Brian Kelly thinks his team is awesome.

Here’s the link to the breakdown of the final regular season Coaches Poll.

My favorite part:

Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly and TCU coach Gary Patterson each voted his team’s interest: Kelly gave the Bearcats their only first-place vote and had Alabama No. 2…

The lone vote for Georgia came from Diddy Bowden, by the way.



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6 responses to “Brian Kelly thinks his team is awesome.

  1. rbubp

    Sometimes it seems like being a coach is almost a guarantor of having failed your schooling somewhere along the way.


  2. Dan A.

    I don’t have a problem with Kelly voting his team #1, since he was essentially just trying to give them a chance of playing in the title game; and I think the Bearcats certainly have an argument that they are as deserving of a title shot as Texas is.

    I’d also like to thank Diddy Bowden for his kind gesture. I feel like Duke getting a vote from spurs.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I also do not have a problem with either one of those guys voting for his team #1. In the case of TCU, particularly, it just might be true. I’ve seen them play and as good as Bama is the Crimson Tide would have a real game on their hands with TCU. I was really hoping TCU would get FLA so they could lay 50 on them on national TV. Alas, not to be. Come on Cincy!


    • Mike

      Hey Major, in the infamous words of the great Bob Dylan, “how does it feel” to have to live vicariously through othger teams?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        What “othger” teams? You must have a PhD in English from Florida. Do you not realize what an idiot you look like and how stupid you make of your school look when you go onto another team’s fan webpage and can’t even spell simple words correctly? Or get the name right of the guy you are trying to insult? You must be a Gator–no doubt about it. “Major”


  4. Brandon

    Thanks, Diddy Bowden, as the old chinese proverb states “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, so long old friend.