“No smiles ’til it’s zero-zero.”

The head coach was a serious man last night.  And that was reflected on the field – no bells, no whistles to speak of.

Just a brilliantly executed game plan.  Very tough play.  And some fortuitous timing.  For once, it was the other team that paid the price for turning the ball over and dropping a key pass.

Tons of kudos to pass out.  The defensive line played well.  Reshad Jones played the best game of his career.   Jon Fabris let Blair Walsh tee it up, at least most of the time.  Ealey and King ran as hard as they had all season.

But most of all, there was ferocious blocking.  By the receivers.  By the tight ends. By Shaun Chapas.  But most of all, by the offensive line, who played like a group possessed.

The players played.  The coaches coached.  And it all ended with a win over the seventh-ranked team in the country.  A most satisfying win.

I started this blog three years ago to the day (happy anniversary, GTP!), inspired by the 2006 win over Tech.  There are some similarities between the two wins, but, if anything, this one pleases more.  Pardon the expression, this one stings more.

At the time of the kick, I wished that Walsh had made that career-long attempt, but in the end, the results couldn’t have been sweeter.  The game was left in the hands of the genius and the best receiver in the ACC and they didn’t get ‘er done.  Somewhere in this great land of ours, Reggie Ball was smiling.

The post game scene on the field was all you could want.  The fans celebrated with a bunch of kids who finally proved to everyone, including themselves, that they could play a complete game against a worthy opponent.  And at least for a little while, we could all forget about the disappointments and the coaches’ futures and everything else that made 2009 a letdown season.  For that, all I can say is thanks.

Now I have to go taste the salty tears of disappointment on the Tech message boards.  I didn’t get enough from the jerks outside of BDS after the game last night…


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  1. Turd Ferguson

    Speaking of Tech message boards, here’s a good one …



    • Sting Talk has been just magnificent all day. I really enjoyed this post in reference to our players taking pieces of the field:

      “Exactly. When we won we took a few pieces of a bush that will grow back the next week. Fields cost money. Watching Cocks tear up our field and our staff do nothing was horrible. We celebrated with our team, they ran over in front of our student section and just waved their flag. Their mascot also planted the flag in the middle of the game in our endzone was bad too.”

      I guess grass doesn’t grow back.

      Truly, the best part about this game is how much it means to these losers. They’d rather beat us than win championships and anyone that tells you otherwise is flat out wrong. They hate us more than they love themselves.


  2. Mayhem in the AM on 790 The Zone



  3. amen. sweeeeet, delicious win. and if any one image can epitomize the dawg nation catharsis, i submit it’s this:



  4. jason

    Happy Anniversary, Senator.

    Keep up the great work.

    Go Dawgs!


  5. the Coondawg

    The worst play all night was Bryan Evans giving CMR the poweraide shower. What was he thinking?
    The stop on Nesbit at the goal line which, caused a review and another play, was the play of the game. Without it, I think we would have had to get a first down on our last possession.
    The Mighty “G” prevails again and all is right in the world.

    Tech Sucks


  6. Bryant Denny

    Congrats, Dawgs on a big win.

    It sure feels good to beat your in-state rival, doesn’t it?

    Happy Sunday and Roll Tide!



  7. Mattr

    This is the inspired football that we fans wish for. Yes, they probably could have schemed a little better on defense, and yes, we did have an occasional screw up on offense. However, we didn’t panic, it didn’t snowball, and we came through! The ‘MEN in Red and Black showed up !!!!!


  8. I’m sure fans will love the yelling at Evans because of the Gatorade dump, but for the same reason that “more yelling and emotion!” complaint is always dumb, so this reaction was irrelevant as well. It was an overreaction by Richt anyway as the game was over.

    Fwiw, I don’t think he did it to send a message or prove a point about 0:00 or whatever… but because he is unhappy about the season and the moves he is going to have to make. Understandably.


    • Randy Floyd

      Reminded me of Vandy 07. I got the feeling that CMR wants his team to understand when a public celebration is earned and when a W is expected of Georgia.


      • Ben Rockwell

        Well said.

        It reminded me a lot of Vandy 07, too. A gatorade bath in the victory formation against UF, though, would have elicited a smile or two, I’m sure.

        I really felt kind of bad for Bryan Evans at that point, but I also wasn’t really surprised he was the guy who did it; kind of sums up his time there!


    • I got that feeling as well. Bittersweet victory for Richt.


  9. Thinking Bulldog

    Happy Anniversary, Senator. The great Paul Westerdawg describes your blog as the Gold Standard for UGA football bloggers, and I concur. Here’s to many more years of enjoying your insight and excellent writing. Cheers!


  10. baltimore dawg

    richt was as serious and grim-faced throughout the affair as i’ve seen him since he came to georgia. frankly, i thought it looked good on him.

    this was the first time since 2005 (that stands out to me) that uga football didn’t look or seem at least somewhat frivolous in its saturday execution: no gimmicky bullshit uniforms, aimless play calling, ill-timed fake punts/onside kicks, bizarre insistence on directional kickoffs, indifference to tackling and blocking, etc.


    • this was the first time since 2005 (that stands out to me) that uga football didn’t look or seem at least somewhat frivolous in its saturday execution

      It’s kind of hard to finish #2 in the country (as we did in 2007) without some good coaching, fwiw.


  11. This day really can’t get any better. I am flat out elated.

    The interior line played their balls of. Weston, Atkins, and Owens absolutely stoned the dive play all night. I spent about 2 hours in the car yesterday listening to Tech fans on 790’s pregame show slam UGA and yet this morning they were eerily silent.

    Make no mistake about it, this loss is DEVASTATING to them and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them lose at least 1 of the next 2 games.

    Long live Russ!


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think there is a good chance they will lose the ACC Championship game and the bowl game. They did the last time they were in this situation.


  12. Turd Ferguson

    I loved Richt’s response to the Gatorade bath. It may be the last game of the regular season, and it may have been in the bank by that point, but our guys have all-too-often been prematurely complacent in games … whether winning or losing. If that tongue-lashing taught even one player a lesson, it was well worth it.


    • JasonC

      I agree. And he sounded pissed when at the post-game interview on the field. I was wondering if a little of that anger was because of the reason he cited, but also because of what many are saying is going to be difficult decision time over the next 48 hours.

      Out DTs played big and shut down Dwyer in the middle.
      And our interior line, Glenn and Jones, with Chapas (as noted) where manhandling their DL all night long.
      It was also nice to see King kick it into a higher gear on that long TD run to offer a counterpunch to BeBe’s long TD. I think that was so key because it prevented a big crash-and-burn that we have seen most of the past 2 years.

      I am still trying to figure out which was worse: PJ’s 4 passes at the end or BeBe’s boo boo.


  13. Randy Floyd

    Different subject, but I relish bad news about the Clausen Clan.


    This seems like something you’d expect of Tony Cole.


  14. Dan A.

    Here’s all the proof you need that we did indeed, ruin their entire season: http://www.stingtalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38787


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  16. Russ the Dawg

    First, I hate tech. Maybe all the cock roaches will scamper back where they came from. I enjoyed every minute of the game. I enjoyed the look of the tech fan on TV when Nesbitt went down. I just dont get where they call us criminals, they are the one who let a drug dealer play for them. I thought one of the the quotes on their message board about riding marta home was hilarious. Are you kidding me, you are riding marta home. I enjoy the beauty of being able to tailgate and enjoy the wonderful campus in Athens or any where else in the SEC. Never poke a sleeping Dawg.


  17. Great win to end a difficult season.

    And Happy Anniversary GTP!!


  18. Randy Floyd

    I’d liked the all the shots of the Tech “co-eds” they were showing. Not a lot of talent on the Flats.


  19. Irishdawg

    Tech fans are upset about Dawg celebrating after the game? Well, allow me to offer this, Tech fans: stick it up your ass sideways. I was at Sanford Stadium last year when you classless sons of bitches ripped the hedges apart, so reap what you sowed, assbiters. You’ve done nothing but crow all year, and your team got manhandled by the worst UGA team in 10 years last night. Tearing up a little turf is the only damage that could possible be done to that multiseat toilet you call a stadium, so suck it.


  20. Smyrna Dawg

    I was at the game last night. I have been to a lot of away games in the last 25 years. I have never in my life seen the home fans treat the away fans with such venom. I would be embarrassed to call myself a Tech fan today. Their cheers are vulgar, the collective use of their middle fingers is disgusting. They even booed the video of the two school presidents working together to help aids patients. Teams I have visited in the SEC may talk trash, but unless a lot of alcohol is involved, it remains all in good respectful fun. I will NEVER respect the collective Tech fan base again. They are a sorry, sorry bunch. I have ever felt better about a lifetime Dawg.


  21. Scottdavid329

    Meh, Tech fans are a bunch of whiners. I’ve been to more UGA/Tech games than I have any others, at both campuses….and they just like to pull out the “all UGA fans are mean, ignorant rednecks” when they get their asses beaten.

    This game really reminded me of I’m thinking it was ’04(though I’m probably wrong), when we leaned heavily on the running game with Verron Haynes and ran all over those nerds on the flats. I was at that game sitting amongst all the nerd fans and it was SWEEEET!!

    The one thing this game says to me is that MR’s teams play their best when all the cuteness is taken out of the game. Lean heavily on the run and kick the ball deep instead of this directional crap and amazingly enough…good things happen. I swear this coaching staff outthinks itself too much. Only wish it didn’t take such a crap season for MR to hunker his team down and go back to the basics.


  22. Scottdavid329

    Ohh, and it’s funny on that stingtalk link at the very top where one of the nerd fans whines about people stomping on a stuffed “buzz”. I’m sure this classy guy wasn’t one of the ones laughing and making fun of UGA dying…sending around that cartoon.


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  24. Newshon?

    Ealey’s first 112 carries (as a true freshman): 639 yards (5.7 avg.), 3 TDs, 44 long.

    Moreno’s first 112 carries (as a redshirt freshman): 510 (4.6 avg.), 3 TDs, 35 long.


  25. Nate

    Anyone checked Reggie Ball’s Wikipedia page lately?



  26. “I wonder if UGAy didn’t start preparing for us last week and that might be why they weren’t best prepared for UK.”

    The hits keep on coming


  27. Paul

    I hate to say it…but reading all that Tech jibberish just shines some light on how Florida fans no doubt view us after our yearly smackdown.


  28. Carruthers

    How about Quintin Banks comin out and playin like he wouldn’t let Ole’ CPJ pick on him? That tackle for a loss was huge (even though they scored that drive). I just knew on Tech’s last drive that Nesbitt would look to Thomas to beat Banks every deep throw.


  29. Dan A.

    Kudos to the first guy who posted the link to stingtalk… this has been great entertainment. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.


  30. Irishdawg

    “The whining about Nesbitt being out for part of the game is classic, considering the total amnesia on their part about A.J. missing the game in its entirety.”

    Florida fans used the same excuse in ’07 that Tebow was hurt. I always say if that’s the way it works, we retroactively win in ’05 because DJ didn’t play at all.