Dawg thoughts: where are we at today?

I say this somewhat reluctantly, but unless Paul Johnson comes up with some more comedy gold in response to last Saturday’s game (hey, it could happen), it’s time to move on here at GTP.  Time marches on, and all that.

Anyway, a couple of thoughts on the state of the program and Dawgnation that struck me this morning:

  1. The bowl game scenario. More and more, it’s looking like Shreveport.  My feelings on that can be summed up as c’est la vie.  I think Mark Richt was right when he expressed the sentiment prior to the Tech game that he’d be grateful for any bowl that would have Georgia as a participant.  The goal of every bowl is to put the maximum number of asses in the seats, period.  And right now, fairly or not, our fan base is perceived as being less enthused about its program than, say, Auburn’s or Tennessee’s.  The lesson for next time is simple:  Dawgs, don’t blow a fourteen-point halftime lead at home against Kentucky.
  2. Mark Richt and FSU. Is it just me, or do you find the sound of crickets here just a little strange?  I mean, for years we Georgia fans heard from opposing fans that as soon as Diddy Bowden hit the road, Mark Richt would take himself back to Tallahassee faster than greased lightning – never mind Richt’s protestations and the huge buyout Georgia negotiated with him.  And now the day is here with no mention of the possibility.  (If anything, there are probably more people now within the Dawgnation than without who would support that happening.)


UPDATE: Don’t miss David Hale’s look forward.


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36 responses to “Dawg thoughts: where are we at today?

  1. Castleberry

    Complete agree on point two. I think the “Coach in Waiting” set up completely squashed the rampant rumors that would be going on now.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Excited about point one especially for those of us who, for once, planned ahead prior to Tech and bought non-refundable Greyhound tickets to the Shreveport-Bossier City station.

    Things to do in Shreveport when you’re dead:

    If you like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain and almost getting struck by lightning –



  3. Lawdawg

    You want more comedy gold…..have you not heard Paul Johnson’s interview yesterday on 790 in Atlanta? Two high points: 1) He claimed Georgia isn’t that big a game because “they haven’t won anything since 1980.” 2) He told Tech fans that if UGA fans are mean to them over the loss, just punch them in the face. The interview is up on their midday shows website. Its mandatory hate listening.


    • RedCrake

      Aside from the SEC championships, someone needs to point out to Captain Jowls that we are perennial winners of the local “Whip Georgia Tech’s Ass” competition.


      • Kevin "Cool Breeze" Ramsey

        That and it’s fun to tell them that the polls that are still around said Colorado won the national title in 1990.
        Also, since 1980 (not including the 1980 win) UGA beat Tech 21 times.
        So we’ve done that.


    • Coweta Dawg

      Comedy gold, indeed. I suppose it being not “that big a game” is why he made rings for the team following last year’s game.


  4. Rumpus

    Not sure I understand what you mean by the parenthetical to point 2. There are more Georgia fans who want CMR to leave UGA for Tallahassee than there are non-Georgia fans (including, presumably, FSU fans) who’d like him to do so? If that’s your point, it seems to be saying we don’t want him, but FSU wants him even less.

    Senator, you follow these things more closely than I do, but I’m not sure that’s right. Seems to me that while there are a few dissenting voices around the Dawgnation, UGA fans overwhelmingly would like him to stay. I don’t follow FSU football, but it also seems they’d be tickled to have him back, their arrangements with Jimbo Fisher notwithstanding. Fans of other SEC schools who don’t regularly play FSU, like Auburn and USC, for instance, would also love to have him leave for FSU, since that’d possibly break UGA’s mojo against them recently. If you toted up the pro-departure numbers within Dawgnation on the one hand, and compared them to the pro-departure numbers outside the Dawgnation on the other hand, seems like the latter category is much larger. Am I missing something?


    • Rumpus, that’s not it.

      First of all, most of the folks nagging us about Richt leaving Athens weren’t FSU fans. They were fans from rival programs who hoped that MR would leave Georgia for (perceived) greener pastures. My feeling is that those people have essentially vaporized. I’m seeing zero ‘Net chatter about MR and FSU.

      Second, I don’t think there’s a particularly large segment of the Georgia fan base that wants MR gone (don’t agree with ’em, either). But you can’t deny they’re there. And, yeah, there’s more of them out there right now, however small, than of the other group.


  5. Macallanlover

    Sure, holding on and winning a game you totally dominated against Kentucky, and not having the official “invent” a call and steal the LSU game makes you 9-3 and saves you from any chance at the last-pick bowl. But the reason we are perceived as the least attractive 7-5 team is on the UGA fans. They deserve the bottom pick.

    If you were a bowl rep and spent a little time on the net, and having friends around the south provide you with feedback on call-ins to sports radio (and of course they do this as part of their job) would you want Georgia this year? Who among the bowl eligible teams have been screaming all season long about changes. firing, pulling support, etc? Not Auburn, SC, KY, or TN. Take a look in the mirror folks, collectively, the UGA fans were the tie breaker. If I were the Music City, Outback, or Liberty, I would have made the same decisions.


    • rbubp

      That would be true of pretty much any program/fanbase that started the year ranked #13 and performed like we did, I think. Auburn and UT are coming off of changes with different expectations and South Carolina has the same ol’ same ol.’


    • Sadly, Macallanlover, I agree. After bartending in Athens for a good while, I came to the conclusion that, except for Auburn, we were the worst fans. I suspect that South Carolina and Tech could compete for that dubious honor, but there just aren’t enough of them so they come off as simply annoying as opposed to completely obnoxious and barbaric. I know that some would argue LSU, but I think they carry off their special brand of asininity with panache and humor. Also, Florida fans (lived there for fourteen years) are just kind of dumb and haven’t really been a relevant football program long enough to really get the hang of being ingratiating d!cks, although they are getting there. Tennessee and Alabama were, by far, the best. All the rest are kind of, meh…

      Now about that Scotch… 😉


      • rbubp

        I want to gradulate Macallanlover on unwittingly insulting UGA fans everywhere. Touche, mon ami.


      • Dog in Fla

        Agree on most of the partying LSU fans as long as they don’t get CPJ smack ’em in the face violent which usually only happens in night games when they’ve had the whole day to get wasted. Who among us cannot help but admire the way this co-ed puts the ass in assininity while shaking hers at a tail-gate…


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  7. Irishdawg

    “Second, I don’t think there’s a particularly large segment of the Georgia fan base that wants MR gone (don’t agree with ‘em, either). But you can’t deny they’re there.”

    You also can’t deny those people are idiots. I want some changes and fresh blood in the coaching staff, but I don’t want Mark Richt going anyway. Taking his success and revitalization of the UGA program away, he’s a decent and classy guy and an excellent representative of the University. We had a crappy year, sure, but do we want a whiny prick like Paul Johnson or Urban Meyer in charge? I sure as hell don’t.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    So somebody at some bowl says a one touchdown loss to Bama is better than a one touchdown win over Tech.

    Ya know what? They are probably right.

    The most important thing about a bowl game is the extra practice time you get…almost an extra spring practice.

    If your friends from other schools, Auburn and Tennessee, for instance, deride Shreveport they just don’t know anything, and if your feelings are hurt, you don’t either.

    Personally, if it took a season that produced a trip to Shreveport to make the REAL Mark Richt stand up in Atlanta (See Bryan Evans gator aid) for all of us to see, then we are better off in the long pull for the journey.

    My personal football frustration has put me into full-fool mode at times this year.

    I regret that. So now I have to agree with Mark Richt that any bowl that would have us……

    I can not believe any rational Georgia fan could envision sniffing about a trip to any bowl, anywhere at the bitter end of the Kentucky game.

    If you just have to have something to whine about, bitch about not keeping Russ.

    And thank your lucky stars and Mark Richt, who I now realize hates to lose more than any of us, we are going anywhere.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    And one more thing. While I am taller, slimmer and have more hair this morning than I did before Tech, and after Kentucky, and despite all the rushing yards and so forth, it was really pretty damn close there at the end.

    Our coach, who allowed his inner Nick Saban to come loose at Bryan Evans (who he later hugged joyfully), was absolutely right to be worried. That’s his job, you know?

    So a taller, slimmer, hairier Scorpio Jones sends out a big thank you to Bay-Bay.


  10. opsomath

    From David Hale’s post; what’s this about Logan Gray being moved to WR?


  11. Dog in Fla

    Tiger calls Nutt telling him Houston, I have a problem. Nutt listens to cell message, says no worries and that maybe Tiger should lay low for awhile until this thing blows over. Tiger says lay low and do what. Nutt tells him to do something where he won’t be recognized like attend what used to be the weedeater in Shreveport because there’ll be nobody there except the ex-San Diego State athletic director and Georgia fans who are known as a real forgiving bunch anyway…



  12. Russ

    To all those complaining about UGA fans being worse than others, just take a look at other message boards. I guarantee you Oklahoma fans and USC fans are wailing and moaning this year, just like us. Living here in Texas, you can’t imagine the number of Texas fans I’ve heard complain about Mack Brown over the years. There’s a lunatic fringe to every major college fanbase, and ours is no better or worse than the others.


  13. Boz

    I know, money has never gotten in the way of decision making in college football (see Notre Dame – Jabba the Weis buyout, etc., etc.), but FSU has a compounding issue in that they owe $4M (5?) to Jimbo if he’s not named head coach; plus paying for Diddy’s golden handcuffs; plus the buyout of another head coach’s contract. I would be surprised if FSU’s athletic association is as rich as its been in the past.


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  15. Sternkid

    ESPN reporting Martinez is out