Tuesday morning buffet

Some nuggets to nibble on today…


UPDATE: Ed Gunther’s final analysis of the SECCG results is short and sweet.

… Think about it this way – Bama played they way they normally do, both on offense and defense. Florida played they way Alabama opponents usually do.



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21 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. NebraskaDawg

    By Ron Morris – The (Columbia) State COLUMBIA — First, let me go on record as saying I believe Steve Spurrier will have his South Carolina football program in position to challenge for the SEC East championship, perhaps as early as the 2010 season.
    Now, how long have we been hearing this?


  2. rbubp

    How did Blair Walsh get screwed so badly? Must have just been volume, since Tiffin was 29/33.


  3. Joe B.

    One fallacy in Mergz’s breakdown of the fu loss, is that he says Bama did not pressure Tebow.

    No, they did what any defensive team with sense would do to Tebow. Rush to heel depth and stand your ground, keeping Tebow in the pocket. It is very simple to stop Tebow:make him a pocket passer. I just wish we had someone with half a brain who could have used that strategy the last 2 years.


  4. D.N. Nation

    Ron Morris is an epic hack, but he’s not wrong in the sense that the SEC East is up for grabs next year. It’ll smell like ’07 all over again, I think. Only maybe UT opponents will make their FGs this time around.

    But yeah. South Carolina. I’ve seen this movie before.


  5. Irishdawg

    Pressure was always the key to making Tebow average. Georgia and Michigan in ’07 repeatedly rocked him, and UF lost both games. When he doesn’t have time to throw, his already suspect mechanics get sloppy and he misses receivers.


    • D.N. Nation

      Did it look to anyone like Teebs’ mechanics actually *regressed* this season? I don’t recall him ever flapping the ball below his waste in the pocket as much as he did against Bama.


      • B Man

        I think Tebow’s mechanics have been regressing since he stepped on campus, it’s just that he had so little pressure in his face on most occasions, and such immense talent around him, that nobody noticed, rather we were all subjected to the Worldwide Leader’s weekly hand shandy of Tebow for his heroics. The only person I’ve ever seen throw with such a windup is Byron Leftwich, and he has met with middling success at best. When Tebow drops that arm for his long delivery, there will be defensive ends lining up to break it off as they chop at it to knock the ball free.

        It looks like Tebow was never coached on mechanics at UF, only on “the system,” which he ran to great effect. NFL QB just doesn’t seem like a real possibility for him, at least not as a starter. For one, it seems he’s only taken about five snaps (if that) directly under center. The big boys don’t work that way. They like their QBs to have the fast 3, 5 and 7 step drop. And that 3rd & 3-or-less keeper play has NFL front sevens salivating over the potential carnage. Lastly, NFL linebackers are the biggest freak physical specimens I’ve ever seen. They are outrageously big, incredibly fast, and all seem to have anger issues. They would welcome the opportunity to meet a QB head on running over the middle.

        Tebow was a great college QB, maybe the best ever (it pains me to say). He will never be in need of a job in the state of Florida. He should probably just preserve his legend and go off saving the world, one heathen at a time.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I agree with everything you said B Man except that “Tebow was a great college QB, maybe the best ever..” The guy was at the right place at the right time, surrounded by lots of talent that complemented his strengths. Plus he got to run a system that guarantees the QB to score lots of TDs if the offensive team is successful. He isn’t really even a QB–he’s a single wing tailback. I wish Tampa Bay would throw away their first round pick on him because it would be a total waste and they are in the same division as the Falcons.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “Here’s another example of how football can be hazardous to your health.”

    And here’s another

    Things to do in Shreveport when you’re dead…

    Be polite, mind your manners and always say, “Sir, yes sir!” and “Sir, no sir!” to any Shreveport police officers you get the pleasure of meeting…


  7. Farsider

    Spread option attacks–whether the shotgun based versions of Mullen, Meyer or Richrod, or Johnson’s flexbone are definitely the “flavor of the month”. Converting to these offenses is not risk-free, as Rodriguez fiasco thus far in Michigan demonstrates. But college football is a copy-cat sport. There will be imitators of what CPJ is doing at Tech. But that’s a unique situation. And there’s no guarantee that he’ll enjoy this type of success in the long-haul.


    • Paul

      The great news is, the more teams that would try to copycat the GT offense, the less effective it becomes overall. The unique nature of never seeing it at game speed before the game is what makes it hard to defend, not the scheme.

      Just ask any HS defensive player how to stop the veer and they can draw it up.


      • Farsider

        Great point. But another point is that people are always looking for the quick easy fix. CPJ took a moribund GT program into a BCS bowl in just two years. So other teams may be thinking, why not us? The assumption is that you can win big with lesser talent, which is chasing a mirage. No substitute for locating, recruiting and developing players.


        • Joe B.

          He is going to run into what made people go away from the Wishbone to start with: You cannot recruit NFL talent.

          Gtu has not had one appreciable contribution from a Paul Johnson recruit. ALL of Gtu’s weapons were recruited by Chan Gailey.

          They will bring in QB’s who get hurt, and will rarely find a FB with the size/speed combo that Dwyer has.

          Thomas is a phenomenal physical specimen at WR, but and NFL coach will shit himself when the kid gets in camp and cannot run a simple in-route. Their passing game consists of ‘go deep.’


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This question is directed to all. Since TCU is rated #3 and in a BCS Bowl against Boise, if Texas (#2) beats Bama in a lackluster effort and TCU stomps Boise is it still theoretically possible for TCU to jump Texas and be voted NC by one of the polls like Southern Cal was a few years ago when LSU won the BCSNC game? Or has the BCS snuffed out all possible dissent with rule changes that would make this scenario impossible?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Also same scenario for Cincinnati which is rated #3 by the BCS. If It stomps FLA can it jump Texas?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown's Doppelganger

        No. Because Texas beat Nebraska and Alabama is greater than Nebraska so even if Texas has back-to-back lackluster effort wins against Nebraska and Alabama TCU cannot jump Texas even if TCU stomps Boise State and Cincy cannot jump Texas even if it beats the living daylights out of Florida because voters will recall, at least those voters who have the capablity to remember things from way back when like last year when Utah first stomped and then whipped the living daylights out of Alabama which this year is much greater than Florida and Nebraska individually or combined thereby transforming and elevating what would at first glance appear to be a lackluster win by Texas over Alabama into a legit win by Texas over Alabama and yes the BCS ultimate goal as it always is is to snuff out any and all possible dissent which is why it hired Ari in the first place so in other words no matter what happens except for mutually assured destruction TCU and Cincy are shafted and that of course is the way it should be God Rest ‘n Bless the Souls of Bear Bryant and Darrell Royal With Cheese.


  9. Wolfman

    Mergz was dead on in his assessment, and realized something Dawg fans have sadly been aware of for about a year or two now.

    Different uniforms – even if they are hideous – do not win you games. In fact, they make you look worse by doing it. Here’s wondering if Corch and Co. will lose that mentality in wake of the SECCG loss. I know we certainly didn’t.