Mike Slive to Auburn: “keep that toilet paper under wraps, boys.”

The SEC slaps the Tigers around for “Big Cat Weekend”.


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6 responses to “Mike Slive to Auburn: “keep that toilet paper under wraps, boys.”

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Auburn invited the media to attend the toilet papering event? Dog in Fl, quick…….there’s a parody here somewhere and we NEED you!!!!


    • Dog in Fla

      Believe it or not, I read this one could come up with nothing, then had to go do a little work (I hate that when it happens to me especially on Friday afternoons) and so far still zilch…bad ideas like lease don’t squeeze the Chiz, it’s not Charmin or Trooper Taylor TP’s Toomer but still nothing yet. My mind is like a tabula rasa of blank clean white single-ply. I’ve got to be careful. I’ve got so many friends and relatives who went to or are still going to Auburn, (heck, I was sentenced to my first year of college there. It was like escape from Alcatraz which is like getting out of high school in Alabama and then having to go to college in Alabama). Some of them probably are somewhere in the two videos below. So I want to make sure that my comments about the school in the witness protection program because it’s got so many aliases in the middle of nowhere, even for Alabama, are not quite as offensive as they usually are even though Auburn makes Opelika look almost as corrupt as it used to be and Montgomery look like something. Thank God we beat them this year.

      Right now working with the toilet paper motif, I’m thinking of trying to tie in AU football, chizik


      chiz as defined in #’s 5 and 7


      and backward hats


      with something involving the port-a-potty run competition

      at the AU vet school rodeo where if you like rednecks who go to college, a lot of mud and and a ton of cowsh!t, you’ll feel right at home


  2. Yes, they had the media there. That is why I don’t buy the “impromptu” excuse. Also, Rivals’ Auburn site doctored video once the recruiting violations were exposed on the Internet. The video mysteriously and conveniently lost several minutes of footage.

    Combine this with what Spurrier has said about recruiting sites, and a couple of things Saban has said about these websites recruiting for other teams, and you’ve got a recipe for widespread tampering in recruiting under the guise of “the media.”


  3. shadrach

    I guess they forgot to give Chizik and Taylor a copy of the Creed. Maybe they used their copies in the crapper. I hate Auburn.

    Proceed with the whining, Plainsmen.


  4. kckd

    After you do something over and over again, you’d think the NCAA would wise up and start some kind of repeat offender thing that makes it no longer be minor if it happens multiple times within a certain time frame.