. Yes, I tried to get Stoopsie to take you back to Oklahoma but he said no, you runnoft from him oncest already and he’s having enough problems as it is without you jumping on the dogpile that he’s under.

        Nextly, oh no, Willie, thank you! You know that last one against Rich Brooks wasn’t your fault. Let’s plan on another Loyalty Hug in Bobby Dodd right in front of CPJ after we kick his sorry tail and hold the insects to less than 500 rushing.

        Lastly, Mike, Mike, Mike…What can I say?

        That’s right, nothing. Take this and use it as a practice ball for Joe this week and learn him how not to throw it to the defense, learn him some ballet moves so all the dumbasses outside the arena who are sitting inside the arena and the dozen of so dumbass stragglers who are still watching us on TV stop yelling out the plays before the ball’s snapped to Joe because of where the heck his good golly feet are and how he does his hand jive. Give him this to use while he is practicing his moves. I know it’s not as big as a football but it may help his hand-eye coordination…


      • Your Friend Mark


        Probably just the kickoff team.

        Maybe for this week’s clusterkick, we can probably have Blair kinda kick it straight on, like Mark Moseley of the Redskins.

        Maybe this would give our young guys more time to kinda line up next to each other out of the cluster to probably have more time to kinda break down at 45 yard line to probably make the tackle.

        Now maybe if there is some wind and the ball is kinda bouncing our way, we can probably kick it deep to the corner and maybe it will bounce out of bounds so they can kinda get the ball at the 40.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Coach, with all due respect, I’d like to see a delayed draw on 3rd and long. This will eventually catch a Defense flat footed and will get the first down, though it hasn’t yet this season.


      • Your Friend Mark


        It is kinda important to maintain balance in your offense to probably keep the opponent off balance, at least those defenders who are maybe not reading the feet or arm motions of our quarterback or the stance of our linemen.

        If the delayed draw maybe comes up on our balance play sheet again on a 3rd and long situation, you can probably see it kinda work this season.


        • Mike Bobo


          This micromanaging thing you are into every time after the first few days after each loss kind of spoils the family vibe for me if you know what I mean.


          • Your Friend Mark


            Kinda sounds like we probably need another trip to the bowling alley or maybe the pool.


            • Mike Bobo

              With all due respect, we are kind of tired of seeing you fall backwards off high platform. I mean, yeah, you’re from Boca and everything but….However, we would really enjoy bowling again but only if we could do it like they do it in the Big Lebowski where bowling has some meaning.


  7. Farsider

    The key for the Dawgs is to make sure they get their points and maximize their opportunities. With a week off, I predict Tech will come out a bit flat to start. We’ll have an opportunity to get ahead and make the Engineers come from behind. Defensively, the key is stopping the big play. I expect our d-line will have some success disrupting the mesh of the option. Then its up to the perimeter guys and the LBs.


  8. bullydawgy

    This team does show resilience. Look at our come from behind wins this season. I for one did not leave the last game early. Until the last pick I believed we could pull it out. I just hope we never see that cursed combination of bad play/ luck/ decision making ever again! We have to put it behind us emotionally, as a team and as fans. LSU and Miami have shown what you need to do defensively to stop the Jackets. Can the Dawgs do it? What were the key points to those games (LSU and Miami)? How do we compare to those teams? What other factors led to the those defeats for the Jackets? What happened in the Wake Forest game this year, too?


  9. Bryan Evans

    It’s your last time seeing me in a regular season game, Dawgs! Gonna miss me?

    I’ve received about a hundred invitation requests for my graduation…from people I don’t even know! Why is that, anyway?


  10. NebraskaDawg

    No matter what happens at Tech (or in whatever crappy bowl we’re in), Richt deserves the opportunity to right the ship after turning this program around when he first got here. Martinez and Fabris must go. Bobo should get another year. If the Dawgs look the exact same next year as this year, then Richt needs to go.


  11. dboy

    If anyone watched the GT – Miami game you know the key to stopping GT is HAVING PEOPLE IN THE TECH BACKFIELD ALL DAY LONG. I know Tech has improved since then but UM lived in the GT backfield and it really threw them off. The worst thing you can do to this type of offense is wait and react because a defender can wait to see where the play is going and then realize that they are perfectly blocked from the runner as he makes his way to the endzone. The time you lose watching the play develop give the offensive blockers time to get in position to take you out of the play. Patience and assignments are important too but you have to disrupt them. Disruption of the offensive philosophy is not something that Willie has not preached as DC but maybe he can break it out for GT.


  12. B Man

    To my recollection, Miami’s d-line shoved Tech around up front. The interior linemen especially were shoving the Tech guards into the backfield almost immediately. That requires defensive linemen getting off the ball faster than the o-line an a consistent basis. Can Georgia do it? I wish, but I’m doubtful. When Miami did it, there seemed to be two purposes served: first, it nullifies the dive play (option one), and two, it disrupts Nesbitt’s rhythm on how he wants to get options two and three started. He has to step around one of his guards and he starts running the option from a deeper spot in the backfield.

    From inside the arena, I’m sure it looks different.


  13. Damn it!

    Both Clemson and Miami penetrated into the backfield and not only disrupted the flow and timing but they hit Nesbitt and Dwyer hard every play. By the 4th quarter both of them were beat. The DB’S. must stay with the recievers close or Tech will pull a surprise and burn us! Hard physical football on defense, long time consuming drives on offense and we win the game! Get through this game and (whatever bowl we go to) make some smart coaching changes and get the hell back on track!! We are still behind you but please no more lame excuses!!


  14. Section Z alum

    in a sign of my despair, i’m looking forward to watching the hoop dawgs on tv tonight, in hopes that our basketball team might make me feel better than our football team.


    • B Man

      “in a sign of my despair, i’m looking forward to watching the hoop dawgs on tv tonight, in hopes that our basketball team might make me feel better than our football team.”

      the sporting equivalent to using methadone to overcome heroin addiction