Red and Black Friday

When it comes to the Dawgs, it looks like many have quickly moved on from thankful mode to gloom and doom.

Barnhart’s written tomorrow’s game off.

… Athletically, Georgia should be able to hang around but there is no evidence that the Bulldogs can handle a tough, physical football game for four quarters.

Begging to differ a little here, but Georgia’s problem this year hasn’t been playing tough physical football, it’s been staying tough mentally.  And that’s something that you can take back to last year’s Tech game.  Just ask Rennie Curran.

“Going into the game, we thought we had a good grasp on it, and if you look at the start of the game, we were doing fine,” Curran said.

“But once guys started to relax and weren’t wrapping up or a guy forgets the pitch or forgets the dive, that’s when they get those big yardage gains off of your mistakes.”

Once guys started to relax” – notice it’s not “for some reason”.  In other words, it didn’t come as any surprise.  There’s your problem with this year’s edition, as well.  So for everyone who wants to take heart in Miami’s vast improvement on defense from their game with Georgia Tech in 2008 to this year’s sole defeat of the Jackets, keep in mind one of Randy Shannon’s keys to Da U’s win:

“We knew last year when we played them they didn’t do their assignments, so they trusted the coaches, believed in what we were saying and they executed.”

How strongly do you feel that’s happening for Georgia and Martinez tomorrow?

And if you’re looking for a couple of doses of longer term pessimism, start with Mark Bradley’s piece about how winning tomorrow may not be such a great thing for a team that’s just scrambling to remain second-tier.  Then you can move on to Stewart “Montana” Mandel, who’s not sure about the talent level at Georgia, but is convinced about the “plain old bad coaching”.  Mandel also borrows Bradley’s drum to bang on:

… Richt is also dealing with much the same problem as recently deposed SEC coaches Phillip Fulmer and Tommy Tuberville: His competitors are catching up. Florida has separated itself considerably under Urban Meyer. Georgia Tech, which Richt beat each of his first seven seasons, is now a BCS contender. Tennessee — which has blown out the Dawgs two of the past three seasons — is quickly beefing up its talent level under Lane Kiffin. And Auburn, with whom Georgia wages a whole lot of recruiting battles, now employs its own renowned recruiter in Gene Chizik. Georgia may be considerably better next season, but so, too, could its primary rivals. I wouldn’t expect a quick fix in Athens.

One thing – Gene Chizik, “renowned recruiter”?  When did that happen?



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23 responses to “Red and Black Friday

  1. Coastal Dawg

    Mark Bradley is a clown. But his column today was spot on. Comparing the first 5 years of the Richt era to the last 4 is pretty damning and it does not support the “one off year” excuse.


    • The 5 vs. 4 thing is so selective and silly.

      Why not do 4 and 5, or 6 and 3?

      Sure, we haven’t been as good the last few years as we were the first 4-5 under Richt… but that’s also because runs like we had the first 4-5 under Richt are almost impossible to maintain, for any program, much less one that was nowhere even close to such a level before Richt showed up.


  2. Dog in Fla

    ‘Gene Chizik, “renowned recruiter”? When did that happen?’

    Could have been when Chiz hired a Malzahn, a Luper and a Trooper.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Dawgs win 27-24


  4. Macallanlover

    I expect a high scoring shootout with UGA having a reasonable chance to win, not predicting it as a certainty since I think it can go either way, but I don’t understand the dismissal of this probability. With the usual qualifier, we need to not get blown out on the turnover battle, how can everyone be so doubtful of this being a very entertaining contest? Could GT win by a few TDs? Sure, but that seems a less likely outcome than it being a four quarter game.


    • rbubp

      Because Georgia Tech thrives on teams like UGA ’09, and they don’t let up when they wear someone down.


      • Macallanlover

        Must be sad being you. Games like the Auburn/Alabama game, and the Pitt/WVU game this weekend illustrate why CFB is so great. But those who concede and never see hope, miss all that. Certainly GT has appeared to be the better team on the field most Saturdays, but anyone who feels UGA cannot win this game is not being objective.

        UGA has the athletes, and in portions of most every game (TN excluded) have shown they can play with anyone. Nothing about GT’s defense makes me think we cannot hang with them. We certainly cannot give them a +4 turnover margin like we did with Kentucky and win, but the players/coaches have more heart than the fans so they may play with better focus this week. Tech can be dangerously explosive, but also is capable of being shut down. Let’s play the game on the field and make them earn it as opposed to conceding like Frenchmen.


        • rbubp

          Who said I conceded??? You’re the one who said “I expect a high scoring shootout with UGA having a reasonable chance to win…I don’t understand the dismissal of this probability.”

          “probability”–that sticky word again. You’re saying it’s likely that the game is close. The rest of the world says, with good reason, that it’s likely NOT to be close.

          I believe the latter–that it’s LIKELY not to be close. Didn’t say “won’t”; doesn’t mean I am claiming to know.

          I concede nothing and want to win as badly as anyone…but wondering why others think we won’t? Anyone would be just stupid not to know that.


        • rbubp

          As a fan who does not play the game, I reserve the right to know that we can win any game we play while also knowing and accepting the likelihood of said. As a player it would be different.

          You piss me off. GFY with your concessions. No one said that.


          • Macallanlover

            Classy response. GT lost to Miami, badly, should have lost to Clemson, and Wake took them into OT. As I said, anyone who thinks this isn’t a reasonable possibility is ignoring the facts. GT has a decent team, but the hardly “thrive” off teams like UGA. ANY marginal team can win with a +3-4 turnover margin, doesn’t make GT anything different. The betting line at UGA +7-8 is far more reasonable than UGA fans are on boards and call in shows. As I said, I am not betting it, but I am watching SC rip apart a Clemson team that took GT to the wire. Without “gifts”, this should be a high-scoring, close shootout by an objective analysis. Odds should favor GT, but odds do not win the games, matchups and performances do. The above is the reason for my initial post, I don’t get yours at all. Entitled to your opinion, but learn to express it without the trashy talk.


            • rbubp

              I submit that you started the klass with the “how sad it must be to be you” opener and then an assertion about “conceding.”

              So, as far as trashy talk goes, I guess I felt I needed to prove my convictions.

              BTW, you’re not betting on the game? Gee, why not, have you given up?


              • rbubp

                Further, regarding trashy talk, I didn’t make personal insults. I used a profanity to highlight my irritation at being insulted.

                So as far as trash talk goes, you must have an understanding of what you said and how that operates. You don’t speak of conceding to another on a board like this without insulting their fanhood. And I’ll categorically reject the “sadness,” thank you very much.

                Go Dawgs, and I hope we step on their face with a hobnail boot.


  5. Scott

    Stats I compiled on a lazy Friday:

    Of 120 teams nationally:

    In 2009, UGA is ranked 119th in opponent kick returns (26.9 average). Quite remarkable given that UGA ranks 18th in touchbacks (22.58%), which is the best in the SEC. Only 3 kickoffs have been gone out of bounds for a penalty. How bad would UGA be without the touchbacks?

    Georgia has 6 fumble recoveries since the beginning of 2008 and ranks 120th in nation over 2 seasons.

    UGA has 1 fumble recovery this season. (120th in nation)

    UGA had 5 fumble recoveries last season (112th in nation)

    Georgia has forced 28 fumbles over the past 2 seasons, yet recovered only 6 fumbles. UGA has recovered 1 of 12 fumbles this season.

    A lot of teams are at 50% or better in recovering fumbles. Also, averaging 20 forced fumbles per season would place you 6th in the conference over the past 5 years. 28 forced fumbles is low, and the recovery percentage of UGA is shocking.

    In 2009, opponents have made 16/17 field goals (94.1 %) which ranks UGA 118th in nation.

    In 2008, opponents made 9/13 field goals.

    In 2007, opponents made 20/22 (90.9) which ranked UGA 117th in the nation.

    Over past 3 seasons, opponents have missed 7 total field goal attempts (successful on 45/52 or 87%), ranking UGA 120th nationally over the 3 year period.

    By comparison, during the same period, Auburn’s opponents have missed 25 field goals (39/64); Alabama’s opponents are 30/50; Kentucky’s opponents are 31/54. I did not compile the entire conference but 60-65% success rate on FG attempts is about the norm.


  6. Scott


    Georgia ranks 119th in the nation in total offensive plays per game. (60.6 plays).

    GT ranks #1 in the nation in holding their opponents to the fewest offensive plays per game. (60.1).

    We may only get 50-55 offensive plays tomorrow. We need to score on each possession. The game could be a short one.

    UGA Offensive plays per game:

    2009 – 60.6 119th in nation
    2008 – 63.5
    2007 – 67.2
    2006 – 59.1 last in nation
    2005 – 63.0
    2004 – 69.0
    2003 – 73.3
    2002 – 70.1

    We are near the bottom in total plays run nearly season since 2005.


  7. NRBQ

    Damn, Senator.

    All your followers must be white-collar dudes who spend company time to post.

    Mighty quiet in here.

    And, Scott. Please, enough. Leave us a shred of hope.


    • Scott

      Its Georgia Tech, we have more talent. We can beat them. We just need to hustle and not take plays off. Besides, isn’t the entire student body at home in Taiwan for the holiday?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Taiwan. Foreign students don’t go to games anyway–they are in the library messing up the curve for any American kid crazy enough to go to that putrid institution. (A future post on another blog needs to explore why our Georgia tax dollars are paying for this foreign invasion on North Avenue in the first place.)


        • rbubp

          It’s called having students, Mayor. When Americans start producing students who want to study engineering things will change, but for a while now certain programs are in a position of “foreign-heavy” or “close down for lack of students.”


          • Mayor of Dawtown

            I have felt for quite some time that something was not right with you. You are not really a UGA fan at all. You are a Tech Nerd posing as a UGA fan so you can write insulting things about the Dawgs, their coaches and their fan base on this blog. You also say insulting things to real UGA fans who are posting on this blog. You do not respect the opinions of others, as you have repeatedly demonstrated in posts here. A good example is the vomit you spewed above to macallanlover. You just showed your true colors you POS. GFY and get off this blog you imposter!


  8. Scott

    LAST STAT (I promise).

    2002 – 2004 UGA opponents made 33/61 field goal attempts (54%). We were consistently around 50% each year.

    2005-2006 UGA opponents made 20/28 field goals. (71%)

    2007-2009 UGA opponents made 45/52 field goals (87%). –Last in the Nation.

    This is just further evidence of our eroding special teams and red zone defense. Making teams miss field goals wins games and demoralizes them.

    Are we even rushing the kicker? Do the players just take the play off and rest?


  9. NRBQ


    So UGA ranks in the bottom 1% of the bottom in a nauseating number of stats, nationwide.

    I’m pretty sure Yech falls that low only in passing attempts.

    On the other hand, they are dominant in yards per catch.

    I hate being a friggin’ pessimist, but if seasonal trends persist for both team, we’re in a world of trouble.

    Johnson has not shown the coaching stupidity that a certain other Peach State staff has this year.

    Saturday’s have sucked this year.