Uncle Ron is coming to visit us.

On the one hand, it sucks that ESPN continues to relegate Ron Franklin to its lower tiered bowl broadcasts.  On the other hand, it’s great for us Dawg fans that the Independence Bowl is one of those lower tiered bowl broadcasts(h/t DawgsOnline)


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8 responses to “Uncle Ron is coming to visit us.

  1. rbubp

    It’s the Texas connection that got him. He’s a Big 12 guy from way back.


  2. The Realist

    This makes me happy.


  3. Dog in Fla

    As a special surprise for Ron, expect that Jeannine Edwards will have as her unannounced guests for sideline reporting Holly Sweetheart Rowe and Suzy Kiss Me Kolber. Upon learning that Holly is there, Ron threatens to come down to the sideline after her yelling, “Sweetheart, except for you I could have been a contender for a BCS game,” but Joe Namath, who for some strange reason is serving time in Shreveport, mistakenly thinks Ron is going after his friend, Suzy Kolber. Joe throws a football at Ron to keep him from going down but misses him.

    And speaking of going down, this is simply too good to be true: according the Awful Announcing site, Thom Thumb Brennamannn gets to do Tim Tebow the Human in the Sugar Bowl.

    It’s probably a good thing they put Brian Billick in the booth with Thom because maybe Billick can keep Thhomm’s mancrush on Tim under control with a forearm shiver or two so get ready when you hear Billick yelling ‘Boot’ at Thom…


  4. Go Dawgs

    This is a simply excellent point, Senator, and I’m now very happy as well. Then again, I may be heading to Shreveport and unable to actually enjoy the broadcast, but still… Ron Franklin’s one of the great broadcasters out there, and tWWL needs to recognize this and get him back on the A-Team for their broadcasts. The 7:45 game used to be my favorite slot because it was the best telecast of the SEC games.


  5. DirkDawggler

    Catastrophe averted. Could’ve been a Pam Ward/Bob Davie/Whasshisname Jones nightmare.

    Seriously, Franklin’s agent could do better by him. Forget the WW Leader. They’re goin’ down anyway since they lost their cryin’ poster boy for all college football eternity.


  6. Scottdavid329

    Aww, you mean we don’t get more of Bob “every coach is the best ever” Davie this year? I’m crushed.


  7. Wolfman

    Hooray for Uncle Ron. Still one of my favorites. I got hooked watching him work with Mike Gottfried on the SEC night games back when the WWL only had a choice of one SEC game a week.

    As an aside, why is that Gator Bowl matchup TBD? Would CBS not have Uncle Verne and Cousin Gary do that game?


  8. NRBQ

    I have fond memories of Uncle Ron working from a bass boat.

    He used to emcee a Saturday morning WWL fishing show.

    He could almost make you believe he was out hunting bigmouths, though you knew in your heart he sat in that boat just long enough to film a couple takes, and probably never even fired up the big motor.