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Progress, of a sort

At least he’s realized who’s not to blame for Georgia’s kickoff woes this season:

Asked about the Dogs’ troubles with kickoffs, Richt said that Blair Walsh has been doing a “stellar” job of kicking off, but “we just haven’t been covering good” this year.

Baby steps, people.  Next thing you know, he’ll be questioning why they directionally kick so much.



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Score one for the intertubes.

David Hale asks Mike Bobo the question that’s been on the minds of many this week.

Will writes: David, is there any way you could bring up the point the Senator pointed out on his blog recently about Cox’s footwork tipping off opponents to the coaches? I just don’t know how else to get that to them. If we, as fans, can see this (and confirm it in numerous game film examples from this season) it can’t have slipped past other defensive coordinators.

David: We all owe a big tip ‘o the cap to The Dawgfather, who noticed this well before most people… including Mike Bobo apparently. But even Bobo now admits… it’s true!

“We did go back and look at it and it was more so in the Kentucky game,” Bobo said. “It was not every play of pass-run, but there was definitely more of a stagger this past week, and that’s something we’ve got to work to correct.”

My follow up: So you hand’t seen this before the Kentucky game?

“No,” Bobo said. “We usually have a stagger, and he had gotten a little more square on certain plays.”

Should we be happy that at least they’re going to work on it this week, or PO’d that it took a poster on a message board to bring it to their attention in the first place?  A little of both, I suppose.


UPDATE: From Hale’s live blog today –

… I’ll say this, when I posed the question about Cox’s tells to Bobo, he didn’t even let me finish the question before he answered. He obviously was aware of what I was talking about without me needing to explain it to him. That tells me that either a.) they noticed it before or b.) he’s been reading Senator Blutarsky and the Dawg Run message board.

You tell me – which do you think?


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In the end, it’s always about the money.

More tales from a weak economy:

At the University of Maryland, Ralph Friedgen may keep his job after a 2-9 record in 2009 that will mark his fourth losing season in the last six years because the school simply may not be able to afford to pay his buyout if he’s fired.  That’s a novel way to ensure job security for a head coach.

And in the big picture, the Wiz speculates that money pressure ultimately may cause the American secondary school structure to go the way of the buggy whip and newspaper.

Enjoy betting on college sports while you can because within 10 to 20 years, entities such as the Florida State Seminoles, Penn State Nittany Lions and Washington Huskies will have gone the way of newspapers.

Higher education as we know it is poised to undergo a transformation that will render the brick-and-mortar university a thing of the past. With it will go sports teams.

The force behind this change, of course, is the Internet.

10 to 20 years?  That’s bad news for playoff proponents, if true.  By the time they’ll have gotten rid of the BCS, the whole shootin’ match will have faded into the sunset.


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Because a “circumcision-out” would be too awkward.

At Florida, they’re planning a very special black-out for the GPOOE™’s last home game.


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It’s gallows humor week!, part the third.

A lot is being made of the fact that Tech is at home this week, coming off a bye week during which the Jackets have had time to get rested and ready for the big rivalry game.  Yeah, well, how did that work out last year?

Just sayin’.

On the other hand, I admit that the idea of Josh Nesbitt finding Demaryius Thomas in single coverage with Bryan Evans leaves me a trifle glum, going by this.  Although you’d have to say that, based on the UK game, at least Evans knows the value of a timely pass interference penalty.


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