What is the antonym for “synergy”?

This is awesome:

The only thing better for Blair Walsh and Drew Butler than wrapping up their seasons with national awards would be doing it together.

They’ll get a chance to do just that next month, as Butler was named a finalist for the Ray Guy Award, given annually to the nation’s top punter, and Walsh earned a nod as a finalist for the Lou Groza Award for the country’s best place-kicker.

I wonder how often that’s happened before.  Kudos to both gentlemen for their great seasons.

And the best part is how much each has meant to Georgia’s special teams on kickoffs and punts, where the Dawgs have enjoyed spectacular… wait a minute…

Georgia is 88th in the nation in punt return yardage defense.

Georgia is 119th in the nation in kick return yardage defense.

That’s not easy to do.  As I said the other night, you’ve almost got to work your coverage teams at being that bad with kicking talent that stellar.


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17 responses to “What is the antonym for “synergy”?

  1. Chris

    It would honestly be the most fitting tribute to this season if they were able to sweep the awards.


  2. baltimore dawg

    it says something about walsh’s mental toughness that kickoffs haven’t psychologically destroyed his ability to put the ball through the goalposts.

    maybe that’s what fabris has been after all this time: “i must break blair walsh! he must submit to be challenged!”


  3. Dog in Fla

    “you’ve almost got to work your coverage teams at being that bad with kicking talent [Blair Walsh and Bret Butler, the best two kickers] that stellar.”

    “Leave Mark Alone and Play Misty for Me”

    The Honorable Senator Blutarsky (played by two guys because one is just not enough in a remarkable Roger Rabbit split-screen role performance by tough guy Leonardo DeCaprio and I’m ***king Matt Damon with true Southie accent coaching by true freshman Artie Lynch) receives mysterious, harassing and threatening calls over his cell phones one of which he keeps ketchup on telling the Senator to leave Mark (a voice-over by Britney in a stunning no-screen no hot-pants role performance) alone…

    The suspected M.O. behind the calls is that just because Mark (Britney) recruits a #1, a #12, a second-rounder who is the leading receiver with the Browns, and this year and next has not only Blair Walsh, the best field goal kicker in the nation, but also legacy Bret Butler, the best punter in the nation, some malcontents who have for years been standing behind the Georgia program as if we were Chuck Norris guarding preacher Mike Huckabee

    yet still wonder why Mark could not have won a SEC East title with that raw talent (actually, we really know already). What those malcontents fail to realize is that they are being repeatedly kicked in the nuts (we know that too) and if Mark hadn’t recruited those guys we wouldn’t have won the SEC East anyway, so what (yada yada)?

    Besides we are blessed and proud to be able to go to the bowl f/k/a the Poulan Weedeater in Shreveport which is so far north in Louisiana that it doesn’t even feel like Louisiana anyway. It feels like Texarkana which feels just like its sister city, Shreveport, without the smoke and heavy industrial manufacturing plant facilities.

    Now for today’s what to do in Shreveport when you’re dead travel tip for Georgia fans…


    oops, that’s a New Orleans travel tip and should be directed to Alabama fans going to the Sugar Bowl.


  4. Oviedo Dawg

    Butler seems to outkick his coverage which gives the return man a big advantage. If you watch the punter from UF, he kicks the ball so high there’s never a return. I don’t know if he had a single return yard last year. I would rather see Butler kick it much higher and see more fair catches.

    Walsh’s coverage team is just pitiful. The first two guys downfield NEVER make a tackle; and that gives the return man a head of steam. Whoever is coaching them should be fired.


  5. “According to Kaplan, Clausen has two black eyes…”
    “Down goes Jimmy? Clausen ‘sucker-punched’ outside South Bend bar” – By Matt Hinton

    What do you tell a Clausen with two black eyes?

    Nothing. You already told him twice.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “You know what it means when your punter leads the nation?” the man asked the boy who had, just moments ago, found something to cling to after losing to Tech for eight straight years.

    “No, Coach, what does it mean?” the boy asked.

    “It means,” said the man, patting the boy on the head gently, “that your offense is terrible”


  7. sUGArdaddy

    Scorpio, I understand the attempt at humor, but you do know that the 2 are not related, right? Every team punts. To lead the nation in punting simply means you punt it farther every time you punt it. The Florida kicker is also a finalist, by the way. Just a clarification.


  8. Mark Richt

    I pledge to go to Poland, if I have to, to find a kicker that can do a better job than the Groza finalist we currently have.


  9. Terry in Commerce

    Actually, Scorpio, our opponents have punted it 13 more times than we have.


  10. Bob Davie

    You’re right Terry,

    You don’t….get….an opportunity…to punt….the football…when you turn…the ball…over.


    • Willie

      Hey, Bob Davie! Glad to have you aboard this afternoon. Say something nice about me again because I’m not in the dunk tank this week. Think the Irish will come back to you for a second drink of water?


      • Bob Davie


        No…problem…my friend.

        You know…I never…call out…another…coach.

        Jim Donnan…and I…have a bet…on which one of us…gets…that second drink…first.

        50 bucks…says…Notre Dame…calls before…Georgia.


        • Knute Rockne

          Whadaya mean with dat wisecrack wiseacre? Donnan is my #1 pick for da Irish. Ya lose Davie. He’ll get da call from da Golden Dome before ya ever get a call from Athens.


  11. Mark Jones


    Georgia leads the league in penalties and penalty yardage and is top five in the nation in both categories.

    Think of all the extra field this has given Drew Butler and Blair Walsh to kick.

    There is great synergy at work here for the Bulldogs.


    • Bob Davie

      Remember, I do the punch lines and the complicated words. You play straight man to me. Why? Because I have been in the arena and have been run out of the arena, that’s why.


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Obviously, only those who have been in the arena can understand my comment.

    (P.S. I took PR courses in Charlotte, and in Miami)