Mumme Poll, Week 14

Rank Team Votes (top five)
1 Alabama 212     (212)
2 TCU 212     (208)
3 Cincinnati 211
4 Oregon 210
5 Florida 209
6 Texas 208
7 Boise State 207
8 Ohio State 200
9 Georgia Tech 196
10 Iowa 173
11 Virginia Tech 120
12 LSU 119
13 Penn State 80
14 Miami 40
15 Pittsburgh 35
16 BYU 22
17 Nebraska 18
18 Oregon State 15
19 Stanford 14
20 Arizona 8
21 Clemson 6
21 West Virginia 6
23 Central Michigan 4
24 Mississippi 3
24 Oklahoma State 3


  • We lost a few more voters this week – about 10% from the previous week.
  • The biggest story here is Texas, of course, as a few of our voters weren’t impressed with that last second win.
  • I’m a little surprised seeing two-loss Oregon jumping Texas and Florida.
  • On the MAC front, we lost Temple, but Central Michigan steps in as the highest rated team from the state of Michigan.
  • Forty teams received at least one vote this week.  Only two teams appeared on every ballot.
  • It’s weird seeing any top 25 poll without Southern Cal on it, isn’t it?
  • Bias watch:  Georgia received two votes this week.  Both came from folks who are Georgia-affiliated.

That is the final regular season poll.  We will have a last vote after the bowl games are finished.  If you weren’t a participant last year, the process is slightly modified in that you’ll vote for a first place team, a group at 2-5 (both for tie breaking purposes) and a remaining seven.

Don’t think I’ve been ignoring anyone’s comments about the mechanics and procedures from this season’s voting.  Tidefan and I have been monitoring things carefully and will be weighing changes after the season is over (assuming there’s interest in having a 2010 Mumme Poll, of course).  So keep those cards and letters coming, folks.


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10 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 14

  1. Ausdawg85

    Breaking News: Tuesday, December 8, 2009
    Somewhere deep in a bunker in Georgia –

    The Mumme Poll died today after finishing the 2009 regular game season polling. Despite the efforts of 5 FBS teams finishing the season UNDEFEATED (that means no losses for those of you in Knoxville…not a lack of walking appendages) only TWO teams appeared on every ballot…Alabama and TCU.

    Poll police….remarkably absent for much of the season…were at a loss to explain, though professed to be dedicated to watching the system closely. Some insiders indicated that the PP were distracted by trying to find the lone Penn State voter who mysteriously disappeared from this week’s Top 5 ballot after raiding the system logic for the past several weeks.

    Ramifications were felt throughout the countryside, but none worse than in Florida where Tim Tebow was said to be utterly inconsolable and near hysteria upon learning that not every voter put HIS…that’s right…HIS Florida Gators on their ballots.

    In Texas, Mack Brown was seen leaving the burned ruins of the govenor’s mansion. When questioned what he and Rick Perry may have discussed, Mack declined to comment, but then was startled to hear the Gov shout-out from the steps of the nearby Capitol…”Hell yes we’ll secede!” to which Coach Brown only smiled and said he needed to prepare for the Republic of Texas National Championship Game.

    Coach Kelly of Cincinnati could not be found for comment, though a note on his door indicated that he sure voted for his team to be #1…whether it was Cincy or Notre Dame.

    Somewhere, Hal Mumme is smiling….


    • Actually, Penn State got a top five vote again this week. I just didn’t find that sufficiently noteworthy this go ’round.

      I’m curious, though, as to where you’d draw the line. Ban the one voter who didn’t select Cincinnati? The four who didn’t pick Texas? Or the five who left Boise State out of the mix?


      • Ausdawg85

        Good point, Mr. Senator. I mock the idiocy of humans, not the effort of the Poll or it’s poll keepers. Although the final result is nearly the same, I had hopes “we” could do better than the Coaches Poll in USA Today, but I see “we” cannot….and that’s why I think HM is smiling.

        I would suggest that the Top 5 votes have weight, not just tiebreaker status. Publishing the voter comments to all for peer review might help as well…transparency always seems to help.

        And I would have dumped that PSU voter long ago. I hate Penn State.


      • let me plead guilty to leaving boise out. i think i gave an explanation last week. and i’ve got fancy book learnin’ and stuff.


      • jason

        Really? Four voters left Texas out of the top 12? I’d really like to hear their rationale for that. I also strongly believe that leaving Cincy and BSU out is pretty hard to excuse as well.

        I think that the majority of voters take this seriously and put a lot of time into it, so I hate to see the overall results diminished by a few rogue voters. (I also hate to use the term rogue because it stirs up images of that crazy woman from Alaska.)

        Senator, I think you guys excelled this year running the poll. I can’t answer whether or not certain voters should be banned without hearing them out. But I would say yes to a ban if they can’t make a reasonable argument.


  2. NM

    What would be most interesting to me would be to see the ballots that didn’t include Texas among the top TWELVE. Every other omission is at least plausible/arguable to me.


    • Chris

      Seriously. End of the regular season and an undeafeated Texas team isnt in your top 12…. I would also like to see how someone could defend not having Oregon, Florida, Boise and Cinici not in the top 12 as well.

      It isnt so much that you have to think that they are all that good but that you believe that there are 11 other teams that are better than they are.

      At least we are only talking about at most 5 ballots but still.

      Then again I guess it is the nature of the poll to account for those issues and not let them influence the final result all that much.

      Senator – on those ballots that didnt include the teams that got over 200 votes is there an indication that they were excluded because someone voted for Florida State when they meant Florida or something like that?


  3. I have refused to vote for any team from the Big (ha) Ten (ha) for the past four weeks. Weak sisters beating each other does not make for quality wins and discounts all their statistics in my mind. Seriously, what’s the most impressive out-of-conference win any of their teams can boast?

    I might be overranking a couple of other teams to leave them out, but it’s completely intentional. I suspect the bowl season is going to reveal (think Oregon is licking their chops to get Ohio State?) their weakness.


  4. Nate

    I suppose I should fess up to being one of the two Georgia homers. I feel mildly guilty about it, but the King / Ealy Connector is what swayed my decision. Hopefully the bowl game will prove me right. If not, ah well, at least I didn’t vote for Penn State…