Kiffin watch: “The deer that makes the most noise gets shot.”

As we learn of the first matter at Tennessee that Junior concedes isn’t part of the plan, John Pennington makes a fair point in his comparison of the Laner and the Nuttster as to whether there isn’t a bit of a double standard in play (my first thought upon hearing of Nu’Keese Richardson’s dismissal was that he’d be hearing from Ole Miss at some point in time), but let’s face it – Kiffin’s brought much of this on himself, for reasons which still puzzle me.

And now you have to wonder if certain chickens aren’t coming home to roost.  As Pennington puts it,

… Nothing wrong with delivering an insult.  Hometown fans love that kind of stuff.  But the man who insults other coaches, other programs and angers the league office to boot had better be ready when all the insultees start trying to get even.

That’s why there are rumors that other coaches are eager to rat out Kiffin’s program.  That’s why some coaches got the word to Ray Melick of The Birmingham News that Kiffin’s appearance on ESPN’s “College GameDay” might have been a breach of etiquette.

Kiffin is a wanted man.  He made himself a wanted man with his statements and actions.

Add to that the departure of two assistant coaches in lateral moves after only one year on the job and you have to wonder if there aren’t some cracks starting to show in the structural framework of the UT program.  Time will tell, of course, but those Spurrier comparisons look silly right now.  The Evil Genius didn’t finish worse than first in a division until his eighth season at Florida.  With a coaching staff already in need of revamping, Eric Berry’s likely departure for the NFL and the need to break in a brand new quarterback next season, it’s hard to see how Junior’s track record is going to come anywhere near the same time zone any time soon.


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  1. Joe B.

    I have to think that CMR made the decision on Martinez that day. Walking out of that stadium was as angry as I have ever been as a UGA fan.

    It was a different sort of anger than I have felt before regarding UGA football since 2001. A day when I really questioned my fandom. It was much like Gtu 2000 or Auburn, ’99. No question, it was the first time feeling like this under CMR.

    It was such a monumental display of ineptitude and it was so clear that the team had simply not prepared AT ALL for the game that I really began to believe that they did not deserve my time.

    I have never seen a UGA team as pathetic as the one that trotted out in Knoxville this year. Have to stop typing now, as the anger is welling up just thinking about it.

    Sorry, but even with this game, I think that Laney is an incompetent boob and will be nothing but a sideshow for his brief tenure in Knoxville. That game had nothing to do with them, and everything to do with us, and has no bearing on my opinion of Kiff*n.


  2. 81Dog

    “The deer that makes the most noise gets shot.”

    thank you, Senator, for that moment of hillibilly Zen. I am sure that in some level of consciousness, Buddha is raising a jug of moonshine to his lips in your honor.

    I might have gone with “All crows under heaven are black,” which actually is the same whether you give it the Asian or hillbilly spin.

    It sounds to me like the Laner’s motto might be lifted from Chairman Mao, however: “There is great disorder under the heavens, and the situation is excellent.”


  3. DavetheDawg

    At best, Tennessee is merely saddled with this imbicile for a few more seasons. At worst, this program may be on the brink of a lengthy probation which will insure continued mediocrity.


  4. Bulldog Bry

    I’m just curious – because I never paid attention to the man before – but was Lame this much of a loudmouth when he was at USC or with the Raiders?


  5. BeerMoney

    Not trying to be a rumor mongor here either, but it sounds like the two coaches who have left this week might be just the beginning. I am thinking that Kiffin’s assistants see the handwriting on the wall and are, at best, either heading for greener pastures to save their own careers or at worst, getting out to avoid being associated with the mess and potential violations for which THEY had a heavy hand in.

    And I agree about his appearance on College Gameday last weekend. While watching that, something felt awkward, fishy, and like “ripping one in church” all at the same time.


  6. Ben Rockwell

    Cracks in the framework or not, they beat the hell out of the Dawgs this year, and that’s a loss that, in my mind, is on par with the UT loss in 2006 (to go along with 2004 and 2007).

    Whatever we have to say about the program up there at UT, they are doing something that’s getting the better part of our Dawgs more often than not. And when they get us, they get us hard (deflating loss after big W vs LSU in 2004, half a hundred in Sanford in 06, 28-0 lead in 2007, this year’s debacle).

    There was a point not long ago that I thought the Dawgs would start owning UT like we had been owned for the previous 20 years, but it’s not looking like that right now, even with their structural instability…


  7. Benny

    Uh Ben, we’ve never been owned for a previous 20 years by UT. Add to the fact that we have a winning record against them in the past decade then I’m not sure where you are coming from. 04 was a letdown trap game. We were up 24-7 in 06… 07 was a tailwhooping.

    I was embarassed leaving that dump of a stadium in Kville this year but Kiffin is still a douche.


    • Ben Rockwell

      We were up 24-7, yes, but who in their right mind didn’t see that one getting derailed in the second half. I was watching from home, and I knew there was no way that lead would hold once UT scored at the half.

      A letdown trap game in 2004? Champions don’t let that happen.

      Winning record or not, we’ve had problems closing on them when we’ve needed to and when they’ve been down. UF put their foots on our throat during the Goff and Donnan years, and we’re still paying for it. We haven’t found a way to do it to UT consistently, and it infuriates me.


    • Bryan

      Benny, he is talking about us being owned and ummm yeah…we lost to them in 89, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99… not 20 years, but a solid 11.


      • Ben Rockwell

        I shouldn’t have been more clear. When I was in school the talk was how we hadn’t beaten them in Sanford Stadium in years and hadn’t won in Knoxville in years, etc.

        Granted, we didn’t play UT every year until the conference realigned. Even still, they had the upper hand in victories until then, and then we were looking up at them and UF for ALL of the 90s.

        I guess it’s better to say that UF and UT had split-ownership of the Dawgs during the 90s. Nonetheless, this decade was the time to put our foot on their throat and put on the “daddy pants” in the rivalry (like HJS said at one point), and we failed to do it when given the chance. We’ve got to kick our rivals when they are down b/c they don’t stay down for long.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Lane (GWOL) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “Who The **** Is The Deer Hunter Now?” (drinking game extended version) 11 December 2009

    0700 hours, middle of nowhere on Alabama-Florida state line

    Lane having heard from Layla Two by phone of the latest bad intel that Lane likes to call good publicity is at his bar stool at the Flora-Bama. Some enemies like the Senator and other unfriendlies say Lane is like the noisy deer getting his ass, or chest, head and neck, shot at. Lane asks Two why are all these people down South so much into hunting and watching Bill Dance fish and fall off his boat on TV? Two says that’s just the way it is down here and that while Lane does not have to be an instrument of change for the Southern culture, he may be better served by paying an iota of attention to it. Lane asks what ‘iota’ means, is it something like ‘y’all’. Two ignores him and hangs up the phone and heads to class for a final exam. She can’t wait for Christmas Break so she does not have to report in each day to Lane.

    After Lane not getting tossed yesterday for not drinking, the irregular morning customers at the Flora-Bama are starting treat him, the outsider, like a mascot but Lane mistakenly thinks they’re just being friendly.

    Lane thinks about the bad intel/good publicity. Lane knows what it’s like to get pitched high and tight. Gosh, he came into the league and in the top of the first inning tried to bean Meyer and Saban. Now the bad guys, mostly the run-of-the mill enemy correspondents who have not been in the arena to get the sh!t kicked out of them or their teeth knocked out or get hit in the side of the head with a fastball are the worst perps.

    Lane who fancies himself as someone invincible from getting beaned or having the sh!t kicked out of him, and do not mess with his teeth, they are straight and white and are to be left alone. Heck, even old man Al Davis couldn’t do it and Lane always thought that if old man Al can’t do it no one can.

    However, Lane is starting to get vibes that football in The SEC geographical area is a little different than it was at USC and Oakland. Lane’s friend Bob Davies told him that. Most of the people in California expect the Trojans to dominate except for this year when they sucked and except for the Altamont crowd of loyalists everybody ignores and stays away from in the Mausoleum even Al Davis who also stays more than an arm-length away from Tom Cable so Al doesn’t get a jaw busted. Al still thinks Madden coaching, Snake’s throwing and Jack Tatum is killing receivers like it was back in the ‘70’s.

    What Lane doesn’t realize is the everybody down South including the pansy-ass enemy correspondents have had the sh!t kicked out of them both inside and outside of the arena, have had teeth knocked out and have had baseballs thrown at their heads. Whether they wanted to or not. That’s simply a necessary part of growing up down here.

    Anyway, Lane’s now feeling a little more relaxed and out of the rat race in the Green Zone and is taking a liking to the morning alcoholic rednecks at the Flora-Bama even though Lane doesn’t drink. They’re a little, but not much, different from the hillbillies who fill Neyland but Lane being a Left Coast type of guy, kind of like Pete, is making do with the clowns around him because he knows if he splits, Monte may be out of a job but only momentarily. Lane wonders if Monte is going to take the DC job at Georgia or Florida but doesn’t sweat it to much because Monte has returned from being MIA and has now joined Lane at the Flora-Bama down on the Gulf.

    At the Flora-Bama, the Tide is the big thing now and Saban is Jesus. Of course, what Lane didn’t know was how much Tide fans hated Tennessee even before Lane chuted down into the Green Zone. As the usual discussion of college football and betting lines gets going in the bar this morning, things get a little heated. Some Vietnamese shrimpers out of Bon Secour are slamming down sakes, not their first choice since they don’t particularly care for the Japanese folks but the closest highest proof rice alcohol they can find at the Flora-Bama so it will have to do.

    As things get out of hand, Lane and Monte learn the Vietnamese are, guess what? Bama fans. And what else? The bouncer who tried to toss Lane yesterday morning for ordering a non-alcoholic drink has tipped off the Viets on the What’s My Line of Lane and Monte. A bar fight starts, the bouncers break it up and let the Viets solve their problem with Tennessee football their own Viet way because as John McCain would say my friend, that’s the only way you can do it with them.

    At first Lane thought the Viets were just talking about gambling but wondered where the roulette wheel was. Monte having survived the Bataan Death March knew better.

    Here’s how it went down at the Flora-Bama this morning with the Viets, Lane (Chris Walken) and Monte (Bobby DeNiro) …


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  10. Crimsonite

    Damn you guys are making me laugh and cry at the same time. I wanna go home and toss a mullet at the Flora-Bama, or buy some shrimp right off a boat in Bon Secour. Hell, I bought my first illegal beer and got my first real piece of ass at the old River Queen that was anchored across the highway in front of where the Flora-Bama is now. How fitting for Junior to be at the birth place of prostitution in South Baldwin County, Alabama, and a damn good place for an ass whippin’! Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!


    • Dog in Fla

      The River Queen? The Pride of Orange Beach? Sounds like Crimsonite knew exactly where to go after having no joy at trying to pick somebody up at the Hangout, Pink Pony Pub or any of the other non-classy dive bars in Gulf Shores…


      • Macallanlover

        Don’t leave out Papa Roccos and my favorite local country singer, Paul Ewing. Not the normal “bar joint”, but easily fits the definition of a dive I guess.


  11. CashMoney

    Following the recent trend in Knoxville, another assistant coach has resigned. Monte Kiffin will not be returning as the Vols DC next year. When asked, Kiffin Sr. cited problems with his relationship with his son. He is quoted as saying,”He is a total douche.”