Tuesday morning buffet

The sun will rise, Georgia is only a seven point underdog against Tech (huh?) and breakfast is served.


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20 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Will Q

    Re: the Ole Miss recruits, they were probably black liberal sodomites, anyway.


  2. keith

    As if some fans weren’t getting drunk enough by bringing in their own alcohol. Driving home is already perilous enough. I love to drink beer but I have a buddy who doesn’t drink who loves him some DAWGS and I sell him one of my season tickets for half of whatever the going rate is for a game. Too bad more people don’t think this way.


  3. Dog in Fla

    “It just gets better and better in South Bend, doesn’t it?” Yes and some things that would make the ‘sucker-punch’ (has there ever been a jock hit in the face whose publicist does not call it a ‘sucker punch’?) article even better than it already is would be if it included:

    (i) Jimmy had a slap fight with a member of the St. Mary’s College Glee Club while he was trying to order (a) a small near beer, (b) an apple-flavored martini, (c) Absolut (any except for this one http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r89/susynobre/Absolut_Vodka.jpg) or (d) an Irish coffee.

    If the answer is (c), he’s a late Dan Marino-like first rounder because the NFL likes the tough-guy leader-types just like our #1 guy from last year. If the answer is not (c), Jimmy does not come out early and returns for his senior year at Notre Dame to learn how to be more manly, and

    (ii) Who was Jimmy with, was that person a wingman or his stylist, and/or who was he trying to hook up with?

    (a) Charlie (not a make-up kind of thing but a good-bye kind of thing), (b) the one good looking Notre Dame co-ed and her roomie, (c) a townie and her girlfriend from the south side of Chicago or (d) teammates/posse.

    If the answer is (b) or (c), or any combination of (b) and (c) or better yet (b) + (c) [also known as the “quadratic equation plus one” in the Wonderlick] together again for the first time, he’s NFL eligible to come out early for the draft because the NFL likes the tough-guy leader-types who always prefer multiple chicks over guy(s).


  4. erik

    You’re suggesting I feel “sympathy,” for Houston Nutt? Are you kidding me. He knew what he was getting in bed with when he signed up for the gig. Their mascot = The Rebel. In 2003 they finally got rid of Colonel Rebel. I should remind you they created the mascot in 1978. Also, Ole Miss isn’t that far removed from banning Confederate Flags from the stadium, roughly 10 years ago. The fact that it took till 1998 to realize the flags were a bad idea, till 2003 to realize the mascot was a bad idea and 2009 to realize the fight song was, again a bad idea just goes to show how far behind the school is in their thinking. So I’ll pass on the sympathy for Houston Nutt. The evidence for what the school is all about was quite evident when he signed his contract.

    What Nutt should realize is that he has an opportunity to push the school in a better direction in continuing to speak up about how Mississippi’s approach to their idea of southern heratige could be something that keeps recruits away in the future.

    When the Klan is tailgating and students are parading their bigoted views on youtube don’t be shocked when players go elsewhere.


    • Um… what triggered the KKK showing up this past weekend?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        As I understand it, the march was called by the KKK due to the Ole Miss administration’s proposed elimination of the words, “and the South will rise again” from the Ole Miss fight song. The proposal was to replace those words with”to hell with LSU” (sound familiar?) but that was unsatisfactory to some.


      • erik

        The Klan showed up due to the school’s removal of the fight song which lead to a fair number of students and alumni getting bent out of shape over. The Klan came by to offer their encouragement and support to the likes of Michael Hudec who cant figure out the school is years behind in separating themselves from these issues.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Erik is correct and his answer is more accurate. When the students and the fans indicated a refusal to accept the new words (which were to be chanted at the end of the song in place of the old words) the Ole Miss administration then instructed the band director not to play the song anymore. That prompted the KKK demonstration.


        • Which means the school was pushing things in the right direction, doesn’t it? And Nutt backed the move. So, yeah, I feel some sympathy…


  5. dboy

    Senator, I was thinking back on the UGA 2-3 year slide yesterday. I have 2 comments / rhetorical questions:

    1) I think that there is no question there is a correlation to our teams decline since BVG left and Bobo took over the play calling duties. We have two new coordinators trying to learn their craft on the national stage with our players/team. This is in contrast to the organic style of learning to be a coordinator at smaller schools and moving up when you have success. This is on Richt as it was his decision to basically hire unproven rookie coaches to make their mistakes with his team. I think Willie is ineffective. Bobo has shown potential but has had issues as well… so many turnovers and the all too frequent offensive collapses for an entire halves (UK this year,UT, ALA last year, FL last year) even with Stafford/ Moreno /Massaquoi we just dissapeared for entire halves. Really amazing.

    2) Maybe you know where this quote can be found but Richt was quoted after the UF 2007 dancing in the endzone game as saying that he decided to let up on his team discipline and let the players have fun / show more emotion. He said that he used to even make the players sit together by unit/ team on the bench and stay in certain areas. Since that game and let up on the heavy rules enforcement, we have seen the Auburn blackout with dancing on the sidelines, jumping around on the sidelines during all of our games to music, multiple jersy color schemes etc. I wonder if this correlates with the spike in turnovers, late hits, peronal fouls in general, increased scrutiny from refs during our games, increased TURNOVERS and general lack of discipline that seems to surround the program now.

    Maybe college football players need that strict discipline in all aspects of life to translate into disciplined success on the field… like an army. Has Richt given that up and is now paying the price? Does Myer / Saban have on the field dancing / jersey color changes to motivate “up the juice” of his players. Just a thought


    • Dog in Fla

      dboy, i am not a Senator but would be willing to try to play one, especially one like Orrin Hatch because he’s such a wild man, but through the osmosis of the Senator’s teachings i have learned that whenever you think anything about Nick, the rhetorical rule of the first thumb is that Nick doesn’t have time for sh!t like that no matter what it is you are thinking about. Mal Moore does though…


      And for what it’s worth under the category of Things Your Coach Says, which apparently is not much, here’s an excerpt from some article done by someone about Mark after we defeated South Carolina in 2006:

      “Despite rumors that the Bulldogs might change uniform designs for key SEC matchups with Tennessee and Florida, Richt said that Georgia will never switch from the famous ’silver britches’.

      “We can’t change uniforms for different teams,” Richt said. “If you wear a unique jersey for one team, but not another, that pumps the opposing team. It tells them that their game isn’t a ‘big game’, when every game should be a big game for us. So I’m not in favor of changing uniform designs. I want us to be known for our silver britches. When people mention Georgia, I want them to think of us as the team that wears those silver britches.”

      Posted by on September 12, 2006 09:36 PM

      But note that he didn’t say anything about the tops or the headgear.


    • D.N. Nation

      and Bobo took over the play calling duties.

      I see this quote everywhere, and I don’t get it. Bobo as playcaller >>>>>>> Richt as playcaller. If it weren’t for some stellar defenses, we’d view the offense from the Good Years with a little bit clearer focus.

      As in, it sucked. I, for one, don’t regret not seeing a gazillion FG attempts with the team up 3 (or 10), knowing exactly what that entailed.

      Throw Willie under the bus, and say that you aren’t getting what you want out of Bobo, but to say we’ve significantly *downgraded* in offensive playcalling the last few years is ridiculous. Doesn’t anyone even attempt to remember how our offense looked in 2003, for example?


      • Will Q

        You’re right, D.N. There are definitely some rose-colored glasses on some fans with regard to Richt’s play-calling. On the Internet, at least, there was a lot of excitement and even relief at the end of 2006 when Richt began handing over play-calling to Bobo.


        • NRBQ


          If ever there was any evidence of “lack of fire, killer instinct” etc., it was typified by the CMR-run offense.

          Many a game, I remember thinking, “We’re better than this team. Can’t we just kick the shit out of them and go home?”

          FWIW, UGA still adheres strictly to his philosophy of opting to kick-off when winning the coin flip. Since no other coach does this, Georgia always gives the opponent the first chance to score.


  6. Buhhh

    Wouldn’t Tenuta @ Notre Dame be a good choice? He definitely will be looking for work soon.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      There are those that do not think Tenuta is as good as his hype. I am not one of them, however. I believe he would be an excellent hire. That said, how many times did Tech beat UGA when he was DC at Tech? My recollection is 0. His philosophy on D is lots of blitzing and stunts. I am not sure how well that matches CMR’s overall football philosophy. He does seem to be an obvious choice, though, and he would definitely be an upgrade, imo.


      • Hackerdog

        Hasn’t Notre Dame’s defense been the problem during the Weis era? This year they’re 56th in scoring defense and 80th in total defense. That while playing a schedule much easier than any UGA could devise. I think the bloom is off Tenuta’s rose.


        • Dawg N Suds


          It was Tenuta who gave us 51-7.

          The fans would see the déjà vu of swapping out Joe Kines for Kevin Ramsey.