It’s gallows humor week!, part the third.

A lot is being made of the fact that Tech is at home this week, coming off a bye week during which the Jackets have had time to get rested and ready for the big rivalry game.  Yeah, well, how did that work out last year?

Just sayin’.

On the other hand, I admit that the idea of Josh Nesbitt finding Demaryius Thomas in single coverage with Bryan Evans leaves me a trifle glum, going by this.  Although you’d have to say that, based on the UK game, at least Evans knows the value of a timely pass interference penalty.


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7 responses to “It’s gallows humor week!, part the third.

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Evans is so bad, sometimes I wonder if he has money riding on the game.


  2. Bob

    The funniest part of that pass interference penalty on Evans was that he truly believed it was good defense. Too often, a DB knows he’s been caught and is submissive about the penalty – see Miller, Princess.

    But, after he got flagged in the End Zone, Evans put on the most aggrieved defense of a flagrant PI that I’ve ever seen a Georgia DB embark on. He went so far as to motion to the ref to watch his mugging on the jumbotron. For all I know, when he saw the replay, he still thought it was good D because that’s probably how Willie taught him to play.

    It’s a disgrace, and as bad as I think Evans is, I think it’s more about the people charged with evaluating and developing his talent. To that point, all you need to do is examine the colossal failures of this staff to identify the correct use for Kiante Tripp, Logan Grey, Carlton Thomas, Israel Troupe, Richard Samuel, etc.

    By the way, whatever happened to Carlton Thomas? One fumble, on a good hit between the tackles? Seriously..? If you haven’t seen his HS YouTube highlights, go watch and see how a kickoff is returned. But beyond that, I have a tough time believing he doesn’t belong on the field a lot more than he’s playing right now.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I have sat by and said nothing for a long time, but I am truly disgusted by grown men taking potshots at 20 year old kids.

    And now, one of us, (you?) is making the veiled suggestion one of these kids we applauded for signing with Georgia is gambling on games.

    Even if it is meant in jest, it ain’t funny.

    Coaches may be fair game, they get paid, and that’s part of the cost of doing business.

    If we are reduced to judging Joe Cox or Bryan Evans as incompetent to explain our collective disgust with the way this season has gone, then we are in dire straits, indeed.

    I do realize that Mark Richt is prone to blame players individually when bad things happen, which I disagree with, and maybe this is where the trend got started.

    But I think it is wrong for Richt to do it because it is a poor reflection on the people who are teaching the kids how to play, but it is doubly wrong for us as fans to publicly throw these kids under the bus.

    I remember the vaunted Thomas Davis, now a grown man and a millionaire, so more fair game than someone still in school, getting his shorts turned inside out by more than one receiver in his time at Georgia, and the same holds true for Greg Blue.

    Yet these people are heroes…why, cause the teams they were on won.

    I am frustrated, you are frustrated, but for God’s sake stop publicly excoriating the kids who are out there working their butts off trying to please us.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    I’m completely frustrated w/ Evans, but the irritation should be directed at the coaches. He can’t help that he’s not as good as TD & Blue, much less Keilan and Tra.

    Its inexplicable that a guy who was beat out at corner by Prince Miller last yr is our starting Safety, all season. Especially when he consistently makes bad decisions and people subbing for him seem to play better.


    • ScooBoo

      Well, one thing is for sure, Evans has been able to grow his “dreads” out quite nicely since he has been at UGA. I saw a clip from the 2006 UGA/GT game and they were just little nubs sticking out from the back of his helmet.