Kiffin watch: stepping up his game.

This made me laugh out loud.

In a radio interview Tuesday, Kiffin was asked for his take on Saturday’s much-ballyhooed SEC championship game between the unbeaten Gators and Tide.

“Florida has better players; Alabama has better coaches,” Kiffin told the Sports Animal.

No, not that.  Junior’s just being Junior there.  This –

… His critique is a great indicator of how he has matured as a first-year college head coach. Almost a year ago, he jokingly referred to Meyer as a cheater before a crowd of UT boosters. He was promptly reprimanded by the SEC office.

Months later, Kiffin has refined his game to the extent that he can take shots at coaches without being reprimanded, much less fined.

Now there’s a sign of great coaching.


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2 responses to “Kiffin watch: stepping up his game.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I can’t tell whether the column is intentional or unintentional farce, but ‘matured’!? Compared to what?


  2. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “Lane’s Analysis of People, Places and Things and Victory Science”, 2 December 2009

    1015, Opryland, Presidential Suite Penthouse Apartment.

    Lane having had a successful season with moral victories over #1 and #2, a thumping of Georgia, and the rest of the season having turned out like all outside analysts thought it would turn out with Lane maturing into, how else shall we say it, a great coach is kicked back this morning on the inner veranda of his Opryland Presidential Penthouse Suite Apartment on a Cracker Barrel rocking chair with a list price of $150 while Lane is sipping on a mint julep.

    Lane looks down from his Opryland balcony at the touri below almost all of whom are wandering around lost trying to find the way to their rooms, the rooms for the little people, not the rooms for people like Lane. Lane awaits to see which Bowls fight it out amongst themselves for the honor of His presence in a Bowl game. Life is good for Lane. For Richt with the same record, life is not so good. Lane thinks that’s just the ying yang of it and after all the years of head coaching experience he has, he is probably right. As usual.

    After having spoken on Victory Science and surgically needling Urban once again and praising Nick not so much for Nick’s sake but mainly to aggravate Urban by sticking the surgical needle deeper into the soft subcutaneous adipose tissue that lies beneath Urban’s thin skin, Lane is now asked to shift gears and expound upon the War in Afghanistan as if he were a pretend Pentagon honcho instead of the actual Green Zone-Knoxville honcho instead of simply talking about Urban and Nick.

    Lane having never heard an inquiry that is not worthy of his response, Pete taught him that, i.e., never say ‘what’s the deal?’ when a reporter asks a question, ponders for a moment, sips the julep, tells Layla One to keep the younguns away from the balcony and what he said remotely resembles this