It’s a basketball conference, don’t forget.

Here’s a helluva compare-and-contrast for you.

SECCG broadcast numbers:

The SEC Championship Game was the “cherry on top” of an impressive ratings year for the SEC on CBS, Sports Media Watch writes, providing the ratings numbers for Alabama’s victory over Florida: a “massive” 11.8/24 overnight rating on Saturday, “up 13 percent from a 10.4/21 for last year’s SEC title game between the same two teams. The 11.8 overnight is the highest ever for the SEC Championship Game, topping the previous record set last year, and marks the highest overnight for any non-Bowl college football game since Michigan/Ohio St. in ‘06 (13.7/28). Additionally, the 11.8 is the highest overnight for a regular-season college football game on CBS since Notre Dame/Miami in ‘89 (14.6).

ACCCG broadcast numbers:

… Georgia Tech’s victory over Clemson drew a mere 1.9 overnight rating on ESPN Saturday night, down 35% from a 2.9 for last year’s Virginia Tech/Boston College game, and down 55% from a 4.2 for Virginia Tech/Boston College in ’07. Both of those games aired on Saturday afternoons on ABC.

The 1.9 overnight rating is the lowest in the five-year history of the ACC Championship Game, the second straight year the game has drawn a record low.

Head-to-head, the ACC Championship Game was outdrawn by 300% by the Big 12 Championship Game on ABC (7.6 to 1.9).

Those are, like, Mountain West numbers, people.  On a Thursday night in October.  Ouch.


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22 responses to “It’s a basketball conference, don’t forget.

  1. Macallanlover

    Did not understand why ABC/ESPN put the Big 12 and ACC title games opposite each other. What was wrong with one (ACC especially) being a 1:00 start? I assume the comference insisted on a “primetime” slot, but how many years of apathy does it take for them to wake up?


    • Joe B.

      I was about to post the same thing. I could not figure out why they were on simultaneously.

      Maybe the only way the ACC could get commercials was if sponsors were allowed time on both games?


    • Puffdawg

      ditto. couldn’t figure out why you wouldn’t want your own time slot. Maybe they were afraid of being outdrawn by the Kentucky UNC basketball game!


  2. Lil' Jeffy Schultz, Pride of the AJC

    yeah but tek won and so were goin to the organ bowl cuz we better than jorja even tho we didnt care about beatin u cuz we have better things to do (picks nose)


  3. X-Dawg

    If a teee falls in the forest and no one hears it……..


  4. X-Dawg



  5. Bob

    Interesting. This is actually fuel to the fire that playoffs would draw higher ratings and make more money. A part of the reason the SECCG had such great numbers was that the game meant something – the winner got to play for a title. The ACCCG was just another game.


    • Puffdawg

      “A part of the reason the SECCG had such great numbers was that the game meant something – the winner got to play for a title. The ACCCG was just another game.”

      It’s probably just safer to say that nobody really cares about ACC football. What’s the word I’m looking for… irrelevant.


  6. DavetheDawg

    I heard QVC is negotiating the rights for next year’s ACCCG.


  7. Go Dawgs

    Want to get national attention? Don’t play in the ACC, kids.


  8. tech sucks

    CPJ would be a ratings king on lifetime.


  9. Ausdawg85

    There was an ACC game Saturday?


  10. BenG

    I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I was among the dozen or so people watching the ACCCG. I intended to watch the B12 game, but somehow I started with the ACC one and it turned out to be pretty entertaining. C. J. Spiller was a lot of fun to watch.


    • Dog in Fla

      No, you shouldn’t have admitted that. Spiller may be fun to watch but his entertainment value is no excuse for watching an ACCCG. As penance, have someone with an arm throw 10 Hail Mary’s to you. Have two other people try to cut block you when you try to run to catch the Hail Mary’s. When you’re finished, take a shower and remember not to watch anymore ACC football.


  11. Farsider

    Those are just terrible numbers. Terrible. But the geographic reach of the ACC (stretching from Boston to Miami) works great for b-ball but not so much for the pigskin. I think the ACC’s move of the title game to Charlotte makes a lot of sense. Weather could be a problem.

    I read today where Fox Sports is negotiating to be the exclusive provider of ACC basketball and football.


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  13. I watched the ACC game and only caught a little of the Big 12. It’s too bad that most people
    missed it because I would have handed Spiller the Heisman right then and there. He left it all on the field.