Where has this team been all year?

The next Mark Bradley column writes itself, doesn’t it?


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  1. NebraskaDawg



  2. NebraskaDawg

    The ghost of Reggie Ball manifested in Thomas. Suck it, Nerds!


  3. Bard Parker

    To St. Smons:


  4. Section Z alum



    • Farsider

      I agree. My wife kept asking me “whats the big deal”, when I’m screaming at the TV–where these holes all year—why didn’t Caleb King run this hard all year—-why did it take 12 games to come up with this combination?

      UGA staff came in with a game-plan that maximized their strengths and look what happened.


  5. Farsider

    I felt going in that Georgia’s only hope was to keep it on the ground and dominate the time of possession.

    Tech turnovers were huge tonight, and the ground game minimized our weak point (Cox).

    I don’t know why we didn’t see more of this strategy during the season. Better late than never, I guess.


  6. Ty Webb

    KEEP WILLIE MARTINEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. NebraskaDawg

    They kicked the ball in the endzone!!!!
    They didn’t turn it over 4 times!!!!!
    They didn’t commit a ton of penalities!!!!
    I can’t spell tonight!!!!!
    Go Dawgs!!!!!!


    • Scott

      And the secondary played well except for the long TD pass. You take away that 76 yard pass, Tech limited to 60 yards.

      We just looked like a different team. We looked faster, harder hitting, with better blocking and special teams, etc.

      The offense played great.


  8. NebraskaDawg

    LET’S KEEP RUSS!!!! HE’S 1-0!!!! DGD!


  9. B

    Where has this team been all year? In the SEC. If it were in the ACC, results would vary.

    O-line and Chapas played like grown men. Interior D-line made Jonathan Dwyer their beeyotch.


  10. Cerbera

    The euphoria. Oh my goodness. Just when I think it’s done, I realize that we beat a top-10 Tech team while being unranked.
    I don’t care that it kinda feels like I stole something, THIS TASTES WONDERFUL.


  11. 81Dog

    good thing Gomer Johnson’s new party line was “we dont emphasize the UGA game, we have more important things to prioritize.” Otherwise, he and his Mustard stained wretches would be pretty disappointed right about now. Fortunately, they can look forward to playing Clempson next week in front of about 100 people for the “Winner Probably Comes in Behind Everyone But Vandy in The SEC East Bowl.”

    Nice playcalling by the Greatest Adjuster In Football History, the Genius in Cleats, The Man, The Legend, Gomer Johnson, on those last 4 Tech offensive plays. He looked like he was channeling Reggie BaLLLL. Thanks, Gomer!


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Gleeful cliche: There’s a reason they play the games!


  13. NRBQ

    Stunned from the first minute: we won the toss and took the ball.

    Result: Touchdown.

    Guess we know now what running talent we’ve wasted.

    Sweet doesn’t begin to describe Dawg’s weekend.


    • You have to give credit to the OL switch, though. Once they moved Boling to LT it shaped up really well.

      We won’t have this problem next year, I don’t think!


  14. Brandon

    You tend to win games when you never have to punt, love beating Tech.


    • Brandon

      Of course I don’t think Tech punted either, we played the only kind of game we could win, score virtually every time we get the ball and get some turnovers. St. Simons???? (((((((30-24 hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah))))))))


  15. X-Dawg

    meh….things are normal again.


  16. Irishdawg

    The best part of this will be the sound of the citizens of Nerd Nation throwing themselves off of buildings. Their best team in years, our worst team this decade, and they lose. Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness flow in Atlanta.


  17. Russell

    Not. One. Single. Punt.


  18. heyberto

    No kidding.. couldn’t be happier right now.


  19. Where has this team been all year?

    Not playing ACC defenses and not getting the break of huge dropped catches and inexplicable late-game play-calling by the opposing head coach.


  20. I knew it was our night when they missed a FG against us. And then we recovered a fumble!!!!

    Sarcasm aside…Congratulations to the team for a great, great effort and a great win. Reshad Jones played a fantastic game…he is more than redeemed and officially a DGD.


  21. sbdawg

    I know this year has been a hard one but, it sure feels good to be a Bulldawg on this Saturday night. It always feels good to hand Paul and the Tech nerds an arss whooping in there own backyard!

    What happened to the statement you made Paul about beating Georgia? I guess you got lucky last year! Oh well I hope you understands, no matter how good you are in the ACC it doesn’t really matter to the Tech nerds unless you beat GEORGIA!!!

    Another point………..
    I thought it was pretty funny that the two teams playing for the ACC Championship next week both got beat by SEC teams today! Not the best of SEC teams either, REALLY what does this say about the ACC, REALLY!!!!


  22. Mista Ashraf

    In the past, I felt like Georgia beating Tech was like beating up your little brother. Today, I enjoyed kicking the crap out of that little douche bag! Go Dawgs!


  23. Scott

    Why does everyone hate Paul Johnson? I like his personality. He is my favorite GT coach since Pepper. Hope he moves on to Notre Dame though.

    Did Paul Johnson err in throwing deep that last series? Seemed like he had his way rushing on the outside the 2nd half.


  24. D.N. Nation

    Objectively, drunkenly speaking…

    Despite the AJC, 790 the Zone, all various fellators, and all various hangers-on, Georgia Tech is actually kinda sorta lousy. Georgia ran the ball a little bit more than usual, and two dudes ran for 350 freaking yards. Georgia gave Trek the ball back with a chance to win, and the Jackets just dropped it. It’s really, actually, kinda sorta time to just stop this rivalry; we’re leaving this decade with UGA up 8-2, and GT has done no better than 7-3 since, shoot, can’t even remember a decade. It’s over. The rivalry is done. I’m with the crew at GSB, time to put the lid on this a la Penn State/Pitt.


    • Our defense still sucked, but we got the win.



      • MuckBeast alter ego

        I am sorry, he doesn’t know how to post what WE really think. He is so obsessed with hating on Willie he refuses to acknowledge the great effort the players and staff gave. Pray for him, his ego and hatred have become so large he has lost control. Much more important for him to be right than to feel good and celebrate a nice victory.


  25. MT

    most satisfying win in awhile. I can end my night drunk and happy and celebrating, for once. North Avenue was mayhem. Thank God.


  26. Joseph

    Did you see Mark Richt out coach Paul Johnson or am I the only one? I am fucking stoked all these hours later. Its great to be a Georgia Bulldog! To Hell with Georgia Tech!


  27. Bobafet7

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3njjD41f48&feature=player_embedded .LULZ Hats off to the seniors this is how you deserved to go out!


  28. Aligator

    Congrats and Praise the Lord!


  29. Boz

    This team needs Prozac. The highs have been high, but the lows have been LOW! Excited to end the season like that. Very proud of these dogs for playing hard at the finish, especially Joe Cox. As bad as he was the second half of KY, he looked solid, And his numbers would have been better if not for some key drops.

    Shocked at CPJ’s play calling to end the game… Definitely channeled his inner Reggie Ball on the last possession.


  30. Scorpio Jones, III

    Who decides we can’t keep Russ???????

    Who cares if he does not have a pedigree as long as the field?

    Who cares if he is of mixed color?

    He is 1-0 against Tech, 1-0 in one of the more important wins in the Richt era.

    Richt should insist on keeping Russ, and so should we.


  31. keith

    dn nation, glad you don’t make the decision on whether we play them again or not. Most satisfying win since 2007 UF. I never get tired of seeing those nerd faces in a loss.


  32. mant

    Great Win.

    From start to finish we finally played a game. Never trailed and no punts.

    Rashad Jones accomplished his mission and played a great game.

    I also give props to Stafford. On the sideline in his UGA jacket and a Detroit hat. Well played, sir, well played.


  33. Irishdawg

    “Shocked at CPJ’s play calling to end the game… Definitely channeled his inner Reggie Ball on the last possession”

    I don’t think he had much choice, Boz. Tech didn’t have enough time to crank out a running drive; UGA had done a good job of bottling up long runs. Johnson was probably hoping for a pass interference penalty and just didn’t get it.


    • NebraskaDawg

      Agreed. That’s what it looked like to me with the straight dropback throws. Considering Georgia’s penalty problems, looked to me that CPJ was hoping for a pass interference (frankly I figured we would have give him one on one of those three throws, kudos to the DBs)


      • I thought so, too. One time out and 46 yards to go with a running offense? It’s kind of a gamble, though perhaps he could have tried to get to the sideline. Running plays eat about 45 seconds off the clock even when hurrying.


  34. Reshad Jones=DGD. Say it with me, y’all!


    • NebraskaDawg

      This was a redemption game for quite a few people:

      Blair Walsh can kick into the end zone consistantly.
      Martinez had a solid gameplan (for once)
      R. Jones played great, Bryan Evans managed not to screw up, Cox didn’t overplay his throws (and was a victim of several drops), Caleb King is turning into a great back, D-line played well, O-line was great.


  35. Irishdawg

    “Reshad Jones=DGD”

    I agree. I think Jones has really improved his play all year. He’s blown some coverages, sure, but his tackling and overall level of physicality has really been much better this year. I hope he decides to stay one more year and turn himself into a top NFL pick.


    • I think Reshad has spent a lot of time covering BE’s butt in coverage, honestly. As far as BE “not screwing up,” well, I’d like to concur, but that long TD pass was 50% Vance Cuff and 50% Bryan.


  36. tech will fall

    Don’t feed their ego. it was same old tech.ga.tech, tn. tech same thing.Nice game for UGA but remember it was an acc opp.The ga. fans who doubted this outcome……