Because a “circumcision-out” would be too awkward.

At Florida, they’re planning a very special black-out for the GPOOE™’s last home game.



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12 responses to “Because a “circumcision-out” would be too awkward.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    First 5,000 jort wearing Gator fans with purity rings get in free.


  2. JasonC

    I don’t know if anyone here has done the Navigators’ 2:7 program, but at least 4 of those verses are from the scripture memorization list.


  3. NCT

    Thank God someone has compiled a list of the verses Tebow used. Laugh all you want, but there’s someone out there in a Florida swamp in his jeans shorts living off of the Everglades version of locusts and honey devising an entirely new Tebowist movement, creating an edited Bible consisting solely of those verses deemed by Tim to be worthy of emphasis in his makeup.


  4. Largemouth Dawg

    Philistines 4:13… what does that verse say? And is that book in the old or new testament?


    • JasonC

      Philippians 4:13 to paraphrase is “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” Often used out of context.


      • JasonC

        Oh, and New


        • Benny Profane

          Philistines 4:13 states:” Ask not what platitudes and false pride can do for your team but, rather, engage in self-aggrandizing behavior before the multitudes in an arena and ye shall be rewarded with with unjustified adulation. Fear not, for you will not be exposed as a charlatan until the NFL, when then all will then see you for the truth, as over-hyped and lacking of talent.”


  5. SRQDawgs15

    This and the special unis…………where is Ryan Stamper when you need him? FAKE JUICE!!!


  6. Laurence

    As long as your team is as pathetic as it currently is, Georgia fans should say not one word about Florida. You are in no position to even be attempting to make fun of us. You can’t even make fun of Kentucky right now. Just shut up and go hide under a rock.

    One more thing….Georgia Tech will embarrass you….again.


    • Dog in Fla

      Laurence, Laurence, Laurence, were that the rule we could not have been making fun of the Go Gator since the late’80’s or something like that and that’s a clear violation of our right to ridicule.

      And since when is beating someone a prereq to ridiculing them? It’s not our fault that you get to beat two FSU’s each year.

      No one listens to us, except maybe Bobo and you I guess. Not only will we not voluntarily quit, we refuse to stop. We shall continue with our bitching and moaning.

      But don’t go getting the idea that we think UF is anything more than Corrine Brown short-bus special. We don’t. We are equal opportunity, just like the Go Gator. So don’t tread on us to and try to chomp on our virtual anonymous right to bitch and moan about anybody, anywhere, anything, anytime.

      Sometimes depending on whether Lane is attending player arraignments or checking weapons for inspection, what sh!t Little Nickie doesn’t have time for such as Utah and Orrin Hatch, The Hat – Wanted Dead or Alive, Bust-a-Big-Nutt, Bobby He Hate Me Petrino, Rich the Hard Ass, Steve Martin, Moon Mullins, CP Are You That Stupid J, Spurrier in Exile and the Chiz are doing or not doing, UF, its uber-super-fun coach and our very own super-fun coaching staff is all we have left to complain about.

      Don’t get me wrong. That’s more than three bushel baskets full of monkeys in and of themselves. But be warned that no human or beast or you shall ever be able to take those monkeys away from us.


  7. Dog I believe that is the most concise post I have ever read from you. Although somewhat disturbing in a narrow sense, good job. Just don’t eff around and lose your mojo over some mud sucking, swamp crawling troll.