Upon further review: Georgia-Georgia Tech. I’m still in savoring mode, thanks.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not quite ready to move on.  I mean, faced with a choice of continuing to enjoy things like the absurd rationalizing that’s totally absorbed the Tech message boards (made even better in comparison with the equally absurd pre-game bravado) as opposed to indulging in the is-Martinez-gonna-go rumor mongering/speculation (hey, how did that whole he’s- going-to-resign/be fired-Sunday thing work out?), well… it’s not much of a choice for me.

So here are a few more nuggets worth sharing while there’s still a glow from the game:

First off, I love this quote from Mark Richt.

–  A caller said Tech coach Paul Johnson downplayed the importance of the Georgia game early last week and asked Richt, who is 8-1 vs. Tech, his thoughts on the  magnitude of the rivalry.

“All I can tell you is our boys and our coaches don’t need a whole lot of motivation, I guess, to get fired up about this game,” Richt said.  “And I’m not going to sit here and deny that what happened a year ago [helped] fuel it. It did; there is no question that it did. Them tearing up our hedges and doing some of the things that they were doing after the game at our expense didn’t sit too well with us. And we wanted to do something about it, and we want to continue to do something about it in years to come. And I’ll say this: I’ve always had a respect, a very healthy respect, for Georgia Tech and their football program, and we will continue to have that respect because they are an outstanding team and they do a great job over there. But it’s very, very big to us.”

Great sentiment, Coach.  Almost, dare I say it, Corch Meyer-ish.  Now, how can we bottle that sucker and take it to Jacksonville next year?

Also, Richt really didn’t like the Gator Powerade bath he got from Bryan Evans.

And if you’re ever feeling down, feel free to dial this clip up at the 2:40 mark.  It’ll cheer you right up.

Thanks, Bebe.

Those clips remind me – if you haven’t seen the ABC/ESPN broadcast (I’ve watched it twice now), you really should.  I knock the WWL a fair amount, but I’ve got to give the Disney folks credit for a good job Saturday night.  In stark contrast to what we were subjected to in the Auburn and Kentucky games, the broadcast team was involved and attentive to the play on the field, excited at the right times without coming across as biased (Sean McDonough’s call of King’s 75-yard run is great) and the camera work was excellent.

No, it wasn’t the same as being there, but the coverage of the last three minutes of the game starting when Tech got the ball back one last time was as good as I’ve seen this season.  The highlights in particular:  Rennie Curran’s guided-missile tackle of Roddy Jones on Tech’s last running play of the game;  Reshad Jones’ coverage on the second and third down incomplete pass plays; Thomas’ reaction upon dropping the fourth down pass;  Mark Richt’s passion in his post-game remarks.  Well done, people.

Oh, and speaking of Caleb King’s touchdown run, if you didn’t get to hear Wes Durham’s call of it on the Georgia Tech radio broadcast, that’s too bad.  Durham, who specializes in making the routine two-yard Tech gain sound like Larry Munson calling “Run, Lindsay!, run(ed. – there you go, Malcolm!), sounds like he falls asleep during King’s jaunt downfield.  It’s of a piece with the rapidity to which Tech resorts in taking a losing result off of the BDS scoreboard three seconds after the game ends.  When the going gets sorry, that just how the Jackets roll.



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  1. Batdawg

    In fairness, Durham had to put down his fourth piece of fried chicken before making the call.

    I can’t believe his name was bandied about a few years ago as a replacement for Munson. Dude has a swagger about Tech that is completely uncalled for.


  2. Bryan Evans

    So long, Dawgs! Can’t say I didn’t go out in style, bay-bee!


    • Bobby Bowden

      Bryan, I am looking for work at a winning program. I understand there may be an opening or two at UGA and that you know the decision maker well. In fact, I understand that you and he drank some Gatorade together the other night. Would you please put in a good word for me? I have a lot of experience. Thanks for your help.


  3. Uganewt

    Echo your thoughts on the broadcast crew completely. I was hoping for Nessler and Blackledge, but got worried when they had LSU/Arky. I was extremely relieved when I heard Sean McDonough’s voice welcome the tv audience to Mark Richt Field at BDS. I was terrified of having to listen to Mark Jones and Bob Davie slobber all over Paul Johnson again.

    It’s a shame Millen will be remembered more for being a trainwreck as a GM, because he’s a very good analyst.


  4. Bryan Carver Dawg97


    Hate to quibble because I’m just a small fish in your pond, but doesn’t the score come down at Sanford immediately after a loss too?


    • BC, the pond is small here, not the fish. 😉

      No school leaves a losing result up on the scoreboard very long, but Tech yanks its faster than any place I’ve seen.


      • Dawgy45

        Luckily I remembered how quick they are to turn the scoreboard off. With 8 seconds left I got a great picture of it. If it is possible, I would be thrilled to post it for anyone who wishes to continue savoring this one.


  5. Chuck

    I say keep on enjoying, Senator. I know dog likes to kill varmints (she’s a terrier, it’s what they do) and it is hard to get the dang thing away from her for days. She rolls on it, shakes it, and carries it around like a chew toy until I can get it from her and put it outside the fence as an example to other varmints that might think about entering our yard.:-)

    Durham is a homer, but no more than Munson was (damn, I miss him), and at least he doesn’t shriek like a girl, when he gets excited like Howard does. I think I would have enjoyed listening to Durham’s voice deflate.


  6. mwo

    Durham always sounds like he is constipated, even on the Falcon broadcasts.


  7. DAve

    I’ve always liked Durham’s work, and I agree with Chuck; he’s a homer, but not any more so than Munson. The only difference being Munson was a homer that thought we were going to lose every single game by three touchdowns.

    That said, the loss must have hit Durham hard – his call of the Falcons game the next day was beyond reserved.


    • D.N. Nation

      “That said, the loss must have hit Durham hard – his call of the Falcons game the next day was beyond reserved.”

      Losing your RB, QB, and getting into a slap fight against a 1-win team while you’re righting for your playoff life would probably do that to anyone.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      FWIW: Wes Durham is a second generation mic man. His father Woody was the voice of the North Carolina Tar Heels since about 1968. Woody was Dean Smith’s bitch, and he was kinda excitable too.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Mark and Martinez (GWOM’s) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “The Local Celebration of Mark and Martinez winning Global War on Mark and Martinez!” (post- regular season daily battle recap – extended version), 1 December 2009

    1000, Above-ground Bunker, Bright and Sunshiny Day, Butts-Mehre Defense Complex, Athens.

    Love Hurts. Just Ask Tiger,


    Bobby Bowden

    And Head Coach Mark

    Like Tiger and Bobby Bowden used to do, Mark and Martinez as well as Bobo, the remainder of our coaching staff coach, and our players play, a game almost as if there were some kind of strange external motivational forces on them to win the conquest such as having a job next year. Knowing that you are only as good as your last hit record works well when you win the last game of the season v. Tech and CPJ. Things haven’t felt this good since Auburn.

    Presently, a consortium of Northeast Georgia Ford dealers, is arranging for a fleet of Ford trucks to roll in a victory parade down Prince Avenue with the coaching staff and seniors. The lead vehicle is going to be an Escalade from some Cadillac dealer and is expected to be just like a repaired version what Tiger used to have before he was rescued not by a driver but by a nine-iron and a wedge.

    That would not have happened to Tiger had he been in a Buick. The Caddy dealer ‘promises’ that the Escalade in the parade will not have been pre-wrecked if at all possible. Bobby’s bummed because he thought Coach For Life meant just that meaning he would not be runnoft just because his FSU team just hasn’t been the same since Mark left him for Georgia. Apparently Bobby missed the sign that Jimbo being named Coach-In-Waiting meant FSU was waiting but not for long for Bobby to get his tail out of the stadium and take his statue with him. Now that Bobby has some additional time, he Tommy, Jeff and Tator, if he has folded and accounted for all his Samsonite metal folding chairs, are thinking about riding in the Escalade with Head Coach Mark since Mark and Tator are the last two comics standing out of the FSU progeny coaching tree, all the other branches having been recently trimmed and fallen gently with golden parachutes to the ground.

    The victory parade is going to have a Key West theme like ‘Villans, Victims and Vampires’ as shown by this cleaned up SFW, no body-painted chicks preview, and what better season for that than this one has been, if this can all be slipped past the parade permit board…

    Now back to what brought this all about: Tech. There appear to have been no reported sightings of loyalty hugs by, between or among the coaching staff members under attack, all of them, and, of course, no smiles even after it was zero zero on the clock. The one notable thing is that Bryan Evans finally hit something he was aiming at even though it was his head coach. In a related note, #3 has been banned from the victory parade. Long-time cynical observers expect that that coaching staff will return in its entirety intact, locked and loaded for next season despite other long-time and short-time Pollyanna’s doing wishing and hoping that a coaching staff change(s) will forcibly occur between BFFs…

    And to all those wishing that our coaching staff family be certified to be dysfunctional and therefore in dire need of being forcibly hammered apart and shattered like this

    Just always remember that Head Coach Mark with the Evil Richt tough game-face used in Tech was directed not at Tech or at CPJ or even at the slide-rule pocket-protector Tech-mite fans, but rather at all the legion of doubters of his FSU business model system. Also remember that Evil Richt, even when evil, is nowhere near as coarse and crass as some of the rest of us are. Underneath it all he has the same mindset and is thinking like the chick getting even with all the bad guys such as when a SEAL pickup rescue attempt goes awry in this Oscar-worthy contender from way, way back when we last won a National Championship. Head Coach Mark is sending this subcutaneous message loud and clear to all his doubters…


    • Dog in Fla

      N.B. This just in from the Damon Gets All Philosophical About It if my aunt had ba!!s she’d be my uncle school of thought:

      “AD[Damon]: Richt will make coaching decisions

      By Marc Weiszer – marc.weiszer@onlineathens.com

      Published Tuesday, December 01, 2009
      Buzz up!If Georgia coach Mark Richt decides to make changes to his coaching staff, athletic director Damon…said he’s willing to be “competitive” to attract top candidates.”

      This was a surprise of course to many who thought we could, in the highly unlikely event of when and if it ever happened in our lifetimes, get the best by not being ‘competitive.’

      Moreover and just because Damon likes surprises and spontaneity,

      “[Damon] said Monday he is unaware of any timeline that Richt may be considering before deciding on any staff changes after a 7-5 regular season, the worst in Richt’s nine years.”

      Translation of the AD-speak means, in other words, Damon [trip Kermits] says same as it ever was…


  9. Brandon

    Man that Doug Gillet is a funny guy.


  10. Pumpdawg

    Munson and Durham are good friends.If you ever get the chance to see the Larry Munson roast from a few years back you’ll see that Durham was the only non-Dawg there.Munson said about him,”The Georgia people think I’m the best,but there’s somebody coming over the mountain like a damn freight train and it’s Wes Durham.”I would like to have him in our booth.


  11. Smitty

    If it wasn’t a big deal to Tech why did they get rings last year???


  12. The Realist

    No leftovers taste as sweet as the tears of unfathomable sadness.


    • The Realist

      As Dog in FLA would say…

      Scott Tenorman plays an arrogant, pimple-faced Tech fan who thinks he is about to make a mockery of Georgia who is aptly played by Cartman. Just when Scott thinks Georgia is fat, lazy, and stupid, the Evil Richt shines through.

      Ah, yes. The tears of unfathomable sadness. Techie, you were just fed your misguided belief in state superiority that was shot and killed on national television. In Georgia’s worst year, they are still better than you. They always will be. Are those tears I see? Yes, yes, they taste so sweet. The tears of unfathomable sadness.


      • masivatack

        I will admit, being tricked into eating pubes is about the best metaphor I can think of for getting beaten by Tech.


  13. NebraskaDawg

    I know me (and probably all of you) had a major “oh shit” moment after Walsh misses that FG. Thanks Baybe for channeling your inner Reggie Ball. The always classy NATS are bitching that the injury to Nesbitt was a cheap shot. What a bunch of losers.


  14. Wes Durham

    Thanks for the kind words Senator Blutarsky…


  15. Representative

    I love your work Blutarsky but please, along with other Dawgs, get it straight….we don’t drink gatorade at UGA. POWERADE!


  16. Russ = DGD

    Tech message boards compare saturday nights team celebration with Goff in ’93, anyone have a link or explanation ?


  17. Will Goodman

    From a Tech grad and supporter:
    I think the Dawg fan can understand what we’re feeling this week… Georgia pounds us again. Florida pounds you guys again. And on and on.
    Waiting for things to change. I scream and yell before the game and I scream and yell after the game. Before the game I scream profanities at Georgia fans and after the game I scream at the bathroom wall upstairs. Yell at the mirror.
    Red faces.
    White knuckles.
    It happened again.
    God help us.

    -Will Goodman
    Marietta, GA
    Georgia Tech graduate


    • Dawgy45

      “Before the game I scream profanities at Georgia fans”

      Reading this pointed out to me the difference between Tech fans and all other fan bases I have encountered. There are at least a few in every base that insist on being indecent towards the opponents, but those vulgar minorities are viewed with disdain by their fellow fans. Not so with Tech fans. The impression I got Saturday night is that such vulgar behavior is generally accepted. I cannot tell you how many times I heard a Tech fan yell “piss on you”. When the Dogs took the field there was a collective raising of the middle finger by the Tech fans in the section I was in. Its as if there is something serious missing in the socialization of Tech fans. Not to mention the cursing aimed at me and my wife by one particularly miserable, pasty, fat, pathetic individual…he did this in front of his 10 year old daughter (I do appreciate the decent Tech fan that apologized on the loser’s behalf). No other school that I know of has been “campaigning” to improve the behavior of its fanbase (see the Tech AD’s “Good Word” newsletter). I have never seen another fanbase that needs to give out “What’s the good word? Stay classy” stickers (um…you have to achieve “classy” before you can “stay classy”) I have never seen sheets of “acceptable fan behavior” pasted all over any other stadium. Do you people just not get it?

      Because of my experience Saturday night, I will NEVER speak well of Tech or its fans again.

      I reckon that’s just me though.


  18. Paging Seriously…..Seriously???? Anyone seen Seriously? Didn’t think so.


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