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Brian Kelly thinks his team is awesome.

Here’s the link to the breakdown of the final regular season Coaches Poll.

My favorite part:

Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly and TCU coach Gary Patterson each voted his team’s interest: Kelly gave the Bearcats their only first-place vote and had Alabama No. 2…

The lone vote for Georgia came from Diddy Bowden, by the way.


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Like the swallows to Capistrano…

They made the BCS selections yesterday, so you know what that means.

John Feinstein is very, very unhappy.  It’s the usual angry, mixed-up grumble we’ve come to expect from him, but I do love the send-off.  It’s as hackneyed as my header:

The year is 2009. We have put men on the moon, we have elected an African American president and we’ve invented Google. There is not a single reason not to end the BCS.

It just takes the right people deciding to make it happen. Barack Obama overcame a lot more than the specter of the puffed-up BCS presidents to sit in the Oval Office. The end of this debacle should begin — needs to begin — with him. And it needs to begin now.

It is my fervent hope that we never see John Feinstein and Ari Fleischer debate this issue.  Because I’m afraid that if we did, millions of Americans would promptly lose complete interest in college football forever.


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Further adventures in “I saw it on the Intertubes, so it must be true.”

As you’re following all of the rumors surrounding Georgia’s search for a new offensive defensive coordinator, keep in mind that if you’re gullible enough to believe in anything posted on FootballCoachScoop.com, you deserve what you get(h/t The Wiz)


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Kiffin watch: live by the paycheck, die by the paycheck

The problem with hiring assistant coaches like they’re mercenaries is that sometimes they behave like mercenaries.


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A South Bend state of mind

I have no idea whether this story is true or not – and remember, the Sun Times was reporting on Saturday that Notre Dame was prepared to name its next head coach yesterday, so it’s not exactly racking up the credibility points on the subject – but if it is, I’m having a hard time seeing why the school let Charlie Weis go in the first place.  After all, they appear to see eye-to-eye on social issues, which is the number one consideration in hiring a head coach these days.


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Early BCS odds

The Wiz has the numbers here.  Interestingly enough, Vegas has the biggest spread in the Sugar Bowl, although the Fiesta has moved rapidly in favor of TCU.

It’s a shame they didn’t match Cincinnati and Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.  I’d have loved to have seen the over/under on that pairing.


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Georgia and the mysterious Sagarin ratings

No doubt my curiosity about this is fueled by being a homer, but if you look at the current Sagarin ratings, you’ll find that Georgia and Arkansas have identical 7-5 records, Georgia (5) sports a better SOS number than does Arkansas (13), Georgia has a better record against Sagarin’s top ten teams and top thirty teams than the Hogs do… and Georgia beat Arkansas head-to-head.  In Fayetteville, to boot.

So why, exactly, does Sagarin have Arkansas ranked 16th, a whopping twelve spots ahead of Georgia?  An inquiring mind wants to know.


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