Perspective can be a bitch.

Paul Johnson explains away why Saturday night’s disappointing loss doesn’t diminish the excitement and significance of the World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party aka the ACCCG (kudos forever to Jim Donnan for that crack):

“We’ve played six SEC teams since I’ve been here, and I think we’re 4-2. I can tell you Clemson has got players every bit as good as Georgia. Don’t think for one minute they don’t. It is what it is…”

Allow Ellis Johnson to retort.

Georgia and South Carolina, teams from the middle of the SEC East, defeated the ACC’s division champions, Georgia Tech and Clemson. Gamecock defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson said the passion of in-state rivalries isn’t the reason. “That conference is really down, especially in the area of the box, offensive and defensive line play,” Johnson said. “It’s just not very good. I thought (before the game) we were a lot better than they were up front, and we were.”


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  1. Left to Right

    I enjoyed Mark Bradley’s column yesterday in which he essentially argued that Johnson is such a great coach that he has moved beyond the need to be successful against Georgia.

    To quote:

    “A year ago, I think PJ . . . needed to beat Georgia to establish credibility among his constituency. Having done the deed in Year 1, Johnson has more global goals.”

    “Global goals”, like trying to win the championship of perhaps the 8th best football conference in America.


    • D.N. Nation

      Mercy, that might be the weakest thing Bradley’s ever written. And there’s a lot of competition there.

      Marky Mark, a hint: I don’t care that Trek is playing in the ACCG. One bit.


  2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Vandy and Mississippi State… really? Two wins over Mississippi State, one over Vandy, one over UGA. So out of the four wins, that’s one win that against a true SEC-caliber team.

    The other two games, both losses, were Saturday and last year’s bowl game against LSU (how’d that work out for you, Paul?).


  3. Gainesville Police Blog

    Carlos Dunlap charged with DUI last night. Early word is that Urban will sit him out the first series, of next year’s game against Miami of Ohio.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Recycling an oldie but goodie:

    I left 2 Clem-Tech tickets under my wiper blade, hoping somebody would take them. When I came back there were 4 tickets.


  5. Not to piss all over Ellis Johnson’s parade, but Clemson has pretty much owned South Carolina in recent years. I’m not buying his claim that the Cocks are so much better on the lines.


  6. Irishdawg

    “Global goals”,

    What the hell does that mean? Is Johnson a Bond villian bent on world domination? He’s Jowls Ulrickssonn, billionare industrialist with a dark agenda and legions of gibbering idiot minions with a plot to deface attractive SEC stadiums all over the globe. Jesus.

    Clemson might have UGA quality players, but they should have beaten Tech. Miami has similar talent, and they beat the doors of GT, but I noticed Johnson didn’t mention that.


  7. S. FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

    Coach Richt applauds the other coaches in victory or defeat, and Coach P. Johnson tries to down play the team and talent…stay classy Coach!