Mumme Poll, Week 13

Rank Team Votes (top five)
1 Alabama 237     (234)
1 Florida 237     (234)
3 TCU 237     (229)
4 Texas 236     (231)
5 Cincinnati 236     (201)
6 Boise State 234
7 Oregon 230
8 Ohio State 221
9 Iowa 172
10 Georgia Tech 166
11 Virginia Tech 123
12 LSU 119
13 Penn State 109
14 Pittsburgh 57
15 Oregon State 52
16 BYU 49
17 Miami 43
18 Stanford 23
19 Nebraska 16
20 Houston 14
20 Southern Cal 14
22 California 4
22 Clemson 4
24 Mississippi 3
24 Oklahoma State 3


  • Don’t stop believin’ – Penn State is still getting that one, lonely top five vote.
  • Three teams on all ballots cast this week, but not one of them was a unanimous top five selection.
  • Next week’s final regular season ballot should be interesting, given the loss that either ‘Bama or Florida will take.
  • Our cream of the crop pile continues to shrink, as we’ve gone from a clear top ten to a top eight.
  • We only lost 20 of last week’s voters, as only three Georgia voters went south on us.  See what winning will do for a poll?


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5 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 13

  1. Macallanlover

    I am one of the three dummies, at least I went south (remember one time when I moved the “other way”. Never missed one before, last year or this season.

    Between family departing, getting caught up for time lost while they were visiting, and a Monday poker game, it just got away from me. Duh!


  2. Confused

    Maybe I’m missing something, but how can any undefeated team not be unanimously on all the ballots?

    To answer my own question and pose another, obviously it’s because some people are leaving them out, but what does that say about the legitimacy of the poll? Arguments could be made against their inclusion in the top 5, but it just seems ridiculous to count ballots that don’t consider an undefeated team to be at least in the top 12


    • Macallanlover

      +1 I have asked a couple of times why those who deliberately try to undermine the legitimacy of the poll are not removed. There have been several ballots that show voters are not serious, and have some “agenda” to promote a particular team, or hurt a specific rival. Three voters that do not have Bama, and three that do not have Florida in the Top 5, but someone has Penn State in the Top 5. Those aren’t legit by any sane person’s standards. Bust ’em!


  3. Munson's Call

    I really think next season we need to use the Top 5 designation for more than tiebreaker situations. I think we should assign a value to getting Top 5 votes.