Gone and forgotten

It looks like Tennessee’s found an immediate use for Nu’Keese Richardson’s old jersey.  The Vols have loaned it out for a bowl game promotion.

The Chick-fil-A mascot in a cow costume posed for pictures Thursday wearing an interesting UT jersey: No. 7, Nu’Keese Richardson’s number.

By the way, Richardson wants everyone to know that he wasn’t the recipient of any favors from those Tennessee recruiting hostesses.


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4 responses to “Gone and forgotten

  1. 69Dawg

    I love all the hostess talk. Do they utter the most widely used “hostess” quote ever “Vols and me love you long time”.


  2. Never watched the current show “Lie To Me” but in my professional life I constantly had to interview people and look them in the eye. From this I learned many different “tells” that would sometimes help me in determining how much of a truth I was hearing. Watch lil’ kiffie every time he talks-he cannot look anything, and I mean anything, camera, interviewer, pet dog, whatever, in the eye for longer than parts of a second. Draw your own conclusions about veracity here my friends.